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Soviet Songs
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Nov 19, 2017 @ 10:58pm
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Soviet Songs

In 1 collection by Trayun
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Looking for a mod that replaces all (except for dlc songs) vanilla songs to Soviet Songs and is Ironman Compatible?
Then this mod is for you! :)
Have any song suggestions? Comment down below

Recommended Mods:
German Music, by Rene

Plans for other future mods:
X - British Songs
X - American Songs
X - French Songs

Current Songs in the list:
The Red Internationale
Red Army Choir - Anthem of the USSR
Red Army Choir - Ah Natassia
Red Army Choir - Bella Ciao
Red Army Choir - Dark Eyed Cossack Girl
Red Army Choir - Dark Eyes
Red Army Choir - Farewell of Slavianka
Red Army Choir - Gandzia
Red Army Choir - In The Central Steppes
Red Army Choir - In the Songs We Will Remain
Red Army Choir - Kalinka
Red Army Choir - Katyusha
Red Army Choir - Korobeiniki
Red Army Choir - Let's Go
Red Army Choir - March of Memories
Red Army Choir - March of the Defenders of Moscow
Red Army Choir - Moscow Nights
Red Army Choir - My Army
Red Army Choir - Our Guards
Red Army Choir - Partisans Song
Red Army Choir - Smuglianka
Red Army Choir - Song of the Far East Armies
Red Army Choir - Song of the Relentless Youth
Red Army Choir - Song of the Volga Boatmen
Red Army Choir - Steel Squadron
Red Army Choir - The Ballad About Russian Boys
Red Army Choir - The Cliff
Red Army Choir - The Cossacks
Red Army Choir - The Cossacks' Song
Red Army Choir - The Red Army Is The Strongest
Red Army Choir - The Roads
Red Army Choir - The Sacred War
Red Army Choir - There March The Soldiers
Red Army Choir - Varshavianka
Red Army Choir - We are the Army of the People
Red Army Choir - We Swear to the Party
March Of The Soviet Airforce
March Of The Soviet Artillerymen
Soviet 1941 Song - We are the Masters of War
Soviet 1944 Song - Song of Dashing Artillery
Soviet 1951 Song - When the Cossack came
Soviet 1951 Song - Stand up Against the War
Soviet Classical Song - The Battle On the Ice
Sviridov - Time Forward
The Stalingradians Come Forward
Kazakh SSR Song - The Stalin Constitution
На поле танки грохотали - The Tanks Rattled On The Field

Report any Bugs or Crashes, your feedback is much appreciated :)

A Collection of Soviet songs since the birth of the Soviet Union until it's collapse in 1991.
Reason why I made this mod?: Out of Boredom
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TheAmericanCommunist Jul 6 @ 5:00pm 
Stalin Approves
Собака Jul 2 @ 6:37am 
and The battle on the ice doesnt't work
Собака Jun 29 @ 6:43am 
March of the Defenders of Moscow it doesn't work, it appears sometimes but it doesn't play
Woj_2000 Jun 27 @ 10:38pm 
pls update to 1.5.4
YoanMeister Jun 11 @ 11:32am 
pls add Hello, on the way
Proxgas May 20 @ 10:10am 
Stalin Vodka babalaika approved
Vladimirova cyka May 16 @ 7:27am 
This good mods
stalin approve
USA FOR LIFE/ FUCK THE LEFT May 10 @ 11:27am 
we need all the russian songs
Hello there
hdtomo May 6 @ 4:56am 
oh yes they is sorry!