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Misclick Confirm
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May 26 @ 1:46pm
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Misclick Confirm

This mod adds a confirmation pop up whenever you order a soldier to move somewhere without cover, to prevent accidental misclicking ending your Ironman campaign.

The pop up is only shown under these circumstances:

- The move order ends out in the open and not in cover.
- The move order ends outside the evac zone.
- There are ranged enemies visible to the currently selected unit.
- The selected unit can use cover (for example a human soldier and not a Spark)

This version of the mod only works in the vanilla game. There's a WOTC version here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1267323416


- The mod no longer overrides XComTacticalInput, so should be compatible with mods which change camera behavior
- However, it now overrides XComTacticalController, so is not compatible with any mod that overrides that class (I'm only aware of one, robojumper's Unit Selection Order mod)

This is my first mod, so if you find bugs (sorry!) or if you have suggestions for how to improve it, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks to BlueRaja (the Confirm Free Reload mod was a useful example) and to robojumper for help on the forums.


- French translation added thanks to lexo1000
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michiakig  [author] May 26 @ 1:57pm 
hi @lexo1000, sorry it took so long, but I've uploaded a new version which fixes the issue with localization. it also includes your French language file, thanks for that
lexo1000 May 14 @ 6:16am 
Thanks a lot mate. Here is the french translation : https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ap4NRDnDNTz3hM9MvnJ0z5qoMqUV5A
michiakig  [author] May 13 @ 6:15pm 
hi @lexo1000 thanks for the comment. looks like I made a mistake and although there is a localization file for English the values in the popup are hardcoded when it's actually displayed.

sorry about that. I'll try to find time to fix it this week, but no promises. if you post the file I can include it too
lexo1000 May 13 @ 4:50am 
Hi ! I created MisclickConfirm.fra to translate the window & put it in Localization folder but the text is still in english in-game. Do you know why ? thanks :)
michiakig  [author] Jan 20 @ 5:55pm 
I've just uploaded a new version which adds a couple more exceptions, so the pop up is only shown if you're moving a unit that can use cover (not a Spark) and only if there are ranged enemies visible. It should also now be compatible with Long War or any camera mods
michiakig  [author] Jan 12 @ 7:46pm 
@Gravemind I just tested it with a controller and it works but let me know if you have trouble with it.

Thanks @Garfield and @d_valroth for the suggestion, will try to implement that but from what I've seen of the input code it might be hairy

I also tested this with WOTC and it does not work, I had to edit a couple of lines, so I published that version as a separate mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1267323416
Gravemind Jan 12 @ 3:07pm 
This work with controllers? I know modded windows sometimes straight up don't work with controller inputs.
Abhorrent Amalgarf Jan 11 @ 6:29pm 
Also I'm fairly sure "misclick" is correct; even though it's not an actual word, the structure is like that of "mistrust" or "misnomer."
Abhorrent Amalgarf Jan 11 @ 6:28pm 
Shift or ctrl click to suppress would be great, so it's more likely to be deliberate. I suffer from misclicks all the time so this mod is a godsend!
d_valroth Jan 11 @ 2:49pm 
What about just having a key that you hold to suppress the popup? So you start a mission, you just hold shift or whatever while you're doing exploration moves, then once the combat starts you let go and the mod is active. I feel like having a toggle will eventually lead to the situation where you forget to toggle it on.