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MPU Theatre Icons - NATO like counters
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Mar 15 @ 2:14am
Jul 14 @ 8:54am
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MPU Theatre Icons - NATO like counters

Some "NATO like" army group and army icons I made for co-op games with friends.

Compatible with v1.5.4

- Removes the standard army group and army icons
- Counters for 60 unique division types
- Standard and "Armoured" counters for most division types
- Icons for all vanilla division types plus some extras for use with mods
- No Echelon, Army Group and Army counters for Field Marshal led groups
- No Echelon, Army and Corps counters for General led groups
- Counters in groups of three
- Insignia window adjusted to show 3 columns x 3 counters
- Resizes the theatre selection window slightly so that the icons fit better
- Indents the army groups under the theatre
- Highlights the army group / army colour around the field marshal's / general's portrait
- Ironman / Achievement / MP compatible

For those who don't care about unit size / echelon, simply pick a counter from the first column and ignore the rest

To add an expanded colour picker to the insignia selection window, subscribe to my MPU Theatre Icons - More Colours mod

Plays well together with my other mods
MPU Theatre Icons - NATO like counters
MPU Theatre Icons - More Colours
MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters
MPU - Map Counters (S)
MPU - Map Counters (M)
MPU - Map Counters (L)

Enjoy 8-)
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Mar 23 @ 12:51am
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Mr. Hills
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|H|H| Fr3ddi3 12 hours ago 
Seems I was mistaken, while the size is ok now they appear to be missalligned everywhere they appear.
mpu.daemos  [author] Jul 14 @ 9:01am 
As people have been having issues with the size of the icon images in the new version, for now I've updated it again to reduce the number of icons so that there is a similar amount overall to the previous version.

For now, I've removed those icons that are least likely to be used at a theatre level (e.g. AT, SPART etc.) If the mod is now missing your favourite icon, let me know and I'll see what can be done.

@|H|H| Fr3ddi3 and @Saxon, let me know if this fixes your issues.
Saxon Jul 14 @ 5:43am 
I have the same problem (narrow icons), also on an integrated card, but it worked before your update for 1.5.4.
|H|H| Fr3ddi3 Jul 14 @ 5:21am 
Yeah I was using this mod since the day it was uploaded, it's just since this last update that this has been happening. I am using integrated graphics right now, not a dedicated card that may be the issue.
mpu.daemos  [author] Jul 14 @ 5:00am 
Hmm, I suspect it has something to do with the ridiculously wide image file I've ended up with after adding this many icons (it's 15,963 x 34 pixels in size... by comparison, the vanilla army icon file is 2442 x 32 pixels). To be fair, I'm probably totally abusing the multi-frame sprite feature of the game, since if it was meant to support so many individual frames, it would allow you to define them in multiple rows rather than just one wide row.

The squished icons in your screenshot have been scaled down by something (hoi4 / video card ???) as they're exactly half the width of the original icons. If this is a common problem, I'll re-release this with a bunch of icons removed to reduce the size.

@|H|H| Fr3ddi3: did the previous version of the mod work okay for you? It's image was just over 9000 pixels wide... so this would give me an idea of a size limit that works for most people.
|H|H| Fr3ddi3 Jul 13 @ 8:12pm 
Sure tried it with just this mod and turning off the DLC's too, same thing still happens.

mpu.daemos  [author] Jul 13 @ 8:00pm 
@|H|H| Fr3ddi3: nope, definitely not meant to look like that (although it's similar to the the problem I saw when the icon image got over 16k wide). Can you try starting up a game with only this mod enabled (and all others temporarily disabled) and see if it's still a problem?
|H|H| Fr3ddi3 Jul 13 @ 3:46pm 
Hey not sure if this is intended or a bug ect but the counters are a little squashed on my end

mpu.daemos  [author] Jul 13 @ 9:00am 
Largely untested at the moment so let me know if there's any problems. I'm just about to test it myself in a coop game with some mates so hopefully I'll catch an glaring issues.

Also, let me know if the "streamlined" theatre windows is now a bit too cramped for anyone... It seems okay but I'll have a better feel once I've used it in anger myself 8-)
mpu.daemos  [author] Jul 13 @ 8:58am 
Sorry for the delay folks. Finally found the time to update this mod.

Change log:
Added various new icons to align with my Division Icons mod:
-Added infantry gun types
-Added new recon and cavalry types
-Added new airborne types
-Added new mountain infantry types
-Added amphibious armour types

Added generic Alpha Numeric HQs
-HQA to HQZ Army Group icons for Field Marshals
-HQ1 - HQ30 Army icons for Field Marshals
-HQ1 - HQ30 Army icons for Generals
-HQI - HQXXVII Corps icons for Generals

Organised the Theatre Icons into 3 columns and increased the size of the icon selection window (so you don't have to spend 20 mins scrolling down to find the icon you want). Columns are (nominally):
-Generic HQ and support companies
-Infantry, Special Forces and Artillery types
-Mobile Infantry and Armour types

Streamlined the theatre windows so they take up less room than previously