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Armed Forces Overhaul (4.0)
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Aug 14, 2017 @ 9:12am
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Armed Forces Overhaul (4.0)

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Armed Forces Overhaul is a ongoing project to completely overhaul the vanilla game to become more challenging and historical. Right now it features a massive expansion to the tech trees, large improvements to the ai, and numerous small changes that improve the gameplay experience.

Each Nation has a customized tech tree and AI all with a unique flavor. (e.g. The tiger tank is what it always was, one of the most deadly tanks of WWII)

Also this mod closely follows historical statistics and dates but a few concessions have been made for the sake of balance. It also assumes the war can go up to 1948 therefore some post war techs have been included even those after 1948 to take into account the arms race that occurs during war.

Major Features:
  • unique artwork for all new technologies including vanilla ones
  • Expanded tech tree’s for all nations
  • Unique tech tree’s for each of the major nations and some minor’s
  • A complete rebalance of the game mechanics
  • more division icons with color
  • More research bonuses using Army XP
Upcoming Features:


Help Needed!
If you are interested in getting involved with World Ablaze, there is currently a discord page were I recommend anyone to post their feedback or talk with other players of WA. We are very much looking for our team to grow larger, so any help with coding, ideas etc is greatly appreciated!


This mod is incompatible with the mods concerning Tech tree’s and anything that modifies starting tech, equipment, politics etc.

DISCLAIMER: This mod only supports the English version of the game

World Ablaze

I have also spent considerable time working a on a full overhaul mod, you can find that here if you are interested:


All art is created by me and i would greatly appreciate if you could check out my deviant art page for more of my work:



A huge shout out to the ww2 sim team, they have been a huge help coming up with new ideas and helping with research.
I would also like to thank Slurpee12 for helping me get started on modding. You can check his mod below:
And lastly I thank Chondrite and Sleight of Hand for indirectly helping me improve AI with the information they have published on the forums.


Also here are some highly recommended mods for the best single player experience that go well with this mod according to me anyway:

Better Colors

Better Political Map (DMH)

Non-reflective water

Apocalypse WWII soundtrack

Strategic View adjustments
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cpicado2507 Jul 12 @ 2:43am 
Thank you for explanation. Is true.
~TAB~ Uncharted  [author] Jul 11 @ 5:58am 
@cpicado2507 - mod conflict. Dont play with any other mods that touch the tech tree
cpicado2507 Jul 11 @ 5:19am 
As Germany, the tanks tech tree is empty. Any model exists. Can you solve?
JarlErak1 Jul 7 @ 8:28am 
has anyone else noticed how the minor nations only have light tanks in their tech trees?
~TAB~ Uncharted  [author] Jul 3 @ 3:21pm 
@Jim Lahey - world ablaze existed only recently when i split AFO into these two mods with AFO containing all the tech tree's as a stand alone and WA contained all the other changes. If i include my ai templates from WA into AFO i can guarantee it will fix this issue
Jim Lahey Jul 3 @ 8:18am 
Well thats odd, because I have used this mod for more than a year now, and all major factions, especially germany and the soviet union produced medium and heavies until very recently. I really think its the hydra v1.7.1 that messed something up, because as I said it used to work fine. I dont mind using World Ablaze but I`ve always just used AFO on its own because there are certain things I dont like about WA, but its still a great mod so I`ll stick with that from now on. Thanks :D
~TAB~ Uncharted  [author] Jul 2 @ 10:54am 
@everyone - I have a very short poll, asking the question about what type of Ai improvments if any you want included in AFO

It is for users of Armed Forces Overhaul who play with other mods (Not including Graphical). Do not answer this question if you ONLY use armed forces overhaul with world ablaze.

~TAB~ Uncharted  [author] Jul 2 @ 5:12am 
@Jim Lahey - World Ablaze contains all my AI improvments which includes them building heavy and medium tanks. AFO currently does not contain them as it would decrease compatability. I will do a vote soon for AFO only users if they want me to include it or not
Jim Lahey Jul 2 @ 3:13am 
Same goes for World Ablaze btw
Jim Lahey Jul 1 @ 11:34pm 
Latest patch for this mod somehow broke it for me. No one is building heavy or medium tanks anymore, only light tank spam. I tried to dissable all mods but this one, but still the same. I even tried to use the console commands to make Germany and the soviets produce medium and heavy tanks, but when i switch to a different nation and then switch back, they delete the production and put all the factories on light tanks again.. same goes for UK, haven`t tested the others
Is there a way to revert back to the version prior to 4.0 of this mod?