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NotSoRocky Hills Map Theme
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NotSoRocky Hills Map Theme

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I always lacked good looking, realistic theme with less rocky cliffs. There are some that have good textures and I ussually used Theme Mixer mod to mix textures from various themes. The downside was, I never really remembered which texture is from which theme and I lacked one good theme that fits my needs. It gave me motivation, despite not really liking theme editor, to finaly create and release new theme.

Screenshots above were taken on my new map - Donostia - San Sebastián.

Click HERE for european version of this Map Theme.


NotSoRocky Hills is temperate based map theme. I used a few custom, new textures with various levels of transparency to achieve effect I like.

The texture I focused most is of course cliff texture. It took me a couple hours to find good base images on the internet and create good looking, high resolution, seamless cliff texture with transparency which gave alpha blending that satisfied me. Thanks to this, mountain slopes are no more fully covered with rocky cliffs. Actual rock starts on steeper slopes, much higher than in default themes.

A few other textures has been changed and adjusted to achieve natural look. Some of you might find overlay of resources too bright or too dark, but I personally like more contrast and I just think it looks good. Feel free to test it and give feedback. I see no problems updating this theme as long as it remains satisfying to me.

Visual recommendations

I strongly suggest using Daylight Classic mod by Bloody Penguin. It gives much more natural look to the game and I think most LUT and theme creators suggest using it. The theme is playable without it, but in my opinion it does not look as good as with this mod.

The other option is to use Relight mod which gives you more possibilities to tweak lighting ingame and comes with a pack of nice looking LUTs.

And finally, Ultimate Eyecandy mod for even more options to adjust visuals to whatever you like.

My pick for color correction LUT for this theme is good old Definite Vision LUT by Captain Soap, which is one of my favourites as well and all of the screenshots above were taken using this LUT. I have tested a couple most popular LUTs and the theme looks well in most, so feel free to test it out and find the one that fits your needs.

Enjoy! :-)
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Black Fire Aug 5 @ 8:27am 
ok thanks :steamhappy:
Khanador  [author] Aug 4 @ 1:58pm 
@Black Fire - the best option for you is Theme Mixer mod. Feel freee to test my cliff texture with other themes :)
Black Fire Aug 4 @ 10:14am 
Hi, your rocks texture really is the best which showed up in steam workshop ever, and also better than everything I could find elsewhere. I'm planing a new map and realy would like to use this texture! Would you be willing to share it ? :D
Black Fire Jul 1 @ 4:58am 
THAT IS !! what I was looking for since a long time! I am making maps with lots of mountains and hills, and these never locked really perfect because there was just not enough grass on the hillsides to look really good. I tried to modify this theme (I am looking for a theme like this, but with grass less bright, more juicy :-) ) with the help of theme mixer. But so far I didn't get it right. Will/is it possible to use this theme + CS Theme editor + Theme mixer ?
THANK YOU so much for your great work! :steamhappy:
Fxsxtxr Jun 21 @ 7:43pm 
update. it showed up. just took a couple minutes and a couple restarts of the game
Fxsxtxr Jun 21 @ 7:23pm 
i am having the same issue as conner, the theme is not showing up
conner.curtis29 Jun 9 @ 10:36pm 
this theme does not appear in my list of themes to add to a map and I am not sure why. Its a shame too because this is the best theme I have found for a mountain map like the one I am creating. any help or tips to get this into my game.
Khanador  [author] Mar 14 @ 4:15pm 
@s.chave, your welcome :-)
@Eilif, european version is released, feel free to test it :-)
s.chave Mar 14 @ 2:47am 
Thank you for this really awesome theme !
Exactly what was missing for my alpine region.
Eilif Mar 4 @ 7:56am 
Khanador, i wrote after testing tyour theme in map editor. However, now that i test the map in game, the shiny sand, are suddently much better and not so bright. I dont know why, maybe Daylight Classic doesnt work in map editor? Anyway, i came to harsh about the sand texture. It looks fine and the theme even better than i tought. Looking forward to your European version. And thank you very much.