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More Farming Mod
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Dec 15, 2017 @ 8:56am
Dec 25, 2019 @ 12:52pm
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More Farming Mod

Overall extended MOD for PvE life!
It is a comprehensive expansion MOD which enrich PvE life mainly about agriculture and hunting.
New animals and crop seeds will spawn naturally in the official maps (except curated maps).
It also has a useful function to help you organize items.
Installation of MOD is completed by pushing the subscribe button!

Christmas Decorations
Christmas is coming! Let's start decorating!
Christmas Tree, Wreath, Ornaments, Stockings, Snowman, Candy Cane and Gift Boxes is right here!

The Christmas tree and snowman can also be used as tabletop decorations by placing on the coaster.
Almost ornaments can be broke with one punch, making it easy to tidy up.

Ornament Craft Kit
By making this tool, Christmas decoration blueprints will be available.
First, let's start by getting this tool.

Christmas Guitar Score
Sing a Christmas song together!

Video of Update Information

Other Changes
- Fixed that did not displayed the temperature rise effect of the Fire Barrel.
- Fixed zombies could through some hangar doors.
Change log

All Recipes and ID List:

New Animals
Animals such as Chicken, Turkey, Sheep and Goat which were kept as livestock.
These animals bring new meat products and dairy products.

New Crops
Apple, Orange, Banana, Sugarcane, Leek, Cacao, Strawberry, Cotton and Coffee.
All crop seeds can be found at farms and botanist shops.

New Fishes
Carp, Shrimp, Sardine, Eel and King Crab.
Eating fish is good for your health.

New Cooking Recipes
Let's cook delicious foods and drinks. Alcoholic beverages can also be brewed.
Some foods have a useful effect.

New Furniture
Ornamental furniture such as fence, loom, spinning wheel, stone oven and several kinds of chairs.
Dish and coaster that can display food. Heavy Gun Rack for storing large weapons.
Wall Hook that can hook kitchenware on the wall. Cupboard ideal for line up small goods.
Micro Generator and Micro Oxygenator just good for mounting on vehicles.

Bathroom furniture such as Shower, Bathtub and Toilet.
Lighting equipment such as Wall Lamp, Ceiling Light and Candle.
And new types of doors such as sliding door, saloon door and hangar door.

Hangar Door
Using hangar doors can store large vehicles safely.
When setting a hangar door on the doorway, a huge shutter appears in the space next to it.

Composite material fishing rod
This rod can catch a new kind of fish.
And it is also used to make bottled water.

Simple supply bundle
Combine 10 resources into one.

Other supplies? (Wire, Rope, etc.):
-Please disassemble it into cloth or metal scrap and store it. Can be restore without loss.

Making cloth from cotton
There is no need to tear off clothes any more.

Make Bricks
Construction of brick building will be easier.

Make Radiation Filter
Did not find the filter? Here is how to make it.

Extra gain from trees
When cutting tree, will be able to get maple syrup from maple tree and beehive from birch tree and pine tree. (It is low probability)

Ornamental plant
How about decorating potted plants on the table?
Ornamental plant seeds can be found at farms and botanist shops.
Can also make new ornamental plant seeds by mating flowers.

Rock Paper Scissors!
With this simple game survivors can solve conflict fairly and peacefully!

Reversi (Othello)
Reversi is a strategy board game for two players.
After crafting the reversi game board, please hand the either piled reversi pieces to the opponent.
Can take reversi piece one by one by picking "Salvage" from the piled reversi pieces.

When your turn has ended, please ring the bell and take a step backward from the game board.
If the player is too close to the board, the opponent can not put a piece.

Musical instrument
Let's assemble the guitar and play it! (Prototypes with bugs)

* Please start playing within 3 seconds after equipping/Reloading the guitar.
If start playing after 3 seconds or more, the beginning of the music will not be played.
* Please reload to another score or re-equip the guitar once the play is over.
If you play the same score continuously, the sound will not be played.
* Even if the character moves while playing, the place where the music sounds will not move.

A wide range of grass can be removed by installing a lawn mower on the ground.

This MOD is under development. Contents will increase due to future updates.

  • All craft recipes and item ID list is here!
  • All animals and seeds spawn naturally in official maps.
  • Always check for updates when using on multiplayer server.
    Items can not be used if the Workshop file on the server side is not up to date.
    Not just new items Please make sure to update all files.
    Some files may not be updated with automatic updating.
    Server administrator should manually delete the Workshop file and then download again.
  • This Mod works only with the latest version of Unturned, and does not support older versions.

Please visit my Youtube channel!
If you subscribe to the channel it will be the best support for me.

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Also Japanese Decorations
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I was wondering if i had your permission to add this mod to my mod pack :D
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thank you so much for this mode
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