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[WotC] Sparks Can Bond
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Sep 5 @ 10:00am
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[WotC] Sparks Can Bond

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Enables SPARKS to have bonds. Because AI has favourites too. Sparks prefer to bond with other Sparks.
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Tatourmi Sep 16 @ 7:21am 
Thanks, great job! :)
Yagisan  [author] Sep 16 @ 7:14am 
@Tatourmi - Yes.
Tatourmi Sep 16 @ 6:17am 
Aere the other bonding skills still working?
Yagisan  [author] Sep 13 @ 6:50am 
I'll try some more tests when I get some free time, but I'm not going to push out any changes I am not happy with.
Insufferable Smartypants Sep 12 @ 1:02pm 
@Yagisan, if a bondmate could grant an action *to* the SPARK, even if the SPARK couldn't grant one back - that would still be pretty sweet.

I have a technitian bonded to a SPARK right now. They're becoming a pretty great duo.
Insufferable Smartypants Sep 12 @ 1:01pm 

The SPARK does have a point animation - is it the same point animation that soldiers use when granting actions? The sparks use it when using the fear ability and for something else that I don't remember atm.
Malidictus Sep 11 @ 3:35am 
SPARKs not getting the teamwork skill probably has to do with how the skill is granted by the actual Bonding mechanic, which I don't know where that would be coded. I don't think they'd be able to use the skill properly anyway, since they don't have the associated mechanic. You could leave that limitation in as a balancing feature. SPARKs can't inspire humans, but they also don't get tired.

Honestly, I'm just happy to have the option for RP purposes :)
Yagisan  [author] Sep 11 @ 2:53am 
@Augustus - Not this mod. It currently has No code overrides.

@Malidictus - I changed it to not exclude robots in my private branch. I could grant teamwork my Spark, but I still can't get the Spark to show the skill despite having met all the requirements. I am wondering if there is a hardcoded limitation.
Augustus Sep 10 @ 11:36pm 
I'm not sure if it's you mod or maybe something else, but after completing an ambush mission with a SPARK my game keeps crashing, so I'm stuck on the load screen before returning to the map.
Malidictus Sep 10 @ 9:07am 
Ah, I see:

TargetCondition.ExcludeRobotic = true;

That's not the only skill which deliberately excludes robotic units, though. A lot of the Psi Operative skills do, as well. The first one I ran across - Soulfire - has the same X2Condition_UnitProperty object added to it, with ExcludeRobotic set to true. In the case of Soulfire, that's a lore-based design choice - it's a psychic attacks and robotic enemies aren't affected by psychic effects.

I wonder if excluding robotic for Teamwork is a necessity or a similar lore-based decision, i.e. you can't be friends with a robot. Could be SPARKs don't have an animation to play for it, or somehow break when affected by it. For my own sake of curiosity, how would you go about changing that stat if you could? Pulling the BondmateTeamwork templates out of the manager would work, but I'm not sure how you'd address that specific limitation.