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Mod Update #8
  • HatredGameInstance::UserFOV(default 90.f), InvertMouseY(default false), these properties are saved in config files and the game will remember them between runs.
  • AHatredWeapon::MuzzleFX -exposed to BP as BlueprintReadWrite, it can be changed in runtime.

Mod Update #7
  • added function AHatredGameInstance::EnableHidingSystem(bool bFlag) - simply enabling/disabling hiding system
  • added UHatredGameInstance::MouseSensitivityScale property
  • changed grenade throwing in FPS mode, added function AHeroCharacterController::SetGrenadeForce(float force)
  • added ShootingDistanceScale & BulletDistanceScale property to scale AI weapon range & bullet trace distance
  • added function UPlayerInput::ModifyActionScale to modify input action scale
  • added OnSelectWeapon & OnPickWeapon event
  • added events OnMouseX, OnMouseY to deliver input to driver when player is in VehicleMapRange
  • TurretBoneRotation & MountPointRotation exposed as ReadWrite for BP
  • added OnVestPicked BP event
  • added fuction to play Hit animations from BP AHatredBaseCharacter::ForceTryPlayHit(EAnimationClassification::Type HitAnimationClassification, FVector& CauserLoc)
  • changed pickup icon display, icons are now scaled by distance in FPS mode
  • UHatredCharacterMovementComponent::JumpOverObstacleVelSQNeededTojump exposed to BP
  • pickup icons property HatredHUD::PickupFPSMinSize exposed to BP