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ARK: Survival Evolved

Skies of Nazca
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phill6689 Sep 19 @ 10:16am 
has anyone found any Beaver dens on this map yet?
Spirit3057 Sep 14 @ 8:09am 
@TheAlchemist-- I logged into Nazka(solo version) after a bit of a long loading time and started exploring. I landed in The Bayou area and seen redwood trees on my side of river and ice covered rocks/hills on other side of river. Also a bit cold for a bayou area. As i was exploring i came across a vanishing rock at 52.9,65.2. It was a moss covered rock jutting into water.As i crested the rock it vanished at 53.4,64.6.I was basically floating above the water until i crossed down the vanished rock and landed in the water(very cold). I made my way to shore(under the rock a lot) and finally got on solid ground. As i looked for the moss covered rock it was gone. I approached where i thought it was whem it popped in. Not sure what was going on but very strange.Nice scenes from what i explored tho.
Spirit3057 Sep 14 @ 8:01am 
@Aegis- I just logged for first time on this map and while it did take a long time i landed with no poroblem. It was a solo game so not sure if there is a difference with servers. As a desperate fix, you might unscribe from this map,exit Ark, find the 3 files(solo Game) or whatever a server has and delete them. Then resubscribe to Nazka. Maybe a corrupted version was dl to your server.
Sutha Sep 14 @ 7:24am 
@Aegi - Snapshot is tricky. Been trying to figure it out for a while. It isn't really the map. I have it with a variety of maps and my brother will be playing the same server plus same map and not have an issue at all. Some people have had success in deleting the profile. I had that success with one map but not the others. There's really no tried and true fix I'm afraid ( That has worked for me anyways).
aegisomega Sep 14 @ 6:50am 
Sadly, I must report that I am still having issues with this map on my server. Same as Fruitytoast below. Loads to Snapshot 16, then I get kicked. My fiancee has the same issue. Just a heads up, I know you are busy.
Fruitytoast Sep 14 @ 1:18am 
Having issues with this map on my server. Loads till the final stage then times out. Had to switch to a different map :( had others test and they experienced the same issue.
rpicardi1 Sep 11 @ 7:01pm 
With the September 11 update I am suddenly missing all the bushes in the area I am camped in including the ones I left in the dino pen. Near the spawn point 48-55. I have to go a long ways to the South before they show up. I noticed that a large rock near where the raft was parked is also gone. (Not the Rock Golem that is further down the beach where all the Carnos are showing up.) The updates before that added a bunch of rock outcroppings at the water with oil, crystal, metal. Nice to get them easily. If you get too close to the cliff, you get teleported to the top of the cliff. I'll have to cheat in a GPS to pin those down. I have 32G of system ram and a GTX 1070.
🦖ℝ𝟜ℤℤ🦕 Sep 10 @ 1:07pm 
is thios map still having loading isusse? were wanting to move our server to this map but dont want to waste time if its not working
Beetho Sep 8 @ 4:46pm 
@Shepard I dont think they are broken, i think they are not implemented yet. In any case i think they are non functional. Last time i try the map they send you nowere, you die instantlly.
Shepard Sep 8 @ 6:21am 
