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Procedural Objects
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Jul 29, 2017 @ 12:24pm
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Procedural Objects

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Procedural Objects mod
Made by Simon Royer from the #FrenchCityDesigners community.
Version 1.5.1 compatible with Cities:Skylines 1.10 (Parklife) and all expansions.
No expansion required.

The Procedural Objects mod adds a vertex customization tool directly in game, which allows you to Edit, Scale, Texture, Rotate in any direction and Add text to any prop or building for your needs.

On its own, it only comes with two shapes (cube and plane) but you can use any prop or building with the mod !

The mod may affect FPS, but only while editing vertices of big models, otherwise it shouldn't.
This mod will be regularly updated and features will be added. (see the "Planned Features" section)
Feel free to make suggestions or report issues in the comments. Irrelevant comments may be deleted.

  • Subscribe this item.
  • Enable the mod, and the two assets that come along it in the Content Manager (no other download required - subscribing this will download everything)
  • In the game, open the window by clicking the top-right hand corner button.
  • From here all the instructions can be found in the window.
  • Refer to the documentation linked below for help.
Unsubscribing won't break save games. The objects will simply disappear.

How-to-Use Documentation:
See the full documentation on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

How to Share Textures on the Workshop:
See the full documentation on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

Asset Creator Helper tool Documentation:
See the full documentation on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

Planned Features:
  • Vertex selection rotation
  • Animations
  • Effects (sounds, lights...)
  • Other texture maps implementation (alpha, specular, normal...) for custom textures.

Known issues:
See the known issues list on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

Source Code : GitHub repo[]

My mods are made for free ! Enjoy them? Donate ;)

Special thanks
  • Cozonaq, Pauljchris and Sparks for their lovely Procedural assets,
  • The #FrenchCityDesigners community members, especially Neguchi for his support, bug reports and recommendations,
  • @Armesto3d for the Spanish translation
  • Anyone who reported problems and helped to to enhance the mod,
  • BloodyPenguin and Ronyx69 for their minor yet really useful help with code,
  • Maddie (aka. leaderofthemonkeys), Benjamin (aka. Ranazomic) and Zhijie for their donations,
  • PugGaming, Skibitth and Arnold J. Rimmer for their amazing tutorial/quick tip videos
  • Youtubers/streamers for "advertising" this mod, especially Neguchi, Essad, Skibitth, Maddie, Crumbs, Keralis.

Any report that does not include the log will not be taken into consideration, or deleted if too irrelevant.
Guide on how to find the output_log file

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May 25 @ 7:30am
Features Discussions and Requests - Q&A
Simon Ryr
< >
mjm92150 Jun 18 @ 12:47pm 
J'ai voulu enregistrer l'bjet pour le copier. Pour avoir des panneaux identiques (copier/coller).
Mais cela n'a pas fonctionné.
Il est mpossible d'enregister le modèle créé. Est-ce normal ou c'est la DLC Park Life qui fait cela ?
Merci pour ton aide.
PS : J'ai pas trouvé le panneau de signalisation pour la sortie des villes (panneau rayé) et celui des lieux dits (panneau foncé bleu et écriture blanche). Ce dernier me permettrait de faire les quartiers.
Grae Jun 18 @ 10:23am 
Some props go invisible for me when I want to edit them. Does that mean that they ain't compatible? Because some props do work, but not the ones I really really wished for :'D
Simon Ryr  [author] Jun 17 @ 9:07am 
@sammywaddles : Normal prop VS PO-placed prop = same deal (in CPU/GPU usage)
for buildings, placing a building with PO actually requires less CPU than a normal building as it looses it functionality to only become a graphic element.
sammywaddles Jun 17 @ 7:56am 
I have a simple question, if I place a building as a procedural object, would it take up more memory than a regular building? I need to know because this mod sounds awesome, but my computer is not that good. Thanks in advance!
mjm92150 Jun 8 @ 8:24am 
@ythdelmar : I am on Mac and is working without any problem. Have fun !
ythdelmar Jun 8 @ 7:03am 
Does this work on Mac? I subscribed to this mod; however, arrow keys aren't working, the object doesn't move at all, and I can't move objects up and down since there's is no page up/down keys on Mac.
Seizheurdumat May 30 @ 1:20am 
Hi Simon, how many procedurals object can i have without problems on one city ? No limits, 10000, 5000 ?
Brandon May 26 @ 4:36pm 
Thanks I have since tested it... yeah it works great, I've shrunken down the Parklife DLC clock tower for a university campus, --- what a magnificent mod! I think the problem is the Snowfall unique buildings unlocker for non snow maps, also will you make a video on how to use/ make custom sign procedural objects? :)
Simon Ryr  [author] May 26 @ 1:57pm 
@Brandon : It is compatible with 1.10
Brandon May 26 @ 11:16am 
is this compatable with 1.10 Park Life?? having issues loading the game everything flickers