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Greater Greece V.2
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Jun 16 @ 12:45pm
Jun 28 @ 8:41am
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Greater Greece V.2

Welcome! This is the Greater/realistic Greece MOD V.2.

This is in Alpha! (there are things unfinished or missing)

Have you ever played as Greece in HoI4 and thought that Greece deserves more than just a leader portrait and a general?
This mod has exactly (not really) what you need! Now only with a simple subscription for free!

Real talk, this has taken me way too much time and I have to apologize to anyone who waited for me to stop being lazy and start working on the mod.
Some questions I can answer:

Why did we have to wait for so long for a stupid update? ( if you were here from the very first version )
- Because I am a lazy piece of poop and again I apologize for all the waiting

Why V.2 ?
- I couldn't continue with the previous version because I may have deleted some files that I shouldn't have :3

Is the upload at least worth the time we waited?
-Well, yes! I have made many changes!

Are there any bugs we should be aware of?
-I can't find any. It is up to you to tell me.

Did you coopoerate with the Road To 56 team?
- Yes, I did cooperate with the RT56 team (at least some of them) and that is why I give a HUGE thanks to Thinking-waffle who really supported me and basicaly taught and helped me throughout the whole time while I was gone (I was working on the mod very regularly, I wasn't just sleeping all day <3).


- New portrait for Ioannis Metaxas (Leader of Greece)
- 3 new generals
- More Resources added
- More ships & infantry divisions
- Portraits for every ideology leader
- New Focus for Greece
- New Events

Special Thanks To:
sven the danish citizen
ItsYaBoiThanos (For the flag designs)

Again you can show some support cause I'm still learning and if you find any bugs just tell me about them down in the comments.
Many thanks to Thinking_waffle again and all of you supporters <3
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Jun 22 @ 7:24am
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󠀡sven the danish citizen Jun 24 @ 1:38am 
4 for constantinople,nicomedia,smyrna and prusa
LuGiA Jun 23 @ 5:49pm 
how many events are there that give you cores
Pimp4 Jun 23 @ 12:44pm 
I'm alos Greek. THX for the Mod:steamhappy:
Promachos Jun 23 @ 4:21am 
I like the focus tree, but have you not considered asking for using General/Leader/Tech Team portraits from other mods like Kaiserreich or Endsieg to be more in line with the base game?
✪ Rise_Up ✪  [author] Jun 22 @ 7:50am 
@harryandpudsey You're welcome
Greek Jeff Jun 22 @ 7:35am 
Im Greek THX For The Mod:steamhappy:
Beans Jun 22 @ 5:54am 
Is there a way people can contribute in any way to the development of this project?
kolocharto Jun 19 @ 2:30pm 
Yeah, that's the thing, you'd have to remake atleast like 30 focuses
󠀡sven the danish citizen Jun 19 @ 10:31am 
If we did that we would have to change a lot of the mod
kolocharto Jun 19 @ 10:27am 
Metaxas was an authoritarian nationalist who denounced the free market many times. By paradox terms, that's considered fascist; even a capitalist authoritarian nationalist would have a fascist ideology by hoi4 terms actually, lmao.