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One day Squee, Splin and Spoon did not like the fact that explosions from bombs were not strong enough and powerful.
And then they decided to go to the deep bowels of the earth to find the crystals of force, splitting which gave off tremendous energy.
Crystals were looking green and attractive, but at the same time they keep a great energy inside them.)
Walking through the dungeon, our friends started collect crystals, amplifying with their fragments dynamite and bombs.
Now they are much more powerful. Of course, not without adventure, when Spoon was tangled in the web and he was already
about to be eaten by a spider mother, two of his friends dragged him out of the trap and ran away from all his legs from the spider burrows. There were no time for unraveling, and by the way the bazooka was messed up. The main thing is that the crystals are in cart)

We hope you will love our new friends!

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