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A fanmade continuation of the original post-apocalyptic North America mod for Crusader Kings 2.
Play anywhere in North America, the Caribbean, or the northern coast of South America in the year 2666, centuries after a cataclysmic Event knocked human civilization back to the medieval era. Featuring over a thousand provinces, 47 different religions (most of which are unique to AtE), and 31 different culture groups. (Not individual cultures - culture groups.)

Fully compatible with CK2 Patch 3.1.0 and the Holy Fury DLC!
(Note: Multiplayer is not supported right now. Sincerest apologies.)

If you want to keep up with this mod's developments, please subscribe to our subreddit or check out our Paradox Forums thread. We post regular dev diaries to both of these places to keep our fans informed of development progress.

If you experience a bug where four counties, such as Ciego de Avila in Cuba, show up as wasteland, just direct download the mod from our Paradox Forums thread:

Notable new features:
Added Judaism to AtE, along with a new heresy (Reform Judaism) and five playable Jewish characters in the Eastern US and Quebec. (Requires Sons of Abraham DLC)
Added Monastic Feudalism for Gaian realms.
Renamed High Church to Anglicanism and split it off from Evangelical Christianity - Anglicanism is now an independent religion in the Christian group. Anglicanism also has two heresies - Anglo-Catholicism and United Church.
Added two new Native American cultures to the map and split up the existing native cultures into six new culture groups (Eastern Woodlands, Algonquian, Plains, Plateau, Northwest Coast, and Subarctic)
Adjusted de jure setup in the Northeast and SoCal - Deitschrei is now a de jure kingdom, and the Channel Islands are part of their own de jure duchy.
Added a new province - Isla Socorro, off the coast of Baja California.
Added secret religions and Satanism
Added a new Catholic heresy - Nestorianism
Added a bunch of new societies, such as the Men in Black, the Ivy League, and the Bankers' Guild.
Added a bunch of new religions to the map.
Updated the map with new counties.
The Empire of Brazil now rules south of the map. Beware...

Mod Creator: Ofaloaf

Fan Fork Team:
Colin Nash
Scarlet (former)
Lord Puurple

Original mod team:

Main Team:
Sam (aka notalbanian)
Celt de Brun

Other Mod Content:
Clothing and headgear by the Game of Thrones mod team
Clothing and headgear by sifsilver ofthe CPRplus mod
Chinese portraits by rein005
Clothing and headgear by Crackdtoothgrin
Borders from NBRT by EOOQE
Casus bellis from Project Balance
Titular Empires from CK2+ (old version) by Wiz
Portraits from Lux Invicta by DarkReborn and others
Clothing and headgear from AGOT Congenital Overhaul by LancelotLoire

Jewish Flags: User:Hosmich for the Yiddish flag, User:Zirland for the background of the Neoladino flag (Simple Andalusian flag), and User:Frater5 for the menorah in the Neoladino flag
Jewish Artifacts: User:An Encore Performance From The Boys In The Band for the flag used in the Jewish banner, and User:Daniel G. for the menorah used in the Golden Menorah image
Jewish CoAs: User:Gilgamesh for the Star of David emblem, User:An Encore Performance From The Boys In The Band for the Ink Flag-style Star of David emblem, User:Scrumshus for the Shin emblem, User:AnonMoos for the Chai emblem, User:Meul for the Khamsa emblem (plain), User:Madboy74 for the Khamsa emblem (open eye), User:Dan Pelleg for the Shalom emblem, en:User:Cameltrader for the Lion of Judah emblem (taken from the Emblem of Jerusalem), and User:Mushki Brichta for the Shofar emblem.
Papal Tiara artifact: John Bellairs ( for the photos of the Papal Tiara.
Shomrim flag: Shomrim Brooklyn South Safety Patrol
Other flags: User:Sodacan for the flag of New France, User:Urocyon for the flag of the Great Lakes/Vinnland, User:Wighson for the recreation of the original Bear Flag (used in the flag for the Golden Bears)
Freemason image (used in Knight Templar trait): User:miguelalmario
Grand Rebbe flag: Credit to oren neu dag for the source image (Chabad Moshiach flag)
Candomble event image: André Koehne
Roraima event image: User/Ixitixel (CC BY-SA 2.0 DE)
Amazon River event image: Neil Palmer/CIAT

"Sardana", "Lord of the Land", "Teller of the Tales", "Drums of the Deep", "DD Groove", "Porch Blues", "Virtutes Instrumenti", "Night of the Owl", "Achaidh Cheide", "Black Bird", "Dhaka", "Moorland", "Thunderhead", "Suonatore di Liuto", "Laid Back Guitars, "Angevin B, "Pippin the Hunchback", "Senbazuru", "Finding Movement", "Hidden Past"
Kevin MacLeod (

"Lazy Days"
by Purple Planet (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

"Around the Lake", "Driving to the Delta"
by Lobo Loco, downloaded from Free Music Archive (
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (

"Guilderoy", "Lowlands Away"
by The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, downloaded from Free Music Archive (
Public Domain

"Native American Flute"
by karshkov (
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 (
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Fookin Lazor Sights 2 hours ago 
As the consumerist uprising I don't have the option to fund the golden archers anymore, now that I've won the initial war, does anyone know why?
swedsteve 4 hours ago 
Weapons and armor never actually show up in my inventory so inviting a smith is a waste of money and finding them on the battlefield isnt a thing either. Sometimes i cant see who crusades are targeting. and of course the never ending pilgrimage.
Norse Skald Stigandr 10 hours ago 
Noticed the new Maori culture you added in the latest update along with its building and retinue. Had started on my own Maori submod a while ago and never finished it, and was confused when I was in ruler designer today and saw Maori even though I had my mod off.
With the retinue it doesn't really make sense to have archers, as the Maori historically didn't really use ranged weapons.
Nice addition either way, it's inspired me to finish my submod
robert.ciamei99 16 hours ago 
any clue who the hell the Sulley Dynasty is? I jut found their bloodline and I have no clue what this is a reference to
baileystephensonehs 16 hours ago 
nvm found it
baileystephensonehs 16 hours ago 
This may sound dumb but where can i locate the readme for downloading the forum version
GarretG 20 hours ago 
Is anyone else having problems with crashing mid game. I played for about 50 in game years before it started constantly crashing.
coleharness10 Apr 23 @ 7:08pm 
Anyone know if Brazilian invasion still happens with the new updates and does anyone know what the event id is?
duke dunac Apr 23 @ 2:08pm 
It seems that a large percentage of women become bald upon becoming "middle aged", but then regain their hair once they gain their "old" portrait. I'm playing as Jefferson and I have the African, Mongol and Sunset Invasion portrait addons
LordOfWar 867 Apr 22 @ 8:46pm 
Played in Mexico and reconquest decision disappears after sometime and doesn't come back also when I gained a scholar bureaucrat from Brazil and I didn't get any build or cost reductions from him