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Subjects of the Kaiserin
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Subjects of the Kaiserin

NOTE: After the "Return of the Kaiser" event you can now choose which leader to get Wilhelm II, Wilhelm III or Victoria III

NOTE: You will get puppet graphics even if you don't have Victoria. As long as you are Germany and non-aligned you are fine.

NOTE: This mod changes country colors and if used with another colorchanging mod it can get crazy.

Like all classic imperial powers the revived German Empire wants subjects and colonies to rule!

Creating puppets is now availible for non-aligned countries and the new Imperial Deutsches Weltreich can get around 50 cool subjects with specific names, flags, colors and leaders (monarchs and portraits). Pro-German colonial nations can be created by puppeting Libya, Zimbawe, Kenya, South Africa, Siam, Indonesia and China.

Countries that are modified are:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbadjan, Baltic Duchy (create via EST+LAT possible as subject use tag)
Austria-Hungary (create via AUS and get CZE + HUN possible as subject use tag)
Bulgaria, Belarus (Ruthenia), Canada (Yukon), China (German Ostasien), Croatia (Illyria)
Cuba (Caribbean), Egypy, England (Britain), Finland, France, Georgia, Greece
Hungary (If you want AUS for yourself), Indonesia (German Ostindies), Ireland, Italy
Japan, Kenya (German Ostafrika), Korea, Libya (German Nordafrika), Mexico
Montenegro, Mongolia (Khanate), Norway (if you don't want Scandinavia), New Zeeland (Oceania)
Pakistan, Palestine, Iran (Persia), Poland, Portugal, Raj (India), Romania
South Africa (German Sudafrika), Serbia, Siam (German Indochina), Soviet Union (Russia), Spain
Sweden (if you don't want Scandinavia), Scandinavia (created via SWE+NOR possible as subject use tag)
Syria (Assyria), Tannu Tuva (Khanate of the Steppes, Turkey, Ukraine, USA (CSA), Zimbawe (German Mittelafrika)

If you have suggestions please comment. Being impolite won't help.

I recommend getting mod "State transfer tool" so you can fix puppet borders more easy after winning a war.

Mod built on and inspired by Kaiserreich Big creds to them!

A similar mod for Austria-Hungary can be found here:
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