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RPG Traits Core [Official Version]
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Dec 15, 2017 @ 1:37pm
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RPG Traits Core [Official Version]

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RPG Traits by LuxArdens

Tired of bland, boring species? Tired of having a dozen races that all feel and play exactly the same? Use RPG Traits! It will give you alien aliens. Aliens that are big, small, that eat dirt, that are made out of electricity, that breed like insects, that are vastly superior or inferior to humans in some way. All of it implemented in a way that your gameplay feels different.

Want to play as a race of Dumb, Immortal, Titanic, Steel-Skinned Snails? Now you can! Or a race of Genius, Lithovore, tunnel-digging insects? Go ahead! How about playing as one giant Living Planet? Sure thing! It's all possible with RPG traits.

RPG Traits overhauls the random trait assignment of AI races, so randomly spawned races get the occasional fancy trait in addition to a combination of strengths and weaknesses that should be very noticeable. You may encounter a race that happens to be very good at mining minerals and want to enslave them. Fallen Empires spawn with very powerful traits that they refined after centuries of research. Custom Races are now supported so you can make up your own species and play against them as well.

I cannot stress enough that this is an OVERHAUL mod with a different philosophy on game design than that of the Stellaris developers. Vanilla Stellaris dares not create real diversity in its aliens, so you end up with antropomorphized aliens that are all just slightly weaker, or slightly smarter, but otherwise they're pretty much human clones. Barely noticeable. This mod throws that out of the window and asks the question "What if there's an alien race that feeds on dirt?" and the answer is you don't need farms, so food requirements are zero for species that feed on dirt; not just -10% or whatever. Alien species are deliberately not equal. Humans are set as the neutral axis (no traits) and when you encounter an alien species, they will often be a lot stronger or a lot smarter than humans; not just a 10% bonus.

Want more RPG features in your Stellaris games? Try the HEAVY Version
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Alvaro-SR1 Jul 12 @ 12:11pm 
I hope not, this is my favourite trait mod by far
[MCF] JR Galura Jun 29 @ 10:32pm 
is this mod dead?
[MCF] JR Galura Jun 27 @ 3:14pm 
Ok then....
[MCF] JR Galura Jun 24 @ 1:28pm 
it's already 2.1.1
[MCF] JR Galura Jun 24 @ 12:15pm 
Beggar Jun 12 @ 1:15pm 
Does "Charismatic" no longer influence ruler opinion? doesn't make sense to me...
KubiG Jun 7 @ 4:22pm 
Bug: "Homogenous" is not mutually exclusive with "Talented" trait. One lowers Leader level Cap, the other one increases it.
Blackjack May 31 @ 9:11am 
Recently my friend and I get POP_MODIFIERS desyncs all the time. We've narrowed it down to it definitely being a trait from either this mod or Svafa's one. Is there a way to dig the information on what is causing it out of the logs somehow?
Slickcharms May 29 @ 6:58pm 
Ascension Theory tech seems to be blocked by this mod. Is this a bug? or deliberate? or just me? I might not have cared but I have another mod that requires Ascension Theory in order to function.
🅲🆁🅰🅽🅺🆈 May 27 @ 1:17pm 
@authors: Would you mind to get in touch with exnihil to create synergy with this mod CGM: Buildings?