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Deutschland Erwache 2: Toasted Germany
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Deutschland Erwache 2: Toasted Germany


Sequel to one of the most popular German Focus Trees | 195 NEW national focuses | Mixed Historical and Alternate Historical Paths | Technology bonuses dependent on warfare | Industrial rehabilitation tree reflects recovery from the great depression | See screenshots for more information | Be sure to rate and comment with any feedback!

Higher quality screenshot of the full tree can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/qr9kMJJ

Deutschland Erwache attempts to provide a detailed, historically accurate focus tree that is also balanced gameplay wise. It adds a large amount of historical and ahistorical options for expansion and politics in Germany, but all ahistorical options are realistic and were possible at the time. From the die-hard historian to the alternate-history enthusiast to the casual player, this mod makes itself enjoyable for all types.

Why Deutschland Erwache?
Deutschland Erwache is (in my albiet biased opinion) the best national focus mod for Germany that does not change the entire time period. It is by far the largest focus mod for Germany available, with 195 brand new focuses in addition to several from the original tree. The size of the tree is caused by the vast amount of options it gives the player. Not only can you go down a strictly historical path, but you can also go down alternitive paths if you so wish. This flexibility in choice is something that is not offered by any other mods. Every focus is based off of something that did, or realistically could have happened in Germany during this time period. Most importantly, this mod strikes a balance between historical accuracy and in-game balance. All of these factors make Deutschland Erwache the premier mod for modifying the German national focus tree.

Key Changes Made by This Mod
  1. New Economics and Industrial Tree that reflects the German recovery from the great depression and its economic development.
  2. New Lebensraum tree that allows for the coring of multiple different occupied territories. This tree also reflects Generalplan Ost and the German administration of eastern territories historicallly.
  3. New political tree that allows you to either expand your fascist grip on Germany or arrest Hitler and change Germany's politics. Each political tree is fleshed out with respective events, decisions, ideas, and foci that allow for the shaping of pre or post war Europe.
  4. New fleshed out units! SS for fascists, Freikorps for monarchists, Bundesgrenzschutzen (border guards) for democrats, and Grenzerdivisions for communists.
  5. New National spirits that provide bonuses and penalties, as to reflect Germany's strengths and weaknesses at this time.
  6. Massive expansion tree that incorporates technology bonuses. Just like how Germany operated during the war, your ability to make leaps in technology is based off of your warfare: more expansion = more technology!
  7. Special series of foci devoted to the invasions of France, the Benelux, Scandinavia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, the Soviet Union, and Italy.
  8. All focus options are based on what happened, or what realistically could have happened, in reality.
  9. New Fourth Reich political tree! Allows for an overthrow of Hitler (with a high chance of civil war), leading into a tree that restores either Kaiser Wilhelm the II or his son, Wilhelm the III. From there, several bonuses allow your country to grow along with several foci that encompass the reclaiming of former German core states and colonies around the world.

Deutschland Erwache 2: Toasted Germany by the Numbers
  • 20,000+ Lines of code
  • 200+ Foci (most of which are new)
  • 120+ Ideas
  • 14 New Leaders & Advisors
  • 20+ New Events
  • 17 New Units
  • 25+ New Decisions
  • 50+ Hours of Work

If you enjoy my work, please consider donating here: paypal.me/ToastedToaster . It helps me keep doing this and makes it much easier to do so. Anything would be very much appreciated!


NOTE: This tree is featured is RT56, among other mods, not the other way around. This is my work!

Deutschland Erwache is very much in its beta phase, and by far not finished. Thus, any sort of feedback is absolutely welcome! It is YOUR feedback that can make this mod bigger and better. Thank you.
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Phaszma Dec 8 @ 1:15pm 
Can you make it compatible for beautiful states?
Starkinator666 Dec 8 @ 2:46am 
What happend to the OP Waffen Grenadier unit?
mohrrules Nov 30 @ 9:59pm 
I use this mod all the time
Kelowna Nov 26 @ 8:56pm 
I greatly look forward to the update, than you for all the hard work.
bigboii13 Nov 26 @ 6:36pm 
This mod is amazinggg!! Cant wait for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:steamhappy:
Toasted_Toaster  [author] Nov 26 @ 1:41am 
@𝕰𝖓𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖐𝖆𝖗 I did out the calculations and, given the plans of Generalplan Ost as per German documentation, about 600,000 of the people that would have been displaced or killed by the operation would have been fit for service. Iirc that is about 0.5% of total people in the areas affected.
Toasted_Toaster  [author] Nov 26 @ 1:38am 
@PriidikPlayz I have been planning on waiting for the new update. The devs are going to be adding new country tags, which will allow me to not have to create new country tags. I would have already, but that would severely restrict this mod's compatibility and I want to ensure as good of a playing experience as possible.
Toasted_Toaster  [author] Nov 26 @ 1:36am 
@El.bar.de.los.muchachos I agree, but I still have to balance modding with work and school unfortunately. I'll work on overhauling the Generic focus mod, though. I think it has some work that needs to be done.
Toasted_Toaster  [author] Nov 26 @ 1:35am 
@johncochrane007 Expert AI is effectively totally uncompatible with most mods, simply because they change so much of the game. See their modding page and they say it themselves.
Toasted_Toaster  [author] Nov 26 @ 1:35am 
@Terminator_Plays Agreed.