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MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters
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MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters

Some "NATO like" division template icons I made for co-op games with friends.

Compatible with v1.5.4

- Removes the standard division template icons
- Counters for 74 unique division types
- Standard and "Armoured" counters for most division types
- Icons for all vanilla division types plus some extras for use with mods
- No Echelon, Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment and Battalion counters for every unique type
- 13 Unique "Elite" division types with 3 different coloured themes (Black, Red, Biege)
- Counters in groups of six
- Ironman / Achievement / MP compatible

For those who don't care about unit size / echelon, simply pick a counter from the first column and ignore the rest

Plays well together with my other mods
MPU Theatre Icons (L) - NATO like counters
MPU Theatre Icons (S) - NATO like counters
MPU Theatre Icons (Less is More)
MPU Theatre Icons (BICE) - NATO like counters
MPU Theatre Icons - More Colours

MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters
MPU Division Icons (No Echelon)

MPU - Map Counters (S)
MPU - Map Counters (M)
MPU - Map Counters (L)

Enjoy 8-)
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May 5 @ 11:05am
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yossarian Sep 17 @ 11:43am 
@mpu.daemos - that's very kind of you, very much appreciated :)
mpu.daemos  [author] Sep 16 @ 9:52am 
For anyone that would prefer the icons without the different echelon versions, I've just uploaded MPU Division Icons (No Echelon)
mpu.daemos  [author] Sep 14 @ 3:28am 
@yossarian: make that, "sometime this weekend" instead... since the weekend's already here and I haven't finished yet
A_Rude_Gesture Sep 12 @ 9:38am 
That's great news! I'll keep my eyes open for it. Thank you for your excellent mods!
mpu.daemos  [author] Sep 12 @ 9:06am 
@A_Rude_Gesture: No, it doesn't really work with BICE unfortunately... However, since doing the BICE Theatre Icons mod on request, I've been trying BICE out myself (pretty impressed so far). It only took me a couple of hours playing to decide that I wanted my other QOL mods as well though. Thus, I've already got a hacky / half working version of my division icons and map counter mods for BICE... just need to find the time to add new icons (to the division templates and theatre icons also) to cover off all of the new units in BICE.
A_Rude_Gesture Sep 12 @ 5:18am 
Will this work with BICE? I noticed several of the divisional counters from this modis not in your BICE version of the Theatre counters. Anyway, great mod that makes the overview of my forces much simpler!
mpu.daemos  [author] Sep 11 @ 3:00am 
@yossarian: sorry, forgot all about it... I'll have something for you before this weekend.
yossarian Sep 9 @ 11:34am 
@mpu.daemos - any chance you've had some spare time to upload a reduced version of the NATO unit counters? :)
yossarian Aug 22 @ 11:19am 
@mpu.daemos: I'd say just one version of each icon would be convenient. I personally don't use any of the colours either, except the beige/tan colours for my Afrikakorps ;) but that might just be me.

Thanks a lot for considering it :)
Nilia Aug 21 @ 5:22am 
@mpu.daemos THX i really appreciate itr :steamhappy: