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[WOTC] Carry Unit Fix
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May 5 @ 9:16am
May 11 @ 11:20am
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[WOTC] Carry Unit Fix

Have you ever got into situation, where your unit went into Bleeding Out state and you could not carry him for some reason? Did you lose a soldier or was about to lose a soldier, because you could not bring him into evac point?

This mod is a workaround for that issue. You will be able to carry him.

How does this work?
It gives a second CarryUnit ability to all your soldiers that shows up when certain conditions are met. Root of the problem is that unit is still marked as "CanBeCarried = false" and from my understanding there is no way to fix that.
This mod is a workaround, which will let you carry the bodies that are BleedingOut or Unconscious AND still somehow marked as not possible to carry.

Will it work mid-game? Tactical One?
It will work mid-campaign, just not mid-tactical.

- Hotl3looded for helping me understand the abilities
- shiremct for helping me understand the conditions
- RealityMachina for helping me understand the OnPostTemplatesCreated
- Kuzunkhaa for Italian translation and Chu Nana Go for Spanish translation

This mod does not replace ability, it only adds a new one.
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May 11 @ 11:22am
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Mister Maf May 20 @ 12:02pm 

This bug is one of the biggest reasons I've never done an ironman run. Can't believe it's taken this long for a fix. You're me hero.
.vhs  [author] May 13 @ 7:24am 
I'll see what can I do about it.
Rarky May 13 @ 7:21am 
Aw man, I can't even count how many times my soldiers have died due to this ever so annoying bug.
.vhs  [author] May 13 @ 6:28am 
Sorry Rarky, I am not, but anyone is free to grab this mod and do it himself.
Rarky May 13 @ 6:22am 
By god I hope you release a vanilla compatible version of this fix.
OverEnglishMan May 10 @ 7:30am 
Like I said I highly doubt it's your mods, prob someone else's (maybe less well made) isn't playing ball, but with 600+ mods it's hard to tell what'll affect each other, I've had random mods (ie voice pack) suddenly start spawning Lost types that were switched off by other mods (The brute from vanilla alongside Howler from World War L, Howler is meant to replace brute).

No, chappy didn't have a medkit, but he was next to stairs. Maybe that did something. As for save, I don't have it anymore as I have my main save (which I don't touch til I know everything's stable) and ironmans I delete when I'm done with a one-shot. Thus the offending one is gone, I ran a quick go after unsubbing & forced Warlock to daze one of my lads & I can give them a healing backrub just fine now.

I've yet to see someone successfully boot a save from my game or stack the full modlist without crashing. Don't sweat it pal, you've done a great job with these, just ignore the ramblings of an unstable man XD
.vhs  [author] May 10 @ 3:54am 
Could you send me your save file?
.vhs  [author] May 10 @ 3:45am 
That's really weird. I will look into that, but I'm sure i revived my guys after i created these mods.

Can you give me some more informations? Did your dazed guy had a medkit?
OverEnglishMan May 10 @ 3:05am 
Sequel post, I took the mods (Carry and Stabilise) off and now can revive my guys again. As you pointed out I highly doubt it's these mods by thsemselves, it's probably something else having a hissy fit when it notices them pop up. All the best bro and thanks for your help. Also thanks for making these mods, you're saving lives our there!
OverEnglishMan May 10 @ 12:49am 
That's what I thought, it wouldn't make sense, but then neither would any of the other mods, none of which knock the daze ability. Hence I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue before I went diving in files. As for modlist, the easy version would be to say "pretty much everything" the longer way would be this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1285776993

Going by install time I reckon it's either this, or alternatively Turrets Are Cover but I'm looking into it via trial and error