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No Megastructure Limits For The Utopian Dream
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Dec 14, 2017 @ 2:41pm
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No Megastructure Limits For The Utopian Dream

This mod is a standalone patch for The Utopian Dream that contains the changes from No Megastructure Limits. This mod requires The Utopian Dream in order to work correctly. This mod does *NOT* require No Megastructure Limits, and including it will cause some features in The Utopian Dream to not work appropriately.

Specifically, this patch will remove most feasible placement restrictions of base megastructures from the The Utopian Dream mod.

Compatibility: this mod is designed to work as an extension of The Utopian Dream. It will not work with any other mod that modifies the base megastructures.

Versioning: this mod works with the 1.9.1 update of Stellaris with Utopia.

Photo Credit: Derivative of , CC0 Creative Commons

Other mods:

No Megastructure Limits - Remove most numerical constraints and locational placement with regards to base Utopia megastructures.

Ascension Enhancements - Remove restrictions on Utopia ascension paths, allowing you to follow multiple at a time (Psionic Cyborgs).

Multiple Science Nexuses - Build multiple science nexuses without your scientists having cases of perpetual amnesia! (not necessary with No Mega Sttructure Limits)

Multiple Dyson Spheres - Build multiple dyson spheres without your scientists having cases of perpetual amnesia! (not necessary with No Mega Sttructure Limits)
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The Hollow Man Jan 28 @ 2:07pm 
The only mod I'm running that affects megas is The Utopian dream. Specifically what is happening, I discovered a ruined science nexus in my empire. I'm playing relatively tall with vassals, so this is the only mega in my empire. I haven't built or repaired any others. I saved up the resources and got Mega-Engineering, but when I try to click to repair it, it says that I can only have one megastructure. So it is counting the ruined megastructure as my one megastructure.. to get around this, I tries to install this mod to just remove the 'only 1 megastructure' limit, but it doesn't seem to be working. I looked up this problem and this was apparently a common 1.8 bug. I'm playing on 1.9.1 and am still getting it..
RESPECT THE SHOVEL!  [author] Jan 28 @ 12:59pm 
@The Hollow Man

What mods do you have running? And what specific behaviour are you seeing?
The Hollow Man Jan 28 @ 12:56pm 
I can't seem to get this to work for save games. I'm trying to use it as a workaround to the 'ruined megastructure counts as your one megastructure and can't be repaired' glitch, which I am still getting..