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2016 CimTrans Flatbed with Vehicles
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Nov 18, 2017 @ 4:49pm
May 23 @ 12:02pm
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2016 CimTrans Flatbed with Vehicles

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CIMTrans Road Maintenance Vehicles by ninjanoobslayer
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Put a Car On Your Flatbeds

Well, there ain't a need for tow trucks if there isn't anything on top. Currently, there are only two versions of the flatbed with game default vehicles on top. Let these emulate towed vehicles for the time being.

If I have more time I'll make more versions with vehicles on top. They will be uploaded into this file. All the vehicles are colored.

All CIMTrans vehicles will be for road maintenance only. This means Snowfall must be active.

Get the CIMTrans Depot to spawn maintenance trucks or the CIMTrans Depot With Integrated Snow Service to deal with snow and maintenance at the same time! Use Service Vehicle Selector or Service Vehicle Manager (my preferred utility) to set road maintenance vehicles types for your depots.

Use Invisible Spawn Points to fine tune your spawning and create more realistic depots!

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Model Information

3211-3313 Tris (depends on the vehicle)
1024 x 1024 Textures

For props, use the Move It! mod to position vehicles on top.

The statistics are the same as the default maintenance truck. Use Advanced Vehicle Options Mod to change it to fit your needs.

Rear portion derived in part from Sketchup Model[] with optimization, minor adjustments and so on. Cab derived from the terrastar ambulance. Vehicles derived from base game models.