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Portal 2

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My SP tests...
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Created by wildgoosespeeder
First test chamber I have ever created. Really this was just messing around with the editor to get a feel for it before I go advanced (if I can think with Portals, that is).

This is a short puzzle. Some reaction time required but not too difficult. Insp...
Created by wildgoosespeeder
My second test chamber. No bugs as far as I can tell...

Medium difficulty.

Initial release.

Updated to increase challenge in certain areas. Still doable, however. Still medium difficulty....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Third test chamber.

Medium difficulty.

Initial release.

Made it a little harder.
Made it a little more interesting in design instead of having a "big-box" look. Also this improves framerate slightly on lower-end machines....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Gel technique.

I really playtested this test chamber thoroughly and think I found most of the possible exploits. Please let me know if there are any missed exploits in this map! Akso please let me know if there are any problem areas!

Medium difficulty....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Now not so much of an activator light nightmare! Please let me know of any alternative solutions.

Medium difficulty, but beefed up the difficulty to fix an exploit....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Just testing a concept with a game-breaking gel. Medium difficulty.

I really tested this test and I hope I got every exploit. Please let me know of any exploits I missed, especially with Conversion Gel. That gel could break this chamber's intended solutio...
Created by wildgoosespeeder
WARNING: MAY CAUSE FRUSTRATION. Just keep trying if you know what to do. Using the PeTI editor does have its limits.

Medium-hard difficulty.

I have been wanting to fix an exploit in this map for a long time and I wasn't sure the best way to do i...
Second Attempt (First Attempt Remix)
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Credit for the idea goes to Remconieuw. Remixed to convey a different direction of the original idea.

I really like his original map.

Created by wildgoosespeeder
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Easy puzzle that is a new way to apply gel....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Trying out a new idea. Let me know what you think. Medium in difficulty.

Recent discovery (August 6, 2014 find; July 17, 2012 make):
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Another easy puzzle. May need to be pixel perfect. I can't help it because the in-game editor is limited and I do not wish to learn Hammer to correct it....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Heh...trying some new things. Basically ideas I couldn't make a bigger puzzle out of or find a more complex use.

Mevious playthrough at 40:00....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
"Impossible, um, as it is to imagine, but there is a solution devilishly hidden." - Wheatley

This chamber is solvable. When in doubt, do it anyway. Just be careful with every move you make. I'd like to see blind runs just to see what people do.

It ma...
Created by wildgoosespeeder
If you think this puzzle may be a bit "picky" at times, that's because it is. I tried everything to make it play smooth. You may even die in the process of solving. If you have a suggestion to make it better, voice it. I'm open to suggestions that aren't H...
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Small, effective, and easy. Adopted from
rares98_pri's map:


Mevious playthrough at 0:00....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Laser and light bridge ideas. Last laser activation can be finicky. Aim center as close as possible. I have no control over that unless I go Hammer.

I took the idea from UFS FrostGiant's "Laser Potential" and extended:
Created by wildgoosespeeder
For "Six Connections" competition:

Based on "1st Map Milo" but with improvements and my own twist to it:
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Biweekly #20:

Try to exploit it. I want to get all the bugs out while still valid for the competition. I think it is using 15 items or less and 20 light strips or les...
Confused (WGS Edit)
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Advanced version of Jotta's "Confused":


A few things have been added, moved around, replaced, or deleted. If these changes end up being exploitive, let me know!

Thanks f...
Reversal V2
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Remade newt0570's chamber to fix problems with the original and enhance it.

Pretty much exploit-free, unless someone finds something I missed...

Created by wildgoosespeeder
My WIP. Just don't screw up! Spin-off idea based on an exploit I found of Goose's Toggle Hall (WIP):

That is a trippy effect......
Created by wildgoosespeeder
A mainly gel puzzle with no cubes. Are you gellin'? Report exploits and what-not. Remember that pressing the crouch button will nullify the Repulsion Gel's auto-bouncing effects. I spent way too much time on this one. I just kept pushing and pushing......
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Inspired by Atmosphere by Младенец. Reworked to use an unusual technique with the cube and excursion funnel.

Created by wildgoosespeeder
For P2LC Challenge:

Let the exploit testing begin! Don't know why I named it that. I just did.

Thanks to Prototype extensively testing my chamber for exploits and ...