Hello, are the Boss Arenas still broken? I can see there is a post about this from about a year ago, did you forget to remove it?
Josey Wales Sep 7 @ 9:49am 
Are there no griffin spawns? we loaded the map and can't even admin spawn in griffins? is that intentional?
Unpixelled Sep 7 @ 8:54am 
How did you create the floating rock swirl?
Saaglem Sep 6 @ 1:30pm 
skiesofnazca can try either
Saaglem Sep 6 @ 1:30pm 
KradMoonRA Sep 6 @ 10:39am 
Nice work, What is the Map Name ? For server startup
Beetho Sep 5 @ 3:47pm 
Thanks :)
TheAlchemist  [author] Sep 4 @ 10:25pm 
Updated...this should help out a few people. I noticed a dramatic improvement on my work PC which is weak as hell.
SirG Sep 3 @ 1:10am 
Really like this map, however we have 1 computer that is experiencing a hang on the loading of Snapshot_16 and it freezes and they get a "Server Timed Out" Message. Any advice on this would be great!
Otherwise stellar map!
🦖ℝ𝟜ℤℤ🦕 Sep 1 @ 6:39pm 
are people still having issues with timing out? we sadly have to switch our map crom crystal isles and was looking in to this one
MuM Aug 28 @ 1:21pm 
same problem, cannot login to server with this map. load time takes very long and ends with lost connection to server.
GummiBear Aug 27 @ 11:27pm 
Rather disappointed. Found a new favorite map that I cannot even play on! Since this last update myself and many of my fellow servermates cannot load into the server. Load all the way in get to the Final Loading Screen aaaaaand auto time out. Issue was not accuring before the update? loading into single player with only the map does not fix the issue either. Rather bummed as this map was developing into a beautiful fantastical world to build on. Please help this to be noticed and fixed soon! WAs rather looking forward to spending my day off exploring the nooks and crannies of this map and its amazing detail.
UNSC Trek Aug 27 @ 11:04pm 
I"m sorry to report, that ever since this latest update, I can't even load into my server with this map. It takes Sooo long to load, I get auto booted every time. Even with NO other mods, I can't even get connected. I've had 2 others test this too. Private sessions take 20 mins to load. I'm running on an 8 core 4GHZ cpu with 24 gb RAM, and a 500GB ssd.
Not sure why this update made it so impossible to load, but.... please help us fix this.
I have 7 people who can't load into the server and play right now.
Redroostah Aug 27 @ 10:17pm 
This map is UH-Mazing.... when I can load it on the server. We host on Nitrado and this map crashes on load 1 in 15 times. The only way to stabalize it is to restart the server each time... I am going to watch this map develop though as it is a nice chunk of work with amazing ideas. Red
TheAlchemist  [author] Aug 27 @ 7:58pm 
Another teeeeny weeeenie update. Optimization of some of the floating islands and Axis Mundi.
Spirit3057 Aug 27 @ 9:09am 
Kepp up the great work @ The Alchemist.
Spirit3057 Aug 27 @ 9:08am 
You do what you can when you can and if anyone does not like that they can find another hastily made map like Ark. Them they can experience all the bugs and problems agin. People. let the modder finish the map before complaing about crashes.
TheAlchemist  [author] Aug 27 @ 8:15am 
Nokosa - I had / have a discord channel but I just do not have time with my day job to go into it and talk to anyone. I work in the games industry during the day as an Executive Producer so my time is real limited on ARK for now. So when I CAN work...I want to work undistrubed so I can get a lot done in a short amount of time

