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The Sun Sets
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The Sun Sets


The Sun Sets is an alt-history mod set in a world where the British Empire never existed. The timeline diverges in the 1660's when Richard Cromwell manages to retain power over the Commonwealth of England. During a civil war 30 years later the French sieze New England and come to secure a victory in the War of the Spanish Succession. This leads the French Empire to dominate European politics until its defeat in the Great War in the 1920's, leaving the nations of the world to battle over the power vacuum left by France.


The Sun Sets combines shared generic and country specific focus trees. Currently, the following countries have unique focuses:
Russian Commonwealth
American Commonwealth, Mississipian Commonwealth, Canada (shared)
Chinese Republic, Chinese Empire, Ma Clique (shared)
Sichuan Clique
Poland (New)

TSS also includes a new system of internal focuses and rebalances many of the laws in the game. Currently the game has focus content for a campaign from '36 to about '42.


Like every other alt-history mod this is an early version, so feedback is duly appreciated! Expanding/adding focus trees is a priority so if there's anything you'd like to see, feel free to post it in the suggestions thread.

Mod compatility is not fully tested so any luck/issues with combining this with other mods it would be useful info to have. Music mods work fine, however.
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Jul 15 @ 8:41am
Interesting countries for national focuses
MasterParty99 <NSR>
Jul 11 @ 7:02pm
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8 hours ago
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Vandido qliao 7 hours ago 
do you need help with the mod? I can help
MSD Jul 14 @ 8:19am 
Could you post the ideology tags? if you use socialism it gives anarchism to a vountry which is kinda dumb and i con't find the ideology tag for socialism
Spoon Pap Jul 13 @ 9:08pm 
The French Focus Tree is a little broken. For when you take the focus to reunite with the South you demand land from Germany. When you go down the tree further Germany gets the events "France marches into Occitania". The two are switched. Please fix this. I really think this mod has a lot of potential and have otherwise enjoyed it.
NotoriousNostalgia Jul 12 @ 5:04pm 
I enjoy the mod, but it crashed mid game when I used planes as Britain, also, will the Mod ever include Britain being a superpower and becoming an empire, and also, who would have been king of the UK in this alternative?
tyresekirk20 Jul 12 @ 4:14pm 
battle royale with this map is so cool
Andredie Jul 12 @ 10:44am 
Germany was mid-focus, and the only active war was Arabia vs Egypt, and I doubt it's got anything to do with puppets, things like that usually happen between midnight and 2am, my crashes happened at 4:00, 13:00, and 19:00 on the same day.
Psycho Jul 12 @ 3:57am 
can you accept my friend request
p2 Jul 10 @ 2:04pm 
instead of making a bunch of poorly made focus trees with about 5 unique focuses can you focus on making a few good ones? when it comes to hoi4 mods and especially focus trees quality>quantity and so far this mod is pure quantity
gogoskiller2 Jul 10 @ 11:41am 
England has a focus tree? please change it to "UK" ffs