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Salarian Engineers
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Salarian Engineers

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Wanted drones back? Wanted drones back to an enemy that specializes in reacting very hard to enemy fire directed at it? No? Too bad, this mod does it anyway.

Salarian Technicians start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Salarian Engineers at Force Level 11, and Salarian Specialists start appearing around Force Level 17.

They summon drones upon being revealed (and will still move to cover), which also scale in tier with them. They start as Combat Drones, upgraded to Hardened Drones, and max out at Hunter Drones.

Their capabilities per tier are:

Starting - Salarian Technicians have Ready for Anything. Combat Drones are like Pavonis' drones: they can stun at melee range, disorient and do a bit of damage from range, and repair robotic units.

Advanced - Salarian Engineers have return fire with their shotgun. Failing to take them out in one go at close range has a high chance of being punished.

Hardened Drones now come with the Drone Shield ability: this lets them give 3 points of temporary shield HP to any unit.

Elite - Salarian Specialists have Close Combat Specialist. Be very wary of engaging in close range against them.

Hunter Drones come with holotargeting on their long range attack, giving any alien units just a bit more assistance in hitting your squad members through cover.

The reward for successfully autopsying drones is being able to deploy drones yourselves in the field, on XCOM's side. They scale in power with the tech level of armours your soldiers can equip.

Salarian engineers themselves do not provide any reward.
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Feb 27 @ 5:38am
BUG? Invisible Heads Salarin Engineers
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powercore2000 Sep 13 @ 9:35pm 
@lordabiz I think the only solution is to not use PRGO with this mod, otherwise you'd have to delve into the code of RPGO in order to prevent that skill from being applicable to drones specifically, and that seems like a major investment
lordabizi Aug 5 @ 3:00am 
I have a funny interaction between this and RPGO I guess. I think the weapon of the drones are treated as assault rifles or something, and RPGO gives assault rifles the ability "Full Autofire", which causes them to shoot all the bullets and do extra damage per bullet in the magazine. But the weapons of the drones have infinite bullets or something, so the full autofire does 200 damage. I can just not attack with the drones and not abuse it, but I am worried that the enemy drones also obey the same rules and will do 200 damage to me if they hit... What are the odds that there is an easy fix for that I can do myself?
endersblade Jul 27 @ 7:30pm 
These guys are crazy awesome. They're fairly weak so if you can catch them off guard, they're easy pickin's. The problem is catching them off guard! They basically LIVE in overwatch, making it insanely hard to deal with a squad of them (like when using mods to increase pod size), and then they summon drones too? I have lost at least two or three soldiers to getting stunned by a drone and then blitzed by these guys. Great mod!
MoronicCinamun Jul 20 @ 11:54am 
for some reason I don't have an autopsy for these guys, is it gated behind something, like turrets or MEC?
Majoras Vox Jul 2 @ 12:26pm 
@Eggers11bmre - Ikr, feels like I'm fighting armies of these guys. Had about 10 in my last mission not counting the drones they make. Rng obvioulsy, but they were all grouped up in one portion of the map with other enemies (I guess the maps fault for that happening) It was one of the most annoying fights ever xD Damn floating drones of theirs and their lucky ass 12% crit shots. The mods too good though, just wanted to share a story of RNG at its finest
Eggers11bmre Jun 28 @ 2:44pm 
I love these units, but there is way too many of them. Anyway to cut then down a little?
l_marcom_iraq May 17 @ 1:27pm 
One shot kill, BioZerker? OK, love this mod, but is it 'normal' for my XCOM Salarian drone to deal 200+ plus damage on full auto? And at 35% chance to hit? I am running ABA and RPG and a whole lot of other mods; it may be possible one of those has 'buffed' the drone. Maybe? Anyway, saved my squad last mission, but now I feel guilty. (not really)
Great mod.
Alex Nares Apr 16 @ 10:26pm 
I also am experiencing the bug where you can drop down an unlimited number of drones, once per turn. The charge always stays at x1.
RambelZambel Apr 14 @ 5:01am 
ty for the fix
RambelZambel Apr 13 @ 10:20am 
i can drop a drone every new round, there is no limitation,
in the ui it says u have 1x charge, but it resets everytime