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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:45am 

Prepare.... for.... heavy... wall of text!

Finally, we're happy to announce that we've managed to get modtools up and running. We'd like you to report things that may be broken and/or entirely missing. We do have some idea on what you might want to do, but obviously we couldn't possibly come up with all your possible ideas, so if something is unchangeable tell us, we'll see into it and give a reply.

Since there aren't many UE4 modding games out there yet, I've decided to make for you a very thorough tutorial as to how to make it all work from the eternal nothingness up to the point where you're rolling high in Asgard. ANY and I mean ANY suggestions highly appreciated and welcomed. Including the process of cooking and uploading. We can't change everything, but we'll consider. We also want it to be easy to use.

Using ANY mod blocks your ability to unlock achievements (except the play-time one) and blocks ladders. We went this way since allowing you to make your own maps would result in making a map that upon launch unlocks all achievements. Sooner or later someone would do that (shame on those) and others would use it (shame on those too) so we've blocked everything. That way, those who earned the achievements properly can feel safe.

An important note, is that in order to comfortably use the HatredEditor your PC needs to be high-end. The fact that you can run the game doesn't mean that you will run the Editor just as fine. Game Editors are supposed to be run by powerful PC's and there isn't much we can do about it. The recommendation below is my personal opinion based on how the editor behaved while I was working on the game. 'Speaking from experience you're never wrong' ;) Below I also give you several useful links:

UE4 Documentation[docs.unrealengine.com]
UE4 Wiki[wiki.unrealengine.com]
UE4 Answer Hub[answers.unrealengine.com]
UE4 Forums[forums.unrealengine.com]
Destructive Creations Forum - Hatred Modding Board[forums.destructivecreations.pl]

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:45am 
Hardware & software requirements

Operating System
If the game runs on your system, the editor will also run. Please note however, that the Hatred Editor will not run on Linux. We're close to getting the game run there, but the editor is a whole lot bigger scale issue and we are not doing it. The decision has been made and I very highly doubt, that it will change. Therefore, you can only make your mods using Windows. Alternatively you may try emulating the environment using 3rd party software, but we're not giving any guarantees that it will work.

Other software
There are several other SDK's that are needed, however Epic was kind enough to make their own redist, therefore all you need to install we've provided with the Editor. Just launch Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe (or *.msi if you prefer). There are 32bit versions, but don't get your hopes up, it won't work. At the very least, not easily.

At the very least 8GB of RAM. By just launching the editor (including the recompile of shaders at first run) it takes me 6.65 GB. Regular launch is 2.8GB. With each next asset loaded that number is only going to go up, not down. 16GB is prefferred. I'm working with 32GB and I do get up to 24 - 28 GB usage during several hours of work. You can mitigate that by closing and reopening the editor again once you reach your RAM limit.You may also want to reopen the editor before cooking if you're low on RAM, since that process takes up memory as well. As it proved out after testing, working with 8GB RAM is doable, although I still advise having more.

At the first time you launch the editor, it will have to recompile all the existing shaders in game. There are several thousands of them. The ShaderCompiler.exe will be launched as many times as your system allows it to, one for each free core that the Editor receives from the system. On my i7-4790K it takes about 5 minutes while having no other application launched. This task is very CPU intense and it may last much longer. To make sure that the editor did not freeze, simply open task manager and watch the shader compiler tasks. If they're there and doing something, it means it's ok. They may lower to 0% CPU usage from time to time when the Editor prepares the data for compilation. After that the CPU requirements are still high, but any decent 4-core processor will do. Never tested on dual cores, feel free to comment on how it works, so I may modify this post for future users.

This is where you will feel the difference during most of the time spent on making map (unless you have no RAM and your system goes to HDD for everything, that is). I'm working on GTX 970 and it's 'good'. It's not 60fps 24/7. Editor renders tons of stuff on top of everything else that is on the map. Things are heavy. I often get 20-25 fps during in-editor session when testing stuff, but I always play on Ultra. I've decided to share with you some of things we've come up with to help mitigate that issue. It's at the bottom of this guide in the 'Tips' section.

The faster the better, requires at the very least 35GB of space for the editor. Then each cooked mod you decide to store on your HDD obviously takes up space as well. Size of the mods depends on how much you change, the engine does dif check on the build to not make it as big as the whole game.

