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Playable XCOM 2 Aliens
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Playable XCOM 2 Aliens

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The actual aliens from XCOM are available to you!

Well, Vipers, Mutons, Andromedons, and Sectoids anyway.

All aliens featured have their own classes and equipment for them. Equipment is gained by building the medium armor schematics or the mentioned weapon schematic:

They are also able to bond with other soldiers on the Avenger.

Sectoids - Equipped with a sectoid blaster and their version of psi-amps. Has one utility slot. Gains upgraded equipment from the psi-amp and pistol schematics.

Vipers - Equipped with a Viper rifle and their own biological weapons. Has no utility slots. Gains upgraded equipment from the sniper rifle schematics.

Mutons - Equipped with a Muton rifle and the attached bayonet. Has one utility slot. Gains upgraded equipment from the assault rifle schematics.

Andromedon - Equipped with an Andromedon rifle and the base of their acid attacks. Has no utility slots. Gains upgraded equipment from the cannon schematics.

Aliens are earned from the Rescue Rogue Operative covert action that is added to the pool of covert actions.

Other Mod Integration
If Allies Unknown Redux is installed, the above aliens will also appear as potential rewards from Spectres/The Liberated and related mission content.

With Extract Corpses installed, Fultons can be used on stunned aliens of the right type in order to have a chance of gaining a new recruit.

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Puma_The_Great 1 hour ago 
how can I upgrade an alien weapon? My sectoid is far behind becouse he does not deal enough damage.
Terminal_Boy Jul 15 @ 11:50am 
Any ideas why I'm only getting Sectoids during VIP rescue missions?
Arkhangel Jul 6 @ 11:39pm 
@Spectre: because "Extract corpses" adds the Fulton Harness item, which lets you extract dead, stunned or frozen targets. or even your own troopers (handy if you don't want to use a medikit to stabilize a trooper and just want to instantly evac them to the Skyranger).

@Hydra: he's already done that. look at all the Allies Unkown mods. Protheans and such just haven't been added yet, because modders have lives beyond modding. give it time.
snakebug Jul 3 @ 10:40am 
@Spectre-204 Uh... Movie Magic?
Spectre-204 Jul 3 @ 7:13am 
@fyrestrike14 pls explain to me how i am able to capture aliens off the battlefield if their dead......
HydraGC Jun 28 @ 10:53am 
This mod is awesome, I was wondering though could you add the collectors, protheansand other ME races that are on the workshop to this. I think they'll be really fun to play withthe other alien allies you've added
Dust Jun 24 @ 11:31pm 
The Long War Secondary weapons that add the arc thrower is also a nice one for stunning old school style.
Fyrestrike14 Jun 16 @ 9:28pm 
there are more ways to get aliens, if you have other mods. Go download "extract corpses" and "cut content ammo". You can actually capture aliens off the battlefield with those.
Spectre-204 Jun 16 @ 7:57am 
i keep getting the andromedon every time i have it.......... also can you add more ways to get aliens
Fyrestrike14 Jun 8 @ 2:20pm 
@MonkeyBoy09 Alternatively, if you have a mod called "extract corpses" installed, you can use an item from it called a fulton to capture stunned aliens, and then have a chance of them joining you. There's another mod - "cut content ammo" I think - that overhauls the experemental rounds in the proving grounds, one of the new additions being "riot rounds" which stun people. Put Riot Rounds on a sniper, and have him shoot the alien you want to capture with his pistol, then fulton them out of there.