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Arc Emitter Miniaturization
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Nov 10, 2017 @ 4:12am
May 23 @ 12:55pm
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Arc Emitter Miniaturization

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Ever wanted to create battleships with nothing but arc emitters? Battleships that laugh at your enemies' so-called "shields", "armour" and "evasion"?

This mod adds Large-sized arc emitters to the game ("Miniaturized Arc Emitter" and "Miniaturized Focused Arc Emitter").

The new weapon stats have been derived from the vanilla XL weapons, following the patterns established by other weapons (eg. Cloud Lightning; Giga Cannon vs Kinetic Artillery).

This mod also adds two new technologies to the game, which are required to unlock the new weapons.


I personally love the mechanics of the XL Arc Emitters as flavourful endgame weapons - but unfortunately there are no similar mechanics in the L weapon class. (Other than Cloud Lightning, which is not guaranteed in every run and which is distinctly underpowered in the late game because it's supposed to be an early-game weapon.) This means that the L weapons on your battleships have to cut through armour and shields even though your XL weapons bypass all that, which means that XL Arc Emitters are highly suboptimal.

Suggested Companion Mod:

Technical info / compatibility:
  • This is a clean mod - no vanilla files are overwritten. As such, it should be compatible with any mod that doesn't drastically alter the core game.

Earlier versions / Beta versions:
  • All of my mods are available on Github[] (eg. in case you want to revert to an earlier version)

  • Tested version: 2.0.1
  • Required DLC: None
  • Ironman compatible: Yes
  • Achievement compatible: No
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Slynx Jewel Apr 4 @ 11:11am 
true. and such results are expected. because if you compare HP agains Armor+Shield it will be 50%-50%
rng weapons shine the most in a battle against designs that heavily fortify ships with armor\shields. like mentioned Crisis ships(i guess all of them) or most of AE
jonjowett  [author] Apr 4 @ 10:48am 
@Slynx Jewel: I ran some tests:

All battleships have top-level power/drive/etc; 2 DM shield; 2 dragon armour; 2 crystal plating; no aux utils.

Arc/cloud vs Giga-KA-3PC battleship: Giga wins by an absolute mile.
Arc/arc vs Giga-KA-3PC: arc wins, but only just (approx 200/7000 hull remaining)
Arc/arc vs Lance-3KA-NL: Lance wins, but is heavily damaged (approx 2500/7000 hull remaining)
Arc/arc vs Giga-3NL-KA: Giga wins, with heavy damage (approx 1500/7000 hull remaining)

Maybe it's confirmation bias but (a) I don't think cloud lightning is that good and (b) I don't think these arc emitters are outrageously unbalanced.

I did notice that the game gives my arc battleships much higher "military power" than the other designs. But that wasn't really reflected in the test outcomes!
Slynx Jewel Apr 4 @ 10:23am 
well, maybe it's not "best" against every scenario, but against crisis or AE it shows greatest results. because it lets you to ignore more then 2\3 or enemy defenses.

so during endgame you(IMHO) usually have either Lance-3KA-NL (some prefer Giga-3NL-KA) BB or Ark-4Lighning BB and some Gs corvettes for a mass
jonjowett  [author] Apr 4 @ 10:19am 
Cloud lightning is considered one of the most powerful weapons atm? Really?! I would've thought a nice mix of gauss and plasma would be better. (Approx 1 gauss for every 2 or 3 plasma.) I don't have my references open so it's hard to check - but I thought cloud lightning was really underpowered compared to late-game weapons.
Slynx Jewel Apr 4 @ 9:58am 
ok. i just were surprised that you implement a weapon almost 2-3 times powerful then one of the most powerful weapons in curent patch. and i found out about your mod only today when you've posted a link on a forums

L-corvettes are horrible. on the level of OPAF. 1-2 fleets killed contigency x1. 5 fleets kileed contigency x5. almost without losses.
jonjowett  [author] Apr 4 @ 9:51am 
Also, covettes with an L slot. Nice :-)

I thought about implementing those, but the S1 mesh has been deprecated...
jonjowett  [author] Apr 4 @ 9:46am 
@Slynx Jewel: Yeah, you're right about cloud lightning. However, it's a creature tech, so it's not guaranteed for the player. I'll update the description accordingly.

(Also, cloud lightning is extremely underpowered compared with other late-game weapons - which is understandable because you can get the cloud lightning weapon within a few decades of the start. IIRC, it's about half the damage per tick of my derived arc emitters. So perhaps it's better to say that there are no competitive late-game hull-only weapons?)

(Also also, the phrase you quoted was written pre-2.0 and I think that cloud lightning became 100% penetrating in 2.0. Still my bad for failing to update though!)
Slynx Jewel Apr 4 @ 8:35am 
Slynx Jewel Apr 4 @ 8:33am 
>>but unfortunately there are no similar mechanics in the L weapon class.
ehhhm? what?
lightning(L) are the same as Ark(x) and Disruptors(S,M)
war-angel Mar 29 @ 10:48am 
my reaper weapon the s and m and l size all share the same icon and same teck so it would not be hard to do the same thing with this @jonjowett