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A budding modder, I began working with 3ds early in 2017. I first did minor edits but am now applying my skills to making assets for Cities Skylines! I also enjoy other simulation games such as Planet Coaster and action games such as Grand Theft Auto :D
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[h1] Rotary Strobe Compatible Lights Color Changer Mod [/h1]

[img] [/img]

This is a slight extension of the original Emergency Lights Manager mod, which was forked from boformer and Cryptkeepr. This mod adds the sup
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Created by - ninjanoobslayer
ninjanoobslayer 9 hours ago 
False Lucidity did, but he removed all his stuff recently
Mr. Monday 23 hours ago 
Oh dear. You wouldn't happen to remember who did would you?
ninjanoobslayer May 29 @ 5:11pm 
I did not make these assets
Mr. Monday May 29 @ 3:56pm 
Hey the 1980s Postal Truck and American Fire Engine are suddenly coming up missing as I load my save. Did you pull those assets?
Dwight Hut Pizza May 22 @ 1:14pm 
I just want to say I really do love your work. Your vehicle models look so good! I use at least one for every city service I have including the ones from the DLCs and select them with Service Selector 2. Let me tell you it makes a huge difference to see these way more detailed vehicles driving around then the generic looking vanilla ones. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into them your my favorite person to get vehicle assets from. :)
Julian JAT May 9 @ 1:57am 
Would you please do an Ohio State Trooper car and prop?