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A budding modder, I began working with 3ds early in 2017. I first did minor edits but am now applying my skills to making assets for Cities Skylines! I also enjoy other simulation games such as Planet Coaster and action games such as Grand Theft Auto :D
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[h1] Rotary Strobe Compatible Lights Color Changer Mod [/h1]

[img] [/img]

This is a slight extension of the original Emergency Lights Manager mod, which was forked from boformer and Cryptkeepr. This mod adds the sup
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Created by - ninjanoobslayer
PYRO Aug 22 @ 3:12pm 
Your mods/assets are top notch freaking love them. In fact I added another 32 GB to my already hi performance PC just so I could subscribe to a whole slew of your creations
BlueRayHusky Jul 14 @ 9:35am 
Very nice Mods! I Love all of them, even my PC cant handle all of them xD Thank you! :steamhappy: :steamthumbsup:
CONFUSE Apr 18 @ 9:24am 
Amazing mod! Like it
Sina Mar 26 @ 3:22pm 

I looked at all your mods.
All your mods are great.
But unfortunately they are not seen in the game.
Because when activated inside the game, it shows a yellow triangle or a warning sign.
And he means mesh
jashawn086 Mar 15 @ 8:11pm 
Really love your collection, especially the New Flyer transit series. Are there any NovsBuses in the works in the future? I'd love to help make this happen if you're willing - let me know what you think!
johnkm Mar 10 @ 10:10pm 
Hi ninja, I was looking around the fire trucks and I didn't find the one with very long aerial tower truck in your head list cover, is this one not used anymore?