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MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters
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MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters

Some "NATO like" division template icons I made for co-op games with friends.

Compatible with v1.5.4

- Removes the standard division template icons
- Counters for 60 unique division types
- Standard and "Armoured" counters for most division types
- Icons for all vanilla division types plus some extras for use with mods
- No Echelon, Division, Brigade, Regiment and Battalian counters for every unique type
- 11 Unique "Elite" division types with 3 different coloured themes (Black, Red, Biege)
- Counters in groups of five
- Division Designer and Deployment view adjusted to show 5 counters per row
- Ironman / Achievement / MP compatible

For those who don't care about unit size / echelon, simply pick a counter from the first column and ignore the rest

Plays well together with my other mods
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MPU Division Icons - NATO like counters
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MPU - Map Counters (L)

Enjoy 8-)
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May 5 @ 11:05am
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Gianluca Jul 12 @ 3:28am 
Makes it feel just like playing HoI3, epic, thanks man!
Please keep the symbols as they are in terms of how they are old, since they are more realistic to the setting (1930's-1950's)
mpu.daemos  [author] Jun 29 @ 2:20am 
@SNAKE: Since the vanilla game is set during WW2 (i.e. before NATO existed), these symbols are not meant to represent current standards... they are based on the symbol set used by the Allied majors during WW2, which is the predecessor of the modern NATO APP-6D and MIL-STD-2525D standards. Hence the "NATO like"...

I've looked into making a mod to actually implement the NATO APP-6D standard, however until I can come up with a way to change the map counters actual shape and colour (i.e. blue rectangle = friendly land unit, green square = neutral land unit, red diamond = hostile land unit) I haven't bothered with the actual modern unit symbols yet... I might look into it again next time I get a decent break from work.
SNAKE Jun 28 @ 6:50pm 
Hey man, those icons are a bit old, for example self propelled artillery symbol is old . check the new NATO symbols.
mpu.daemos  [author] Jun 13 @ 1:10pm 
Well spotted @DesertEagle50, the smaller version "black" elite icons were still using black wheels for motorised units, which are rather hard to see on the black background (think Disaster Area's stunt ship from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ;-)

Should be fixed now.
DesertEagle50 Jun 13 @ 9:07am 
Small motorized icon black 468 doesn't seem to have the wheels like it did pre-update. Could you fix that if it's not intended? Thanks
mpu.daemos  [author] Jun 11 @ 3:25am 
oh and as per @RyansPlace's suggestion, I've added an image describing each of the icons
mpu.daemos  [author] Jun 11 @ 3:17am 
Updated (finally)...

Added Corps echelon for every unit type
Added infantry gun types
Added new recon and cavalry types
Added new airborne types
Added amphibious armour types

Map Counter mods updated accordingly. Corresponding Theatre Icons update coming soon

Let me know if there's any issues with the update.
mpu.daemos  [author] May 27 @ 1:56am 
4. I've been using [XX] to represent 20 width divisions and [X] to represent 10 width brigades. How do you represent 40 width DIVs?
- At the moment there's not really a good way of representing anything bigger than a normal division. As requested by @sandman2575, I plan on adding a Corps [XXX] icon for each type in the next version specifically for 40 width divisions.
mpu.daemos  [author] May 27 @ 1:56am 
3. Adding a couple artillery BNs to a 20 width Infantry Division is fairly popular. I've been using the infantry division with heavy weapons symbol to represent that. Would you suggest a different symbol?
--- I generally just use the Infantry symbol for that as a 7/2 division would be my standard infantry division. It just depends on whether you are using several different infantry division types or not. For example, I'll use the G (Garrision) icon for small cheap inf divisions and the normal Infantry icon for my bread and butter infantry divisions. If I'm using a particularly arty heavy division (5 inf, 3 art, 1 at for example) I'll use the artillery icon and if I'm building cheap infantry blocks for defending a front line (10 x Inf or 20 x Inf for example) I tend to use the Infantry / Engineer icon. It totally depends on what country I'm playing and how many different infantry type divisions I'm trying to use.
mpu.daemos  [author] May 27 @ 1:56am 
In answer to your questions:

1. What does the J in the INF DIV and MECH INF DIV icon symbolize? Google has not helped me here.
--- Those special forces icons were made to match the types added by the Jaeger Units mod (which has been integrated into several other mods too). It adds Desert Inf, Jaeger Inf, Jungle Inf and Shock Inf. The J in question is used by Jungle Infantry

2. Same question for the M and G identifiers?
--- As @BaronZ mentioned, the M stands for Milita (generally some sort of light inf division) and the G stands for Garrison (I usually use a division template for cheap troops to hold ports / victory points). Not really authentic symbols but they've been used in previous Hearts of Iron games