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Playable XCOM 2 Aliens
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Playable XCOM 2 Aliens

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The actual aliens from XCOM are available to you!

Well, Vipers, Mutons, and Sectoids anyway.

All aliens featured have their own classes and equipment for them. Equipment is gained by building the medium armor schematics or the mentioned weapon schematic:

They are also able to bond with other soldiers on the Avenger.

Sectoids - Equipped with a sectoid blaster and a human-built psi-amp. Has one utility slot. Gains upgraded equipment from the psi-amp and pistol schematics.

Vipers - Equipped with a Viper rifle and their own biological weapons. Has no utility slots. Gains upgraded equipment from the sniper rifle schematics.

Mutons - Equipped with a Muton rifle and the attached bayonet. Has one utility slot. Gains upgraded equipment from the assault rifle schematics.

Aliens are earned from the Rescue Rogue Operative covert action that is added to the pool of covert actions.

Other Mod Integration
If Allies Unknown Redux is installed, the above aliens will also appear as potential rewards from Spectres/The Liberated and related mission content.

With Extract Corpses installed, Fultons can be used on stunned aliens of the right type in order to have a chance of gaining a new recruit.

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Jebediah Kerman 5 hours ago 
Insufferable Smartypants could you link it to me
Angry Rope 17 hours ago 
Heya. Don't suppose there's an easier way of getting hold of the aliens. I just want some vipers in my party but the RNG is screwing me. Not getting any of the opportunities to recruit them pop up.
Insufferable Smartypants Feb 18 @ 10:07am 
Jebediah Kerman, there is a non-wotc version of Playable Aliens.
Jebediah Kerman Feb 18 @ 8:50am 
is it posible to make you dont have to have war of the chosen?
Soul D. Dragneel Feb 7 @ 11:31am 
@Arkhangel Amen
Silvre Feb 5 @ 2:11pm 
Does anyone else have an issue with the muttons not getting the execute ability after taking the perk? He also wont counterattack chryssalids after i took the return fire perk.
Arkhangel Feb 4 @ 1:42am 
@Jack: that's because the models were never designed with photo poses in mind, Jack. it means Vipers and other units that don't use Humanoid rigging default into T-poses. Sectoids just happen to be lucky because they're "human enough" as would Codices and Spectres if they ever show up. to make photos wold for the others would require making entirely new poses, animsets, and a lot of other stuff, which is frankly a fuckload of work.

even making new animations for normal troopers is a massive pain in the ass. so, to be blunt, suck it up. or just leave your vipers out of photos. stuff to make them work in the photobooth is EXCEPTIONALLY low priority compared to how they work in the actual gameplay.
[HK]Jack Jan 31 @ 7:28am 
Everytime I take poster photograph of vieper she stands too straight , without other poses. Please fix it , she ruins the art .
arrjik Jan 26 @ 1:15pm 
Hello! I really like this mod, despite playing iwth it only recently. A question arose though - how can I change the properties of the weapons and/or armor of the aliens I get? I'm using a few other mods that make the game harder and easier at the same time, and both weapons and armors of these aliens are sadly on a low side compared to usual XCOM equipment, so I want to give them a small buff, like more mod slots for weapons and such.
GUA Jan 20 @ 7:22am 
Krasus, you can add it to your existing campaign, although the Playable alien with be at low level until you level him/her/it up.