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Hearts of Ideologies
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Aug 12, 2017 @ 8:39pm
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Hearts of Ideologies

For anybody who would like to help, join our discord (See link in discussion below) or go to the github repository; submit what you want to add or change. Link: https://github.com/TitaniumRogue/ideologies
Otherwise if you would like to submit anything, but don't know how, send it to this email: titaniumrogue4@gmail.com

Hello, wonderful people of the internet! Today I bring you my second ever mod, which overhauls the current ideology system and replaces the 4 pre-existing ideologies with 22 new ones! (Technically 21, as fascism is still an ideology).

Here is a list of all the new ideologies:


Social Liberalism
Social Conservatism
Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
Christian Democracy Social Conservatives, but liberal in terms of civil rights and foreign policy
Authoritarian Democracy
Democratic Nationalism

Fascism/Far Right:

National Socialism
Nationalism Think of Metaxism or proto-fascists.
Fascist Monarchy Basically, Japan (Maybe Hungary)

Socialism/Far Left:

Leninism Trotskyism
Stalinism Marxism-Leninism
Moderate Communism


Despotism A less nationalist dictatorship. Used basically for colonies, like the British Raj.
Stratocracy A military government/junta

Progress Report:
(These are in order in which I will be working on them)

History Files/Starting Politics: Done!
Country Names: Only releasable nations are left to be done
Event Fixes: Done!
National Foci Fixes: Done!
National Spirit Fixes: Done!
Flags: Done!
Advisors/Political Functions: Done, will be revamped sooner or later
Party Names: ~30-40% A good percent of Europe
Leaders: More leaders/portraits are being worked on for additon in the coming year

Potential Features:

Reworked National Focus Trees for Major Nations
More Events
More Cosmetic Tags
Revamped Autonomy System

That's it for now. I will try update this whenever I can. I appreciate any feedback whether it be a suggestion or a criticism, it will help make this mod better!


Titanium Rogue


Pan Marszalek
Santa Shiro
Papa Meme
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theformalslime Jul 21 @ 12:20pm 
Sorry if this was answered somewhere, But is this mod Compatible with Road to 56 at all?
Shadow.The.Dark.Lord Jul 21 @ 10:57am 
@龙王 (久经沙场) cs.money same here man
Тихий cs.money Jul 20 @ 8:10am 
@Shadow.The.Dark.Lord The way i see is if the development team has enough time to put effort into arguing with someone, whether they are wrong or not.....makes me concerned about whether they are putting their full effort into the mod they are development....either way its just ,my opinion and i cant wait to see this mod finished :D
Shadow.The.Dark.Lord Jul 20 @ 7:53am 
@ุ cs.money I agree. Personally I think that the stray is a bad idea, but that my opinion and I am just one singular person. But, I will say that considering the in fighting that has been occuring recently has me concerned for the development of this mod...
Тихий cs.money Jul 20 @ 2:58am 
I dont want to add anything or be rude....but Regal, what does being female have to do with anything? Im not trying to be rude, im just trying to understand something that doesnt make sense to me at least. Overall, new countries, ideologies, or whatever. I am looking forward to it.
Captain Tom Jul 19 @ 3:55pm 
@Fishy Map-Pointing Pervert Thank you for unbanning me. I genuinely appreciate it- and am glad that someone actually is taking my concerns seriously. I didn't plan on leaving, in my original conclusion I stated that I was uncomfortable working with a mod that lacked focus. And I continued to say that I'd stick around in the hopes that the mod would gain focus and I could work on it again. I will gladly rejoin the Discord so I can keep an eye on your mod, and so if it does regain focus, I can work with you guys again. However, the damage is done when it comes to my relationship with certain devs on your team.
Captain Tom Jul 19 @ 3:55pm 
@Regal Those are complete lies. I never threatened anybody. You were the one telling everybody who had concerns to leave. As someone who manages an online group with 50+ members, I can tell you that is a backwards method of leadership. And, again, I never called anything 'shit'.
Captain Tom Jul 19 @ 3:55pm 
@Pole auf der Luftwaffel The idea that I referred to the mod as "shit" is a lie fabricated by @Regal. The worst I called the mod was 'uninteresting'. I would never sink to the low of personally insulting whatever work they put into it. I was simply stating my opinion.
Regal Jul 19 @ 12:58pm 
Kano, he deserved the ban. I, a female btw, was the one who 'attacked' Tom for A. Saying our mod was shit and uninteresting and B. Saying he wouldn't work on the mod until he had his way and basically wanted us to reverse all the work we had been doing for months. I explicitly listed. We were attempting to implement every politically/militarily led country in 1936. I also listed that we are attempting to give as many countries as possible unique focuses and as many parties and leaders as we can. We are adding ideologies as well as the countries still. We also are hoping to add new events. Our goal is to make the 1936 date better.
Fishy Map-Pointing Pervert Jul 19 @ 12:48pm 
Jeez people... Look, if we would end ONLY on ideologies it would be boring mod, people would ask to make of it something like Kaiserreich. It's your decision that you left, I don't force anyone to be a part of it. We still work on this mod really hard to have it perfect. And our mod have a focus... To become a mod that thousands of HOI players would love, (with historical context of course).

@Captain Tom
What you said was very painful to us as a people who saw that you also want to take part in this. I just wanted to ask you do you want to still be a part of this. I've got my answer.

@Pole auf der Luftwaffel
This is too big punishment just for giving his opinion

Just for justice I will unban @Captain Tom