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Dubrovnik_Croatia Map (by Louis)
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Apr 5 @ 9:40am
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Dubrovnik_Croatia Map (by Louis)

Dubrovnik_Croatia Map (by Louis)

Welcome to Dubrovnik/Croatia – 90% real map!
Challenging map!

Required objects in easy one click-collection you find here:
I'm not sure but maybe you need the mods "Fine Road Tool" or/and "Fine Road Anarchy"

Incredible Croatia with its impressive mountains (Dinaric Alps) and turquois water of the Adriatic Sea is waiting for you!
The map provides the south of Croatia with the awesome historic center of Dubrovnik. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, a seaport and, because of its significant cultural background, often named as „Pearl of Adriatic Sea“. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
The walls of Dubrovnik you may know from „Game of Thrones“.

Short summary:
Highway-connections: 4 (2x three-lane, 2x two-lane)
Rail: 2 (North- East)
Ship: 4 (2x South – 2x West)
Plane: 4 ( all directions)
all 4 types of resources: farmland, forestry, ore, oil (25-tiles: yes, 81-tiles: yes)
25-tiles: required
Screenshots are taken with amazing mod (set to „ultra“)

I worked with an image overlay, so not only the territory but also the streets are 90% real! You even find the „Franjo-Tudman-Bridge“ (thanks for the wonderful Millau-Viaduc by the The_Ping) leading over marvelous Bay of „Rijeka-Dubrovacka“.
I had to change 10% of the map, a few streets, softened terrain and added railway for making it playable in CSL.
a) Reality: Dubrovnik is connected by the Croation National Road (D8 „Jadranska Magistrala“, which is connected by only two intersections to the city.
b) Map: the same, but changed the National Road to a 3-lane highway. It was really hard work to rebuild the complicated intersections^^
a) Reality: Dubrovnik never had a standard-gauge rail-connection.
b) Map: Rail is connected to the North and leads to the East (Bosnia and Hercegovina).

Note: the connections to the North and the East (Bosnia and Hercegovina) are two-lane-highways, so later in game you will be well advised to upgrade them or at least use awesome Traffic-Manager-Mod ( ) to configure them.
The resources are fictional (of course), so in reality you won’t find oil in Croatia…
To have full visual benefit, it’s necessary to download some items like the bridge, trees and props – see the links in the column on the right. You can also download them with one click from my Dubrovnik_Croatia-collection. Without that you will have a non-decorated map – and the map looses it’s charm.

If you have any issues, please let me know in the comments. Any suggestions for improvement are very welcome!
Don’t forget to rate if you like it.
Have fun, cheers!

Thanks to HGscMENTOR for proofreading :)
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Louis  [author] Apr 14 @ 7:04am 
Thanks :) Yes, that was my first idea to include the airport, but for that I would have to enlarge the scale to more than 24 km (as it is now), so it wouldn't be possible to build the correct intersections and the bridge - which need enough space. Maybe you can create a map, which is continuing this one - the Croation coast is long... :)
MaTT Apr 14 @ 6:26am 
This is a pretty cool location for a CS map, I have been looking for insperation for my next project. I have a friend in Cavtat so I vist the area regularly. My preference would have been to shift the window of the map to the Southeast so the airport can be built in the right location ... although its fun to build a resort on Koločep its there is plenty of space for hotels on Babin Kuk and Mlini and the flat land around the airport would have been more useful ... Im going to have a tinker with this map its giving me some ideas for a fictional Dalmation city with elements taken from locations all along the coast ... thanks for this
Louis  [author] Apr 12 @ 5:57am 
@the person who downvotes something: why don't you tell in the comments what you didn't like instead of downrating? This map has a lot of positive ratings, so I guess it can't be the worst. criticism is very welcome - but in that case please be fair and talk about.
Simyoung Apr 8 @ 8:17pm