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Dan's constant flow Industry
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Dan's constant flow Industry

In late game, factories may become unstable. This addon adds 6 new industries with fine tuning of production limit so they do not shutdown due to overproduction and you can have a satisfying cargo supply.

Very simple to use, but please see 'Important note about unstability...' below !!!

How to use :
Place your industry and use the upgrade button to set a FIXED LEVEL slightly above the need (usually 20 work fine). For example if two towns need 640+800 food, you'll need to set the production to 1460 (1440+20). If the production is still unstable, your level may be too high or your coverage of town insufficient. (Make sure, of course that your lines can supply the level set.)

Important note about unstability problem:
This mod cannot solve the unstability alone, it will smooth the production, but you should also use the solution below:
If you supply your town with trains + trucks, it seems there is a bug with the industry missing sometimes the correct demand information (TF check your lines every 1st of month), this is why it's unstable in late game. The ONLY WAY to avoid this bug is to triple at least your final distribution lines. Simply split your normal line in three, ensuring that each can cover at least 50%-60% of the town's demand.

Note: Personnaly I don't supply more than two towns per train line, I don't guarantee the result with more.

Mod content:
Available industries are:

Max production is 3200 for all. To plop those industries you'll need the 'industry HUD add-on' (or any other) that add the industry button.

Note: I modified a bit the models so they include some visual of their chain industry (example: food industry include also some farm building)
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Thork Mar 24 @ 12:48am 
So much effort. Really appreciated ;)
Btw.: Anarchy can be fine...
lukasz98 Feb 22 @ 12:51pm 
Can you make the same with raw products factories? For those who still would like to fiddle with supply chain, but are tired of waiting for forest to upgrade
Blackdragonbird Feb 5 @ 9:49am 
Thanks, but I already gave up in this broken game. I'm only struggling to get my 2 last achievements. I will use your mod to make it less tiresome to finish this last map I'm doing right now and them move on.

DanSteph  [author] Feb 5 @ 7:05am 
You welcome. I also spent more than 200 hours on this frustrating problem.
I did not test with raw material but it could be interesting to try with a complete chain of production.
I'm too busy yet to make an "official mod", but if you want to make a quick test I can send you the same modification but for standard factory (so you need to supply stone for bricks, petrol for fuel etc.)

My opinion is that with the "stabilised" main factory, the raw material production should not cause any problem. If you are interested to test this, let me know, I'll post a link here.
Blackdragonbird Feb 5 @ 5:19am 
Man, TYVM, VERY MUCH for the information in the split of the line to town. I'm very frustrated with this game after nearly 400h of gameplay and nearly half of it reading/watching guides in the internet and still my industries simple stop producing for no reason.

Do you tested if this kind of aproach works for raw materias and intermediate lines? In my game raw materials stop production when industyries stop and the whole chain freezes, them all start working again. It's crazy.
cszolee79 Feb 5 @ 2:34am 
Just yesterday I was microing a pretty complex supply matrix (3 exchanges, all industries running and every sort of cargo supplied to about 15 cities, average 95%/city) and noticed that the industries do the hickups (stop production or unstabe production due to demand) when I mess with supply trains. Whenever that happens it will recalculate the whole supply line, which is pretty quick when its raw material -> factory -> city, but becomes much slower when its like raw material -> factory -> exchange 1 -> middle stop -> exchange 2 -> city
Whenever I change a supply train (like, converting four 15-car trains to two 30-car) it takes up to 2 years in game time until the production stabilizes.
DanSteph  [author] Feb 4 @ 5:28pm 
Note on city coverage:

-You must regroup zones as seen in this image:

This is done by deleting unwanted building from an area. You must be patient, the AI might try to reconstruct wrong category buildings but on the long time you'll win and the type never change once defined.

-I personally limit/control the extension of my towns with invisible collision object because it always end in anarchy. See this image as an example:

I use this mod that provide invisible wall:

DanSteph  [author] Feb 4 @ 4:48pm 
Additional note:

You should be patient, as the industry is not overproducing anymore it will slowly build up to the correct level and this can take month if not years.

If it's still not working:
-Check you city coverage (Drop line must cover 100% of commercial or industry area)
-Check the capacities of your lines(no bottleneck)
-Check that you have at least tree final lines per good.
-Check that your lines are very regular, traffic jam can kill the "demand" information..

To avoid traffic jam, I recommend to get a +100% capacity mod (I use a 300%). Without it, even a medium town might require a ridiculous 100+ trucks and the traffic jam/delay is almost unavoidable in this case.

For trains it get even worse without a capacity modifier due to the long load/unload time at station.

My goal was to have a realistic supply as seen in real life: a visually reasonable amount of tracks/trains/trucks for each city and almost 90% regular supply.
DanSteph  [author] Feb 4 @ 12:19pm 
Thanks Shazen, I hope they can fix the system in the future.
Shazen Feb 4 @ 9:54am 
I like your mods, they show how flawed the wannabe resource management game really is.