Should you encounter any, feel free to mail them to us. We do not have a crash-reporter done for the Editor, similarly to what we've added to the game, therefore you will see the Epic's crash report window. I think it'd be fine to send those crashes to Epic as well, but it's your choice what you'll do.

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:46am 
How to get your hands on the editor

  1. Register on GitHub[github.com]
  2. Register on unrealengine[www.unrealengine.com]
  3. Add your github account name to your profile on unrealengine and go through the e-mail confirmation step that Epic requires[www.unrealengine.com]
  4. Go to steam and download our Editor content. Please keep the directory as short as possible (eg. D:\HatredEd)
  5. Now you have 2 options. Either launch the editor, give it the login (or e-mail) and password for your github account (optionally allow it to be stored) and everything will be downloaded automatically after a while OR do it manually:
  6. Download the *.exes from here[github.com]. If you have any problem with this step, look here.
  7. Paste the stuff you downloaded from GitHub into the Steam directory of Hatred Editor, merging the folders.
  8. English only. I mean you can change the language of the base editor (Epic has many translations), but we did not translate our options. So you can only partially translate it. I'd advise to not do it, since it's going to be much harder for you to get answers to your questions, since all the pages about UE4 are mostly in english. Much easier to communicate if you all use the same terms and don't have to come up with your translations back to english in order to explain what is it you want to do.
  9. Why didn't we just upload everything to steam and get it done with 1 button? We're using Epic's software - Unreal Engine 4, which means they're the boss when it comes to their software and these are their rules. Between this or no mods the choice was obvious. At least we could create an app for you to do it automatically. It will keep updating the GitHub content when needed upon launching the Editor.

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:46am 
Mod window explained

Left side - list of mods (and their maps with _P at the end) that are detected and can be cooked. An important note - only Persistent levels should be cooked, if you do stream other sub-levels in and out then make sure that the main one has _P at the end of it, similarly to how our campaign maps are done. So name your level MyMap_P and then go for MyMap_Barracks, MyMap_Church and so on if your map is so big that it needs streaming to work well on people's PC's. Not gonna explain streaming here, check documentation, this is big enough already.

Create a New Mod - button you press to make a mod. If you're making Total Conversion then it does not matter when you press that button (can be at the end, when everything works as you want), but if you're making a Map Pack then you need to press this button before you do anything. This creates the required directory that you place your stuff into (see this post for details). The directory is also created when you do Total Conversion but do not use it in that case, the content from there will not be cooked.

Refresh - refreshes the list of maps that were found and cook-able, meaning with _P at the end of name. Useful when adding new maps / renaming old ones. Forced before cooking.

Save - saves the current settings like title, visibility and map friendly name as well as the list of maps for the given Map Pack.

Mod URL - link to steam workshop page of this mod, if already uploaded

Map friendly name - allows you to change the displayed map name, so instead of "MyMap_001_P", you can have the map display itself as "SuperMassacre". Much easier to read and find, although the real map will remain unchanged. This is display-only.

Cook Map Pack - to cook a Map Pack you must have a Map Pack with a map file. There is no point in making a Map Pack without any map to use the content you've created on. More info about cooking here.

Cook Total Conversion - no requirements. Cooks everything. More info about cooking here.

Cook Linux too - if checked will also cook a version for linux, so the same mod will work for both platforms. This makes the cooking process last twice the time (approximately), so for your own testing it's advised to turn this off so you can iterate faster. Please note however, that in order to upload something the mod must be cooked with Linux.

Preview Image - JPG, PNG or GIF. 1MB tops. It's the image that will be displayed next to Mod name on the workshop. You have to choose an image, because there is no other way to upload it.

Title - this is the actual title that the mod will get and display. The previous one was needed to create the plugin directory which in turn defines mod files names. If you choose those 2 different, nothing bad happens, simply the files on your HDD will not be named the same as the mod name on Steam Workshop. The first name is simply for you to determine what are you working on. Keeping them the same for simplicity is however advised.

Visibility - who has access (is allowed to subscribe) to this mod. Keep in mind that regardless of what you set here, moderators can see the Map Pack and should it violate EULA, it will be removed even if private.

Upload - press this after cooking was successful if you wish to upload your mod to the Steam Workshop.

Copy Mod to Hatred mod directory - allows you to quickly and easily copy the cooked mod to any folder you wish. We added it because if you show a folder where your steam mods for Hatred should go then you can copy cooked stuff to the game locally with 1 click and test it right away. The path you choose for the first time is saved in
If you want to choose another path, simply delete the file and the popup will ask you again to choose a different directory.