Does that make sense?
TheAlchemist  [author] Aug 27 @ 8:13am 
Another Update has been done. Mt Doom got some work done.
Nokosa Aug 26 @ 6:21am 
@TheAlchemist - I have not played your map yet, but have sunk nearly 9k hours into this game and other mod maps. Your screens look impressive, and I've been subscribed for a while waiting to give it a run. Is there any chance you'd be willing to set up a discord channel so that you can more directly interact with your testers? It would allow you to centralize a single medium for bugs, issues, and current states while gathering actual helpful criticism in a much more convenient manner.
TheAlchemist  [author] Aug 25 @ 9:21pm 
Fast update. first round of optimizations. in test it ran really nice. please let me know if you see a difference.
Enigmic Azn Aug 25 @ 3:32pm 

I apologize if it came across that way, i actually love the modders of this community. It really shows me that the people of the community can unfortunately do a better job than the studio developers lol. I'll definitely do that in the near future since when i was playing, it was happening randomly.

Also @Bovine's point. I think he means in certain areas, there's a huge lack of bushes/plants to collect fiber when you're starting out on the South-East Desert island. Like there are definitely plants on there, its just so few and lacking, especially if you choosed to spawn there starting out.
Merrit Aug 24 @ 7:31am 
Yall can bitch at the map creator to do optimizatoins, when in reality he's the one working with the engine. Tell wildcard to do opts. not mod creators. They wouldn't have to if wildcard did.
DoctorLecooperateur[FR] Aug 24 @ 12:20am 
you build this alone ?????? OMG
TheAlchemist  [author] Aug 23 @ 8:35am 
Enigmic Azn - would you kindly add this to the bugs page if you have not already with location or screenshots. Im going to take a look at this ASAP. Seems pretty severe. I will say I am in the map today and its running great and i've not been warped anywhere. so any help you can give me to let me know where the issues are. I'd appreciate it. Just saying "its bad" doesn't help and sounds more like you are just trying to slam me

Bovine Khan - I see plants everywhere so I am confused at your issue.
Bovine Khan Aug 21 @ 8:57am 
So i just played this map on single player to try it out and is it me, or is the map lacking plants....a LOT.... i mean i had to search far to just find any source of fiber!
Enigmic Azn Aug 17 @ 10:15pm 
After playing this for 2 full days, i can conclude the idea was great but execution was done poorly. There are several areas in-game that teleports you randomly above x amount of feet. There is one area that was really annoying in the island in the center, there is an obnoxious amount of trees that look like the creator just put them to make it not look barren. Walking through it on anything short of a Giga and all you see are trees and leaves not to mention FPS drops.

There are some common sense things that probably looked cool in theory but from a player's point of view, just terrible. Thank you for the experience however, i wish you the best on your current project and future games.
Enigmic Azn Aug 16 @ 8:35pm 
Wow first time playing this map. Optimization needs work, i have a 980 ti OC'd and i get between 25-50 FPS depending where i go, no building or dinos tamed yet. The map itself seems badly choiced in certain areas. I'm currently in the desert near the obelisk and there is literally no bushes or anything to get fiber. Also in certain areas, i get glitched and teleported to the top of cliffs.
Beetho Aug 15 @ 5:33pm 
Try this one, is at the begining of the description :p aMAP ID: 720200839
FrAnKy Aug 15 @ 4:34am 
For our server we need the Mod and Map ID but i can't find the mod ID? Anyone knows what it is?
WaKKO151 Aug 8 @ 3:22pm 
Does this have all bosses and ascension? All critters from ab and se? Is this stil being worked on? Really enjoying this map. Jul 25 @ 6:18am 
Hey, I'm trying to host this map to explore it with some friends, when I start it up, it hosts successfully but when I try to connect, the server crashes with a fatal error. I've tried listing the Map name as "Skies of Nazca" in ASM and also as the file directory path to the mod ID folder, neither seem to work, any ideas?
Nightmare Jul 24 @ 4:27pm 
yes, please performance fix. (gtx 1080)
DragenDraconus Jul 24 @ 2:14pm 
Why is this map mod failing all attempts to download and update when starting my server? It was working fine last night, and now I get a map invalid message.
Trilithon Jul 24 @ 8:40am 
This map is beautiful and I would absolutely love to be able to add this on my server for the public to play but I just can't right now. The performance is very bad and the fps in most areas is quite low. This map need some serious optimizations before being a great map. Keep up the good work Alchemist. I really hope you optimize this map to make it run as great as it looks!
Megalithic Jul 23 @ 11:34am 
dose this map run abberation dino's?
Nightmare Jul 21 @ 12:46pm 
Bad performance (gtx 1080ti)... 30 fps...
Wayward_Templar Jul 3 @ 4:31pm 
Good lookin map but man is the optimization poor. It barely runs at 30FPS
Wheat Jun 27 @ 4:39pm 
When I loaded up the map it wouldn't let me spawn in and said that my next respawn was in half an hour. Just me or anyone else having this problem?
Dieu Jun 27 @ 4:30am 
I find your map reaaaally cool. Beautiful biomes. And i want to use it for my serv with my friends.
But when i enter the mod id it say the mod is not uptaded. Im just a D*ck or its normal ?
Help me please...:d2invoker:
Angelica Jun 13 @ 4:16pm 
i bet this map will be so cool if you played with the genesis mod!