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More Releasable Nations
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More Releasable Nations

Beware! This mod will probably become obsolete with the 1.6 Ironclad update since Paradox have been working on adding a majority of the following nations into the game.

Here's the Dev Diary concerning that topic: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/hoi4-dev-diary-a-post-colonial-world-map-changes-and-new-tags.1109323/&utm_source=stcom-owned&utm_medium=social-owned&utm_content=post&utm_campaign=mtt_hoi_20180711_pla_dd

I hope you are looking forward towards patch 1.6 as much as I am! :D


This is a mod that adds more nations for the player to release!

M.R.N. (More Releasable Nations) is intended to add more diversity to hearts of iron,
by adding theese nations to the game. It utilizes a bunch of "flag-files" that Paradox
for some reason did not use in the game and the purpose of the mod is also to make
the HOI4 map more relatable to the modern-day borders.

- It adds the following countries:
ALG = Algeria
BIH = Bosnia-Herzegovina
BUR = Burma
CSA = Confederate States of America
GUY = Guyana
KAZ = Kazakstan
KGZ = Kyrgyzstan
KOS = Kosovo
LKA = Sri Lanka
MAR = Morocco
MDA = Moldova
MKD = Macedonia (T.F.Y.R.)
PNG = Papua New Guinea
SIE = Sierra Leone
SVN = Slovenia
TJK = Tajikistan
TKM = Turkmenistan
TUN = Tunisia
UZB = Uzbekistan

- The mod also adds the state of "Kosovo" (ID:763), due to this it modifies some neighbouring states.

It is recommended that you play with the 1936-bookmark
and beware that MRN is not compatible with ironman.

This is my first mod, so any feedback is appreciated! :D

There is also a similar mod made by Titanium Rogue, be sure to check that one out as well:
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tyresekirk20 Jun 21 @ 8:36pm 
what about california
B0555555 Jun 19 @ 7:36am 
I there Vatican city?
The Penguin Guy  [author] Jun 7 @ 9:45am 
@Von-Reaper. That is great to hear. :)
Von-Reaper Jun 6 @ 6:14pm 
@Penguin guy So uhh,Actualy...It works well...I did'nt expect it,Besides generic focous trees (easily remedied) and Generic research techs (a bit bothersome to me but can possiply be patched with a OO/MRN patch) it works fine so far, Though some countries like Kazakstan and Egypt have "neutrality" as a royal party instead of "royalist" (moniarchism) IE The king of Egypt is base game neutrality but with OO it adds the Monarchist ideology and doesnt move them to that but its not a bug unless you're really invested in lore/history. But it suprisingly works together well so far Operation Overhaul and This mod.
I olny got a gripe about the generic focous trees (as it seems bland) but it could be fixed with a patch or something but not that important right now.
The Penguin Guy  [author] Jun 5 @ 6:28am 
@Von-Reaper, thank you for the heads-up, some of the problems with "OO" and other mods might be hard to avoid, such as the one regarding the ideologies. However as you say they do not always make the game unplayable, therefore I hope that "OO" will work decently together with "RNM".
Von-Reaper Jun 4 @ 2:06pm 
@Penguin guy, One thing is with releasable countries and "OO" it either gives it a generic focus tree or the host nation's tree (though mostly generic not much of a problem), it also adds one new ideology "Royalist" (monarchism) which bugs out and sets the country to a 25% of each and democratic at day 1 which really seems to be the olny bug when i try with other mods, It also has a couple released nations at the start such as tunisia for example so no idea there.

This is what i experinced with an other mod for one releaseable state with a unque focus tree.
So some insight, Though i've yet to try this one and "OO"
The Penguin Guy  [author] Jun 4 @ 10:18am 
@Von-Reaper, I doubt that the mods will work together, however I can not say it is impossible, since I have not tried it out myself. ;)
Duty Sucks Jun 4 @ 6:41am 
well you should probably add the italian nations before resorgimento, it would only make sense.
[*VGS*] [PT] Gmtavares Jun 3 @ 3:16pm 
I'd love to get a version of this mod that doesn't change states so that it is compatible with mods like Vanilla + or The Road to 56. It seems like you've done a good job. If you added some leaders it would be even better! :) Kudos
Von-Reaper Jun 3 @ 2:49pm 
Will this be comptable with Oeperation overhaul as that mod does have a few already released releasable nations,As i would like to use Operation overhaul with a releaseable nation but it's not in the base game,So yah. :gman: