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As of now these are all the models with good textures that will be in this mod. There will not be any more additions to this mod. I do not have the skills needed to create textures and so unless someone else would be willing to create them on the same level there will be no new additions to the mod.

A last note, I will try to keep this mod up to date in terms of compatibility with future patches there just will not be any new ships being added.


This is a ship pack of the ships from the mod EVE Online Horizons. It contains the 4 main factions from the mod and is NSC compatible. In addition there is also a namelist and flags for the factions.

The Amarr Imperial Fleet is the first addition to the pack with the other races joining shortly.

- corvette ---------------> tormentor
- frigate -----------------> magnate
- destroyer -------------> coercer
- cruiser -----------------> omen
- strike cruiser ---------> prophecy
- battle cruiser ---------> apocalypse
- battle ship ------------> apocalypse
- light carrier -----------> prophecy
- carrier -----------------> archon, aeon (carrier/supercarrier hull options)
- dreadnought ---------> revelation
- super dreadnought -> revelation
- flagship ----------------> avatar

The ducktape fleet arrives to fend off the terrible Amarr slavers

-corvette ---------------> rifter
-destroyer -------------> thrasher
-frigate -----------------> thrasher
-cruiser -----------------> stabber
-strike cruiser ---------> cyclone
-light carrier -----------> cyclone
-battle cruiser ---------> typhoon
-battle ship ------------> typhoon
-carrier -----------------> nidhogger, hel (supercarrier/carrier hull option)
-dreadnought ---------> naglfar
-super dreadnought -> naglfar
-flagship ---------------> ragnarok

The Caldari State has seen fit to deploy elements to protect vital state interests in these troubled times

-corvette ---------------> kestrel
-destroyer -------------> cormorant
-frigate -----------------> cormorant
-cruiser -----------------> caracal
-strike cruiser ---------> ferox
-light carrier -----------> ferox
-battle cruiser ---------> raven
-battle ship ------------> raven
-carrier -----------------> chimera, wyvern (supercarrier/carrier hull option)
-dreadnought ---------> phoenix
-super dreadnought -> phoenix
-flagship ----------------> leviathan

The Gallente Federation has mobilized in the face of increased Caldari fleet movments

-corvette ---------------> incursus
-destroyer -------------> catalyst
-frigate -----------------> catalyst
-cruiser -----------------> thorax
-strike cruiser ---------> brutix
-light carrier -----------> brutix
-battle cruiser ---------> megathron
-battle ship ------------> megathron
-carrier -----------------> thanatos, nyx (supercarrier/carrier hull option)
-dreadnought ---------> moros
-super dreadnought -> moros
-flagship ----------------> erebus

Credit for the models and much of the code goes to Soullink and his team who worked on the EVEonline Horizons mod as well as CCP for making EVE online

EveOnline link♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

EveOnlineHorizons link


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GCTR Feb 15 @ 7:50am 
Fal' Soram Feb 2 @ 10:43pm 
Adding multiple ship hulls for a single class gets werid, and essentially locks you out of adding in locators to them. Although none of that matters as Eve's texture system is confusing as all hell.
WarHog Feb 2 @ 3:53pm 
@SlipShodWizard And I did.... does not change the fact I'd love to see those ships in-game ;)
SlipShodWizard  [author] Feb 2 @ 11:44am 
@Warhog would love for people to read the description...
WarHog Feb 2 @ 6:44am 
Would love to see Battleship alternative hulls like the Abaddon and Armageddon for Amarr etc..
Alex (MUTED) Jan 16 @ 7:20pm 
this needs to be updated, can't build anything past battleships.
Prkl8r Jan 10 @ 9:58pm 
I'm sure you have ben asked this before, but do you have any plans to do stations and civilian ships someday?
SlipShodWizard  [author] Jan 8 @ 7:00pm 
hmm i havent seen that particular thread before, ill have to give it a look.
Felix Jan 7 @ 10:09am 
First, I just want to say how much I appreciate you making this mod. I was a huge EVE guy for quite some time and this mod has helped me scratch that itch without the time sink of the actual game.

You mentioned that the texture files were being a pain, which was preventing any model updates or additions. You may or may not have know about this already, but I figured I'd drop a link to an August discussion with a breakdown on some methods that might enable you to extract those texture files.

I could be mistaken, or maybe it's too much of a pain, but because of how invested I am in your mod, I felt compelled to dig a little in hopes of one day seeing my hurricane or harbinger in game.

NOMI酱 Jan 2 @ 12:25am 
THX! happy new year