Mod ID - allows you to choose under what Mod ID upload the currently chosen mod. Helps when deleting mods or when something goes wrong. The editor automatically detects what mod you're cooking and will properly reupload it to steam if you uploaded it before. You can tell if it's ok by clicking the link next to 'Mod URL:'. If it's missing then it will be uploaded as a new mod, if it's broken and links to wrong mod, just use this override and tell us what you did to break it.

That little checkbox in the bottom right corner - turns auto scrolling of the status log on or off. If you have a warning there, turn the scrolling off so you can easily navigate to it and not have to fight the scrolling.

If something is not yet obvious, read this one before asking questions please.

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:46am 
How to cook (package) and upload your mod

There are 2 ways to make a mod. One is called Total Conversion, the second one is a Map Pack. From now on I'll call Total Conversion TC for simplicity. TC is a simple recook of the game with your changes. You can change whatever, wherever and it will be detected without any special requirements. It will override everything once done and downloaded by someone else. Thing is, only one TC is allowed to exist with the game. Using this to create your mod, the person that downloads it will be unable to use ANY other mod. Worth noting, that each TC mod has it's own, separate savegame.

Map Packs allow people to have more than one running. They are a bit trickier to do properly though. TC will allow you to do mess everywhere without worrying about anything, Map Pack requires that you put everything you want to have in the mod in a special place.To be able to see it you have to enable visibility of Plugin Content (we've made it visible by default for you, but should you have problems, I'm posting it anyway):


Which one to choose? If you want others to have modified campaign, you must use TC. If you're fine with having your modified campaign map as a separate map that has to be launched from 'User Content' menu - then Map Pack is fine. And since you can make your own gametypes, weapons and so on, you can have it used on that map. But not on the actual campaign map. That's their drawback. Running as a woman with new weapons and animations in Home map launched from 'Play Level' menu -> TC only. Having the same on a map called 'Home' launched from user content - Map Pack is good to go.

Since apparently this part was not clear enough after initial testing, and there were many other questions I've decided to create a FAQ. Here is the relevant stuff. You got more questions then ask, I'll add those that are not answered yet.

Also, since TC takes everything and cooks everything, if you want to make 2 separate TC mods, you have to be able to revert your modifications back to their original state before cooking the second one. Either keep a copy of the editor somewhere and paste the stuff back once done, make yourself a local repository (Tortoise svn / Git) or just delete local files and re-download the editor. Otherwise you will cook the 2nd TC as the first mod you made + the second one, instead of just the second one.

Step by step:

  1. Open the editor and click the 'Hatred Mod Tool' button - Explanation of this window is here
  2. Accept the EULA (yes, THAT one). I also included a lot about this EULA you have to agree to, so please, if you don't want to read whole EULA at least read what I'm writing for you and putting my time into. You're not gonna get any shorter TL;DR version, but developers rarely ever translate EULA's for their users. Hope you'll appreciate that.
  3. Press 'Create a New Mod' button at the bottom left corner of the window
  4. Type in your mod name
  5. You will need to restart the editor (it will happen automatically once you close the popup)
  6. Make your mod
  7. Make sure you save all the changes you want to make - the editor during PIE session will pick up unsaved changes and apply them, the cooker won't
  8. Press 'Cook Total Conversion' (or 'Cook Map Pack' if you want to make a Map Pack)
  9. Sleep() -> Delay( CookLinuxToo ? Rand(1h,2h) : Rand(30min,1h) ) -> Wake()
  10. If everything went fine and you have it cooked find that window and press OK. Sometimes it likes to hide on other monitors, make a little search if need be ;P


  11. Upload. Now's the tricky part. Theoretically you only press 1 button and everything works. To upload mods we're using SteamCmd (that allows us to not worry about mod size since it's not limited when the mod is uploaded this way). Thing is, you have to login to your steam through that console window that pops up when you press upload. If you're connected to steam anywhere else, it will disconnect you, requiring a relog (after the upload is done) to get Steam back to working state. There you have to type in your login and password so the mod can be actually uploaded under your name. We're saving the password only if you so choose. We're really not doing anything with those passwords, but it's your choice if at this point you decide you're not going to make any mods because of it. You may also decide to make them, but not upload here.
  12. It will ask you for a login code, just like when you log to steam from a different PC, it sends an e-mail. For those not oriented in cmd windows, to paste stuff into the window you right click the top window bar and choose 'Edit->Paste'


