I'm working for Destructive Creations team, originally a Level and Game Designer, currently a Programmer. While the build compiles I'm playing Community Manager as well ^^

If you're writing at support@destructivecreations.pl with any issues, huge chances are that I'm the one replying ;)
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Hunter Woods Nov 1 @ 4:34am 
Please dude make a Hatred mod Coop pleaseeeee
DC_vipeout Oct 28 @ 11:14pm 
We're brutally honest to each other, to the point of being mean :)
frankarules Oct 28 @ 9:46pm 
so hows it like working at Destructive creations
DC_vipeout Jul 25 @ 12:27am 
No problem. Glad I could help ;)
Angaelius Jul 25 @ 12:18am 
Awesome, done. Installing now. Thanks for the really fast assistance.
DC_vipeout Jul 24 @ 11:46pm 
The only way to get Hatred in a banned country is through our store. We've checked the page, something was off (some domains did not link to the final URl properly). Check out this link: https://store.destructivecreations.pl/