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This is an out of date version for versions previous to 2.0, those looking for a 2.0 compatable version are seeking this


This is a ship pack of the ships from the mod EVE Online Horizons. It contains the 4 main factions from the mod and is NSC compatible. In addition there is also a namelist and flags for the factions.

- corvette ---------------> tormentor
- frigate -----------------> magnate
- destroyer -------------> coercer
- cruiser -----------------> omen
- strike cruiser ---------> prophecy
- battle cruiser ---------> apocalypse
- battle ship ------------> apocalypse
- light carrier -----------> prophecy
- carrier -----------------> archon, aeon (carrier/supercarrier hull options)
- dreadnought ---------> revelation
- super dreadnought -> revelation
- flagship ----------------> avatar

-corvette ---------------> rifter
-destroyer -------------> thrasher
-frigate -----------------> thrasher
-cruiser -----------------> stabber
-strike cruiser ---------> cyclone
-light carrier -----------> cyclone
-battle cruiser ---------> typhoon
-battle ship ------------> typhoon
-carrier -----------------> nidhogger, hel (supercarrier/carrier hull option)
-dreadnought ---------> naglfar
-super dreadnought -> naglfar
-flagship ---------------> ragnarok

-corvette ---------------> kestrel
-destroyer -------------> cormorant
-frigate -----------------> cormorant
-cruiser -----------------> caracal
-strike cruiser ---------> ferox
-light carrier -----------> ferox
-battle cruiser ---------> raven
-battle ship ------------> raven
-carrier -----------------> chimera, wyvern (supercarrier/carrier hull option)
-dreadnought ---------> phoenix
-super dreadnought -> phoenix
-flagship ----------------> leviathan

-corvette ---------------> incursus
-destroyer -------------> catalyst
-frigate -----------------> catalyst
-cruiser -----------------> thorax
-strike cruiser ---------> brutix
-light carrier -----------> brutix
-battle cruiser ---------> megathron
-battle ship ------------> megathron
-carrier -----------------> thanatos, nyx (supercarrier/carrier hull option)
-dreadnought ---------> moros
-super dreadnought -> moros
-flagship ----------------> erebus

Credit for the models and much of the code goes to Soullink and his team who worked on the EVEonline Horizons mod as well as CCP for making EVE online

EveOnline link♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

EveOnlineHorizons link


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Jan 14 @ 4:26am
Bug reports
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SlipShodWizard  [author] May 4 @ 8:39pm 
Due to recent pc troubles I was forced to reinstall windows and thus lost the original mod files which is why the update has been delayed. I decided it would be easier to upload it as a new mod and leave this one as is. I will add a link to the new mod here and in the description of this mod. I apologize for the delay and hope you all enjoy glorious Eve ships once again.
t-82 May 4 @ 8:23am 
"It literally says that there will be no more work on it"

Yeah, there won't be any new content coming, but the author said himself that he will try to keep it up to date.
What people want is to update it to newest stellaris version, not new ship models.
Killercheese4285 May 4 @ 3:41am 
It literally says that there will be no more work on it
BarbarianJoe21 Apr 30 @ 9:02pm 
Is this gonna get an update for NSC2?
jtbush00 Apr 27 @ 12:15pm 
Can we get a non NSC mod for these ships and get the titans their own models
jtbush00 Apr 25 @ 12:33pm 
will this get an update
Tarik Apr 19 @ 11:53am 
Will pay 15$ for Update this mid for main NSC mod
p.s. contact me for bounty
Tarik Apr 17 @ 3:45pm 
2.0+ PLZ!!!
Crapman Apr 3 @ 12:48pm 
2.0 plz :(
Skie Bloodrose Apr 1 @ 2:14am 
Am looking at this but waiting for NSC update as others have mentioned, also needs a Drake class because I asked my FC if I can bring my Drake...