    A while later it should look like this:


  13. If you cannot force the console window to show on Windows, you can press Windows Key + D (twice, second time after a small delay) and it should work this time. This is a general hint with cmd's, they sometimes tend to get stuck.
  14. If you launched the editor with -log console command, the whole SteamCMD window may be launched in the regular log window
  15. If you want to make your mod public, you have to agree to Steam Workshop Agreement. If you don't, you can still share your mod with friends or keep it private. You also have to cook with linux, if you want to make it public.
  16. Once you subscribe to a mod through steam workshop, the game will download the required files. If you want to use them, make sure you download them before you launch the game.

Should you encounter any errors during cooking it means that you've broken something so bad that the game won't run without it being fixed. You get a line in red that tells you stuff. You can either search for it on Epic's AnswerHub[answers.unrealengine.com], Epic's Unreal Engine Forums[forums.unrealengine.com], or ask people on these forums.

We'll try our best to reply, but there are other things we have to do during our work time, and we'd also like to do other things than work. I'll personally help much more during the first weeks, less later, hoping for you guys to help each other. Please do not mail us with these issues. Our inbox is already heavily spammed and we hate ignoring people, but if we don't do that, we won't be able to work, reading e-mails whole day long. Hope you understand.

Also, there are warnings by default, ignore them. These are false positives or things that the cooker can deal with himself. A good tip: test your mod A LOT before making it public and pay attention to comments on it once you do, since it may break here or there. Things rarely work as expected the first time you make them.

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:46am 
How to run a mod after downloading

Quite simple, really. First and foremost, make sure that the download has finished before launching the game. Obviously, you need to subscribe to the mod for the download to begin through Steam Workshop, but there's nothing special about that step, it works the same as any other game with workshop.

Go to 'User Content' from main menu, then depending on what kind of mod you have downloaded, choose the appropriate menu. Again, you can only have one TC mod running at any time and it blocks all the others, including Map Packs.

Then, choose which mod you want. If it's a TC, you will only be able to see mod name, that was typed in the window where the mod was cooked. If it's a Map Pack, you will also see all the maps available for the selected mod within the right pane. They will either display their true name or 'Map Friendly Name' if it was typed in for this map before cooking.

After choosing a mod the game will restart. Once restarted your achievement progress (except play-time) and leaderboards will be blocked. Read this for more info as to why.

The currently running mod (or mods) has a green tick next to it on the list. Should there be a red cross, it means that the mod is not compatible with the current game version. That may happen when something goes terribly wrong, or when we patch the game changing something that may break older mods. We'll try to avoid that, but we're prepared for the possibility.

Enjoy the game.

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:46am 

There are obvious cases (Trademarks and Copyrights for example), but those that are not-so-obvious:
  1. Non-commercial only
  2. No *.exe file modifications
  3. Custom Game Materials cannot contain: libelous, defamatory or other illegal materials; they cannot contain forbidden symbols such as the swastika, and other symbols considered as generally forbidden - they cannot contain materials that are scandalous such as sexual images or references to sexual acts (with minors, animals, ♥♥♥♥, and other); they cannot incite racial or religious hatred and violence or generally they cannot spark a negative reaction in certain demographics and go beyond what is accepted in civilized communities. Those restrictions also refer to the multi-cultural character of the gaming/modding community that will mostly not accept any kind of forbidden materials.
  4. Cannot in any way depict and refer in any way to real events known widely from history or from any other actual events, such as: war and other armed conflicts, racial and religious hatred and violence, natural and unnatural disasters, mass bombings and mass shootings, terrorist attacks, suicidal terrorist attacks, political events and assassinations, tragic events connected with murderers (no matter if serial or not), sexual or racial abuse, and any events that remained as a tragic mark in the lives of various communities. No, disclaimer won't help.
  5. Really, you can't legally make a 9/11 map, an 'every victim is a woman' map, and so on
  6. Cannot depict a real person legally without obtaining permission first
  7. If you're under 18 you can't even launch it legally, the same as the game.
  8. All the custom stuff you do you have to take the credit for - this is satisfied when uploading the mod with your account
  9. Steam and Steam Workshop EULA's obviously add on top of that
  10. And much more (possibly country or industry laws, I'm not a lawyer so can't say for sure)

Since Steam's EULA is big, I decided to read it through and put the relevant part here, for your convenience. This is the current version as of 26.01.2016 (it may obviously change as the time goes):


A. General Provisions

"User Generated Content" means any content you make available to other users through your use of multi-user features of Steam, or to Valve or its affiliates through your use of the Content and Services or otherwise.

