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Beautiful States
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Sep 23, 2017 @ 7:41pm
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Beautiful States

This mod update cycle is a week, if you want slower update, checkout monthly version
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Better territory, More States!
Have you ever feel some states are ugly and not good visual?
Do you hate Ugly Vanillia Yalta Conference?
Here is pills for you!

- Restored Oder–Neisse line
- Correct Kaiser Wilhelm Canal
- Historical Rhineland demilitarized zone
- Restored Great War territories
- More states for Scandinavia countries
- More states for Benelux countries
- More and fixed states for Balkan countries
- More and fixed states for African countries
- More and fixed states for Germany
- More and fixed states for France
- Historical Tibet terriotry
- Historical states for Egypt
- More and fixed states In Soviet Union for good visual.
- Fixed states for historical (turkey, south africa, croatia, etc..)
- Restored TGW colony territories (Kaiser wilhelm land, Kameroon, weihaiwei, etc..)
- More states and separated islands for UK
- More states for Switzerland
- New states for Modern Europe Border
- More states for Canada
- More states for Austrailia
- More states for USA
- More states for Poland
- More states for India
- More states for Baltic states
- More states for South-East Asian Countries
- New Countries (checkout list)
- Historical unique leader portraits for new or annexed countries
- Reworked Korean states
- More states for India
- More Reichskommissariat
- More Formable Countries (Mexican Empire)
- Added Reichsprotektorat (Require WTT)
- Fixed border between Ecuador and Peru
- More historical flavor cosmetic tags
- Slovenia separating event after 'Demand Slovenia'
- Burgenland Question after Anschluss

New Released Countries
- LIE | Liechtenstein
- ADR | Andorra
- VCT | Vatican
- SMR | San Marino
- MCO | Monaco

New Relesable Counties
- ALG | Algeria
- CAT | Catalonia
- KAZ | Kazakhstan
- MAR | Morocco
- SVN | Slovenia
- TJK | Tajikistan
- TKM | Turkmenistan
- TUN | Tunisia
- UZB | Uzbekistan
- BIH | Bosnia and Herzegovina
- SCT | Scotland
- WLS | Wales
- KTS | Kingdom of Two Sicilies
- BAV | Bavaria
- GRL | Greenland
- NIL | Northern Ireland
- MKD | Macedonia
- MRT | Mauritania
- PRS | Prussia
- CAL | California
- TEX | Texas
- BLZ | Belize
- JAM | Jamaica
- PRI | Puerto Rico
- MRI | Mali
- NAM | Namibia
- SDN | Sudan
- MDA | Moldova
- TSD | Chad
- GHA | Ghana
- ZMB | Zambia
- QUE | Quebec
- KOS | Kosovo
- MRV | Moravia
- SAR | Saar
- DAN | Danzig
- SAX | Saxony
- MLW | Malawi
- CMR | Cameroon
- NFL | Newfoundland
- KAR | Karelia

- If you have any ideas for this mod, tell me your suggestion in sub forum or replies.
- Update period is a week. there are will be new update in every Friday
- Compatible with nonDLC and DLCs!
- Not compatible with Ironman mode
- Not compatible with map, country and total conversion mods(RT56, KR, TGW, etc..)
- Not compatible with Old save files
- I recommend click 'Favorite'. not for me, it is for you, i usaully notice important things on comment so i hope you dont missing this.

Support Language
- English
- Français - French by Alfactor29
- Pусский - Russian by Lord
- 한국어- Korean: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139988885
- Polski - Polish by Razenix OUTDATED
- 日本語 - Japanese: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1356063633 by hebekeg
- Deutsch -German by Gekobro
::if there are mistranslation, tell me::

- Historical Flavor Mod

Q.Is this mod compatible with RT56?
A:this is states mod. this is not compatible with Bigger mods. And I don't have a plan about it. RT56 is kind of modpack. I can't handle thousand files.

Q.Hollyshit, i love these states. can i using this mod to my own mod?
A:of course. just add this to require mod or just write my name on credit :D

I want add other languages or update languages. what can i do?
A: after translate it, just give string file. then i will add that.

Discord Channel

if you want help me directly or somethin to talk to me or whatever! if you have interesting. just join this!

General Dev: Gerrade
Events: SkylarWeston

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Savoy and italian states
< >
raptor Nov 12 @ 12:24pm 
ok kosovo is too small and macedonia goes into albania too much
Gerrade  [author] Nov 11 @ 9:20pm 
just turn off incompatible mods. such as Expert AI, Increase resources, ~~focus overhaul, RT56, etc..
Fertile1131 Nov 11 @ 1:26pm 
With expert AI, it appears someone of the Rhine does not become demilitarized on focus completion
HHJBNOI, Nov 10 @ 4:31am 
Please add province 3434 to Lwow state
Gerrade  [author] Nov 9 @ 7:16pm 
sure you can.
xXfukboiplayzXx Nov 9 @ 6:46pm 
@Gerrade With my previous comment I was kinda trying to ask if you could send me the files for the mod, if I upload the mod I'm making to the workshop you will get credit of course.
Gerrade  [author] Nov 9 @ 10:18am 
I just waiting for next HOI4 update
xera144 Nov 9 @ 10:17am 
please update, there are a few problems where the vatical appears in africa etc
PooterTooter Nov 8 @ 6:40pm 
The mod could work with RT56, you'd just need to redo teh focuses that mess with states, which honestly would take a long ass time and would be confusing.
Fetts4ck Nov 8 @ 8:37am 
Artillery only when?