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Modern Lighting Pack
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Jan 27, 2016 @ 7:29am
Jun 20, 2016 @ 4:16pm
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Modern Lighting Pack

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This pack adds 24 new street lights and lamps to your game. These props can be used for assets and can be placed ingame using Network Skins and More Beautification.

Content as of 20-6:
Type / Intensity Rating
+ Suspended Street Light [5]
+ Suspended Avenue Light [5]
+ Stainless Street Light [5]
+ Stainless Avenue Light [5x2]
+ LPS Street Light [6]
+ LPS Avenue Light [6x2]
+ Thylia Street Light [5]
+ Thylia Avenue Light [5x2]
+ Thylia Promenade Light [5x3]
+ Retro Street Light [6]
+ Retro Avenue Light [6x2]
+ Utility Pole [6]
+ Curved Street Light [1]
+ Reflective Light Single [1x2]
+ Reflective Light Double [1x4]
+ Spiral Lamp [1x2]
+ Light Column [1x3]
+ Park Light [5]
+ Park Light Yellow [6]
+ Triple Lamp Post [4x3]
+ Bollard [4]
+ Ground Light [1]
+ Spot Light [5]
+ Spot Light Yellow [6]

Network Skins is required for the light effects to work!
You can free-place these with the More Beautification mod.
The Suspended Avenue Lights work well with the Prop Line Tool.

Each prop is 400 to 600kb in size.
Each model is as low poly low memory as possible with really basic 128x128 colormaps.
All of these use effects which are part of the base game (I can't alter the values),
but a lot of them have been repurposed and/or aimed in a different direction.
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Balmung Aug 12 @ 4:17pm 
Unfortunately about half of the lights are not working and just stay dark. Other half is completely fine. No idea what's causing this, used to work perfectly fine in the past and I'm not using any other mods that add or affect lights in the game. Could it be related to custom map themes?
Sakuro Aug 4 @ 2:22am 
I love your mod but I have a question : Could you please update it with the custom light effects mod ? Indeed, Network skin is one of the best mod but it is to heavy for my PC. Thanks in advance for your feedback (and sorry for my english)
Divine Jul 17 @ 11:59am 
Love them SOX lights. Look amazing!
LittleMikey Jun 26 @ 5:41am 
Is there any way to make the lights brighter? Things like the curved street light aren't giving off any light whatsoever.
vokepasa21 May 28 @ 3:24am 
I'm just going to be very cheeky and leave a request here for a specific modern street light. I'm currently building a realistic version of Cork (Ireland) and we have these lights all over the main street. Without them I'm struggling to get the proper look as they are so prominent:,-8.470619,3a,75y,208.19h,101.88t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sWmYB1qywBg-wOZoLSltviw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

If you would consider making them I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for your great assets!
Crimson Apr 20 @ 2:48pm 
I have a problem: When i change the streets lamps and trees it works fine but when i connect the road with a other road the settings off the road changes and goes instant to default... pls help :/
BobGrey Apr 19 @ 11:11am 
Would it be possible to either make other versions of these same models, but with a variety of collors, like red, blue, green, orange, etc.? Or maybe for seperate mod to allow for the light pole to be choses, as well as the color of the light?
Angelhearth Apr 18 @ 12:49pm 
Missing street lights on both side of a 2-lane road. Would be great for my bus terminal. Also, when you change light types the wrong lights might turn up, but they will change after a couple of seconds.
GCVos  [author] Apr 1 @ 2:42am 
There's just some of the ground lights that don't work with roads (Asset Editor and More Beautification only). The others should all show up in NS. :)
ThatRandomWelshGuy Mar 26 @ 12:26pm 
Some of these lights in this list I don't see with the roads. They are all with them, right? I could be wrong.