You grant Valve and its affiliates the worldwide, non-exclusive, right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, transcode, translate, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and publicly perform, your User Generated Content, and derivative works of your User Generated Content, in connection with the operation and promotion of the Steam site. This license is granted to Valve for the entire duration of the intellectual property rights and may be terminated if Valve is in breach of the license and has not cured such breach within fourteen (14) days from receiving notice from you sent to the attention of the Valve Legal Department at the applicable Valve address noted on this Privacy Policy page. The termination of said license does not affect the rights of any sub-licensees pursuant to any sub-license granted by Valve prior to termination of the license. Valve is the sole owner of the derivative works created by Valve from your Content, and is therefore entitled to grant licenses on these derivative works. If you use Valve cloud storage, you grant us a license to store your information as part of that service. Valve may place limits on the amount of storage you may use.

If you provide Valve with any feedback or suggestions about Steam, the Content and Services, or any Valve products or services, Valve is free to use the feedback or suggestions however it chooses, without any obligation to account to you.

B. Content Uploaded to the Steam Workshop

Some games or applications available on Steam ("Workshop-Enabled Apps") allow you to create User Generated Content based on or using the Workshop-Enabled App, and to submit that User Generated Content (a “Workshop Contribution”) to one or more Steam Workshop web pages. Workshop Contributions can be viewed by the Steam community, and for some categories of Workshop Contributions users may be able to interact with, download or purchase the Workshop Contribution. In some cases, Workshop Contributions may be considered for incorporation by Valve or a third-party developer into a game or into a Subscription Marketplace.

You understand and agree that Valve is not obligated to use, distribute, or continue to distribute copies of any Workshop Contribution and reserves the right, but not the obligation, to restrict or remove Workshop Contributions for any reason.

Specific Workshop-Enabled Apps or Workshop web pages may contain special terms (“App-Specific Terms”) that supplement or change the terms set out in this Section. In particular, where Workshop Contributions are distributed for a fee, App-Specific Terms will address how revenue may be shared. Unless otherwise specified in App-Specific Terms (if any), the following general rules apply to Workshop Contributions.

  • Workshop Contributions are Subscriptions, and therefore you agree that any Subscriber receiving distribution of your Workshop Contribution will have the same rights to use your Workshop Contribution (and will be subject to the same restrictions) as are set out in this Agreement for any other Subscriptions.
  • Notwithstanding the license described in Section 6.A., Valve will only have the right to modify or create derivative works from your Workshop Contribution in the following cases: (a) Valve may make modifications necessary to make your Contribution compatible with Steam and the Workshop functionality or user interface, and (b) Valve or the applicable developer may make modifications to Workshop Contributions that are accepted for in-Application distribution as it deems necessary or desirable to enhance gameplay.
  • You may, in your sole discretion, choose to remove a Workshop Contribution from the applicable Workshop pages. If you do so, Valve will no longer have the right to use, distribute, transmit, communicate, publicly display or publicly perform the Workshop Contribution, except that (a) Valve may continue to exercise these rights for any Workshop Contribution that is accepted for distribution in-game or distributed in a manner that allows it to be used in-game, and (b) your removal will not affect the rights of any Subscriber who has already obtained access to a copy of the Workshop Contribution.

Except where otherwise provided in App-Specific Terms, you agree that Valve’s consideration of your Workshop Contribution is your full compensation, and you are not entitled to any other rights or compensation in connection with the rights granted to Valve and to other Subscribers.

Furthermore, we are obligated to immediately remove any mods violating any of these rules (including the ones I did not type in here for you and are in the EULA). Thing is, we're not only supposed to react to reported ones, we're supposed to track them down individually and remove. We'll have some Steam guys to help us with that I believe (but may be wrong on this one). So please, if you like us, do not upload such mods on Steam. We'd be really grateful if we didn't have to waste hours each day checking new mods against each of those rules. And no, private upload does not mean that moderators can't see it. We'll still have to track private ones I'm afraid.

