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[WOTC] M96 Mattock Assault Rifle
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Aug 7 @ 1:13pm
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[WOTC] M96 Mattock Assault Rifle

Seeing as how everyone enjoyed the M8 Avenger, I've decided to continue on with porting various weapons from Mass Effect Andromeda. The M98 Widow is probably next on my list.

The Mattock should play similarly to the one in the Mass Effect games. I reduced the ammunition to 2, and gave a large boost to damage.

•Conventional: 7-9 damage
•Magnetic: 9-11 damage
•Beam: 11-13 damage

•Weapon magazine of 2
•Aim boost of 5%

•M96 Mattock
•Firing SFX from Mass Effect 3
•Another cool looking icon rendered in IRay
•Working metallic map
•Working weapon tiers
•INI to change weapon stats

•Bioware - Mass Effect Andromeda M96 Mattock, Mass Effect 3 Mattock firing SFX
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扶我起来我还能送 Aug 15 @ 8:01am 
It's too loud
Hevy Aug 15 @ 7:14am 
Love the design, balance, and throaty sound of this rifle. Ran into a problem that has caused me to unsub though: it's loud as hell. Even with all sound sliders minimized including master volume the rifle still manages to roar over the speakers. It baffles me how this is occurring and have spent time in the last 2 days trying to find what the root cause is but to no avail. Great work though, look forward to seeing what else you bust out.
Giga Phoenix Aug 14 @ 8:18pm 
Hm I think I'd only get one of these Mass Effect Weapons in here... if it had my favorite but... it would be a nightmare to balence, and I think in the 2nd and 3rd games, it was overpowered (but only because you could only get it at certain points/after certain conditions and even then it had alot of downsides, like one shot per clip which could be transfered over.).
The Krogan Shotgun! Aka the M-300 Claymore!
KhaosByDesign Aug 13 @ 9:29pm 
This is a fantastic mod, I love the weapons in Mass Effect.

While I agree with the non-colourable choice it'd be cool the see the Cerberus skin for this from ME3 at some point :)

Lord_Poncho57  [author] Aug 12 @ 2:28pm 
@Dusky Possible? Yes. Do I want to? No, not really. I was looking for accuracy with these couple of mods, and I'm just simply not happy with the colors XCom provides. Plus, if I use emissive maps (IE: M8 Avenger), I wouldn't have room for it on the mask.

*Shakes magic 8 ball*
*Maybe some day*

Dunno, when I feel like it I guess. I'm currently occupied by a couple other mod projects for EaW, so probably once I finish those.
WHS_hitman Aug 12 @ 7:57am 
@Lord_Poncho57 No rush or anything but any timeframe we can expect to see your next upload? I eagerly await a Mass Effect playthrough.
Dusky Aug 12 @ 2:37am 
Would it be possible to make it colourable?
vidayen Aug 11 @ 9:55pm 
for those of you crashing on load , are you subbed to the legacy mattock rifle ? I had to unsub from it for my game to load even though it was inactive in the mod list
Albino Blacky Aug 11 @ 5:43pm 
@Lord_Poncho57. I see, thank you :)
Lord_Poncho57  [author] Aug 11 @ 5:35pm 
@Albino Blacky Ah, you might be able to use something like Visual Studio to edit the uc files. I know the mod tools will be able to open it though.