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WOTC Spark Buffs
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Jun 5, 2018 @ 3:32pm
Jul 4, 2018 @ 6:23pm
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WOTC Spark Buffs

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This mod was made to simply give small buffs to the basegame sparks to keep them in line with other soldiers and hero units. The good news about this mod is all of these changes are in the ini files meaning if you don't like a change you can adjust it yourself.

What does this mod do:
1. Sparks rifles now have a 4 round magazine.
2. The Bombard skill now has damage spread similar to grenades and other weapons, and the ability can pierce some armor.
3. Sparks can have AWC abilities. I excluded some abilities that could not work with the spark or just made no sense. Such as Shredder or Aim.
4. Sparks have improved hacking Stats. However their hacking skill is still worse then a specialist.
5. Sparks' bits now give a 10/20/30 hacking bonus. (this bonus won't appear on the spark stat screen do to a ui bug. I will attempt to find a fix soon.)
6. Sparks have a base armor of 2.
7. Overdrive's cooldown was reduced to 4, but its aim penalty has increased to 20 (was 15). This makes adaptive aim more useful since I buffed Bulwark.
8. Buffed bulwark to give 2 armor up from 1.
9. Hunter Protocal has a 60% proc chance.
10. Repair heals for 8 hp.
11. Bombard has 2 charges now, but gains a 2 turn cooldown.
12. Strike has a 3 turn cooldown
13. Nova has slightly better range.

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Alpha115  [author] Nov 16, 2018 @ 11:17pm 
no idea then I never figured out how to give them a utility slot. Metal over flash gives them one as well.
Alpha115  [author] Nov 16, 2018 @ 8:08am 
There is a mod called [WOTC] Hero Armor Equality it add spark utility slot. you have to turn it on via config file.
anybis Aug 11, 2018 @ 9:01am 
@Alpha115 Good afternoon. Please tell me, can you make a mod for "Xcom2" to reduce the time of construction of Sparks? I really want that spark was built in 1 day.

Thank you for your wonderful fashion on "SPARKs".
I also like robots very much but they are built for a very long time....
And in fashion "long war" every day on account
Alpha115  [author] Jul 15, 2018 @ 5:00pm 
@CommanderShepard153 no this mod only affects the base spark.
CommanderShepard153 Jul 15, 2018 @ 3:38pm 
@Alpha115 does this conflict with LW MECs as SPARKs?
Alpha115  [author] Jun 15, 2018 @ 10:42am 
Not likely All I did was ini changes.
BorgadnRager Jun 15, 2018 @ 8:27am 
does this conflict with the cooldown instead of charges mod?
Alpha115  [author] Jun 9, 2018 @ 7:28pm 
no, It does not. I think my mod could work with another mod that does so without any major conflicts.
José Jun 9, 2018 @ 6:46pm 
Does your mod have an animation for Teamwork?
CommanderNature Jun 5, 2018 @ 4:57pm 
nice mod