I suggest you read that one, it's only 4 A4 pages with '10' size font. Might be worth the time ;) And our's special ;)

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:47am 

  1. It's much easier to work with at least 2 monitors. There's a lot of information that you often need to look for and it's really impossible to fit it all on 1 monitor and have a viewport there, to see how your map looks. Unless your monitor is a TV.
  2. If your performance is low you can swap into Unlit Mode (you will see everything how it looks without any lights and shadows calculations, but it's gonna be much faster). By default you achieve this by pressing Alt+3 while having focus on the viewport window.
  3. If your performance is still low, you can disable RealTime - the Editor will update stuff only when you move the camera, giving a performance boost when navigating through UI or content. Default it's CTRL+R, but check whether it's already on or OFF.
  4. If you want to have higher performance and less hitches while playing in-editor session, it is a good idea to minimize all the other Editor windows (Levels / Layers / World outliner) to reduce the overhead. World outliner on big levels is particularly nasty and can give you even 20FPS boost once minimized.
  5. There's tons of options in the editor preferences, including being able to rebind just about anything. It's very nice of Epic to do that, feel free to bind actions that you use the most for ease of use. You don't need to fight it. Except when it crashes, that is ;)
  6. Should you encounter any problems, feel free to ask on these boards. I'll gladly help, but keep in mind that theres a lot of you, and only so many of us. And we're still working on next projects and patches for Hatred.
  7. For offline, ease of use and testing purposes - after cooking the mod check the "Hatred\Plugins\YOUR_MOD_NAME_WITH_SEEMINGLY_RANDOM_CHARS\ReadyToUpload\" directory. There are 2 (or 3 if you cooked linux) files you actually need to run the mod. You can copy them and paste them over to "Steam\steamapps\common\Hatred\Hatred\Content\Paks\Mods" directory. No need to wait for upload while creating your mod and testing it. Each mod consists of 2 (or 3) files. You can also use 'Copy mod to Hatred mods directory' button, choose proper directory and it will do it with 1 click each next time for you. You may have a mod both downloaded through Steam Workshop and locally copied. Local mods are marked with 'L: ' before their name when displayed in menu, so you know which one you're launching.
  8. Cooker creates 2 directories - one for latest TC, one for latest Map Pack. Thanks to that, cooking the same mod again is considerably sped up, because it's only a dif build. However if you cook another mod, the folder will get cleared and the build time goes back to the longer version. Therefore it's faster to reiterate the same mod over and over again and then start new one, instead of jumping between mods. You will save time on packaging.
  9. Each TC has it's own savegame. If you want to have your progress unlocked while running TC, you have to go to your savegames folder in steam files, copy your original savegame and rename the copy exactly as the savegame that TC created is. It will work.

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DC_vipeout  [developer] 3 Feb 8, 2016 @ 3:47am 
End Notes

  1. Everything I have written in this and other threads is based on my personal opinion and knowledge either gained myself or through asking questions here and there. Whether any part of it is an official statement I do not know, am not certain, nor care at this time.
  2. Which translated to non-law-bs language - I am a human being and may be wrong.
  3. Therefore, please do not jump right at me if something does not work exactly as I have said. I'll gladly correct any mistakes I have made in this thread. Feel free to point them.
  4. I'll make sure that both Steam and our forum versions are the same.
  5. Everyone on the team is greatly thankful for the help we've received during testing this patch. It's been a tough and demanding one, with engine update giving us another considerable performance boost and the mod support. We're also in progress of making the linux version a reality. For obvious reasons we did not want to make it even harder by trying to push multiplayer into the equation.
  6. I will not list nicks of the players that helped us, because #1 - I think they did not do it in order to epeen in front of the others, and #2 - because I do not want to risk omitting someone. They know we'll remember ;)
  7. I'm thinking of doing the next testing round, assuming one would be as heavy, using something else than forum.
  8. We'd also like to thank the people over steam that decided to report bugs and post their feedback. I do realize you'd like us to show up there more, but I believe our actions speak loud enough. I know that some issues and suggestions were ignored, but believe it or not - we're reading it. We simply cannot do everything. Hopefully now you can make what you always wanted to have in the game.
  9. I know you have waited pretty long for this. Honestly, I'm surprised how few e-mails of 'Are we there yet?' we've received. Thank you for the patience. I seriously hope you're gonna enjoy it since we've put a lot of time and work into this, having other things to worry about as well. And writing this.
  10. I do realize that my English skill is far from ideal, but I honestly hope that this is at least readable. If some parts are hard to understand, confusing, or incredibly nasty and bad spelled, inform me please.
  11. Now's your turn to get to work! ^^

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