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Update: Apr 30, 2020 @ 11:42pm

New Crop: Grapes
Added grapes as a new edible plant. This allowed to making of new fruit juice and brewing of wine.
Wine bottle are available in two designs (both of them have the same effects).

Grapes ID: 42215 Seed ID: 42214 GrapeJuice ID: 42165 WineBarrel ID: 42243
BottledWine ID: 42253 WineGlass ID: 42263 RoundBottledWine ID: 42254 WineTankard ID: 42264

New Furniture: Candle Stand
Make the dinner table even more gorgeous with classical candle stand.

CandleStand ID: 47270
Video of Update Information

Other Changes
- Added dark color leather couches.
DarkLeatherCouch ID: 47268 SingleDarkLeatherCouch ID: 47269

Update: Apr 23, 2020 @ 7:12am

New Livestock Seed: Calf
Calf have been added to the wild cow drop item.
Calf are planted and raised on the ground just like plant seeds.
After the calf is fully grown, can be fed hay to obtain milk or made into meat and leather.

Calf ID: 41160 TameCow ID: 41161

Change of livestock breeding method
Added hay as a new resource.
This makes it possible to obtain milk and eggs without killing cows and chickens.
Feeding double the amount of hay can increase the number of livestock.
Hay seed will be found on farms and botanist shops.
In addition, it has been changed to use a butcher knife instead of a kitchen knife as a tool to obtain meat.

HaySeed ID: 42232 Hay ID: 42233 HayRoll ID: 42234

New Cooking Recipes: Steak, Jerky and Whole Cheese
Added recipes for grilled beef steak, smoked beef jerky and whole cheese.
Deliciously cooked beef steak will greatly restore hunger and health.
Beef jerky is excellent in portability and storability it can be made of simple materials.
And it's now possible to make good looking whole cheese using four milk.

GrilledBeefSteak ID: 41165 SmokedBeefJerky ID: 41166 WholeCheese ID: 41167 SlicedCheese ID: 41168

New Furniture: Leather Couch
Added leather couch to increased the intended use of leather.
There is also single couch for one person.

LeatherCouch ID: 47266 SingleLeatherCouch ID: 47267
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Other Changes
- Changed the graphic of juice glass.

Update: Dec 25, 2019 @ 12:52pm

Bug fix

Update: Dec 18, 2019 @ 3:20am

Christmas Decorations
Christmas is coming! Let's start decorating!
Christmas Tree, Wreath, Ornaments, Stockings, Snowman, Candy Cane and Gift Boxes is right here!

The Christmas tree and snowman can also be used as tabletop decorations by placing on the coaster.
Almost ornaments can be broke with one punch, making it easy to tidy up.

Ornament Craft Kit
By making this tool, Christmas decoration blueprints will be available.
First, let's start by getting this tool.

Christmas Guitar Score
Sing a Christmas song together!

Video of Update Information

Other Changes
- Fixed that did not displayed the temperature rise effect of the Fire Barrel.
- Fixed zombies could through some hangar doors.

Update: Dec 9, 2019 @ 11:53am

New Furniture: Various Fireplaces
Three types of heating appliances useful in the cold season.
A basic fireplace that matches the living room, a wood-burning stove that can be placed in a small room, and a fire barrel for outdoor use.
Firewood are not required to use these fireplaces, but also there are firewood rack that can be used as storage.

Fireplace ID: 47109 Material: Campfire + 8 Bricks + (Tool)Hammer
Wood Stove ID: 47110 Material: Campfire + 4 MetalSheet + (Tool)Blowtorch
Fire Barrel ID: 47232 Material: Campfire + 4 MetalSheet + (Tool)Blowtorch
Firewood Rack ID: 47224 Material: Campfire + Wire
Video of Update Information

Other Changes
- The turkey meat can be eaten raw or by simple cooking.
- Added the "Lockable" to the description of furniture with a lock function.

Update: Nov 23, 2019 @ 11:24pm

New Livestock Seed: Fertile Eggs
Wild chickens now drop fertile eggs as well as meat and normal eggs.
Fertile Eggs can be placed on the ground, or can choose salvage to make them normal edible eggs.
When placed on the ground, chicks are born and grow into tame chickens after a while.
When a tame chicken is disassembled with kitchen knife, meat and fertile eggs can be obtained.

Fertile Eggs ID: 41104 Tame Chicken ID: 41105
Video of Update Information

New Storage Furniture: Chicken Coop
Pack chickens in a box seems to poor, so made a storage in the shape of a coop.
There is a door frame on the back, and because it also has a planter function, so it is possible to raise chickens inside.

ID: 47231 Material: 10 MaplePlank + 2 Nails + 2 Glue + (Tool)Hammer

Other Changes
- Fixed some item graphics were not transparently processed.

Update: Oct 27, 2019 @ 4:26am

New Furniture: Lawnmower
A wide range of grass can be removed by installing a lawn mower on the ground.
The mowed grass will be restored when the installed lawnmower is removed. (After reloading the map)

Other Changes
- Correspond to Unity 2018.4
- Fixed graphics of semi-transparent objects such as smoke, steam and liquid not displaying properly.

Update: Mar 8, 2019 @ 1:18am

New Lighting Furniture: Fluorescent Light
Fluorescent lights that emit white light match well with modern kitchen and office.

New Storage Furniture: Medicine Cabinet
It is a wall cabinet which is exactly right for storing medicine.
Bottle of medicine that is visible beyond the glass never goes out even if you empty the cabinet.

New Planting Furniture: Mini Planter
These two flower pots change common crops to home decorative items.

Video of Update Information

Other Changes
- The folder name and Dat file name of all items have been changed to English.

Update: Jan 28, 2019 @ 3:03am

Correspond to Unturned version 3.28
Updated all items with the new version of Unity.
This greatly reduced file size and improved performance.
- Added effect sound during item crafting.
- Fixed bug that the temperature rise icon of Stone oven is not displayed.
- Can now return wooden planks to logs. There is no longer a waste of sticks when cutting trees.
- Supports multiplatform.

In version 3.28, since there was a change in the calculation method of the block range when installing the barricade, it was necessary to change the offset value of all the floor installation type barricades.
Therefore, if you continue to play on the map you were playing before updating, you need to reposition them as the furniture is buried in the floor.
To move furniture buried in the ground, use Shift+F1 and Shift+F6.

If you find a bug, please report it to Bug reports.

Update: Dec 5, 2018 @ 7:45am

New Animal: Turkey
Wild turkey are very cautious, and running speed is fast.

New Cooking Recipe: Roast Turkey
Let's celebrate by placing roast turkey platter on the center of the table.

When eating, please cut and divide with kitchen knife.
Video of Turkey making process

Other Changes
- Seeds, fruits and vegetables can now be found at France farms and kitchens.