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ARK: Survival Evolved

Skies of Nazca
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Sarenity Feb 20 @ 5:52pm 
Is anyone else having issues getting this to load on single player since the last patch? I have been playing on it for a couple of weeks but it is crashing now. Thanks all!
iFuu Feb 20 @ 3:29pm 
Same problem, every other map run at 70fps, and I can't get more than 20 on this one. GTX1070, 16gbRAM, i7-7700k
Sanyoka Feb 19 @ 12:59pm 
Hi . This maps is so cool based on pics . but I've to tried to create my own server with it but always getting an error message trying to connect : low level fatal error line:2999
MaRCeL Feb 19 @ 11:13am 
this is the only map where my gpu wont go over 40% usage-- > low fps
every other map is fine, anyone know why this happens?
OverDachs Feb 19 @ 9:45am 
Walker Feb 17 @ 4:32pm 
Walker Feb 17 @ 4:31pm 
great map buyt pls add abertaion stuff
Angelcide Feb 13 @ 4:58pm 
are you adding aberration stuff?
kryz Feb 13 @ 11:12am 
new ?
DJAndreas Feb 13 @ 11:05am 
@SMooreAce: Can you pls tell me how did you get this list with the number of dinos on a server?
Merlin0504 Feb 10 @ 3:40am 
As it looks like that will probably be nothing more with the final update. @ The Alchemist has announced last year that he no longer works for wildcard and it does not create more time. The update announced for January has also failed. And even so, in this regard, as far as a new update is concerned, you have not heard or read "The Alchemist" anymore. That's a pity
Peteristired Feb 9 @ 7:30pm 
@TheAlchemist When will the final update happen?
SMooreAce Feb 9 @ 6:45am 
Ignore the map image. Its obviously incorrect
SMooreAce Feb 9 @ 6:44am 
Yes.. thats 3x more eels than max total population on 90% of the server in the worlds!!
SMooreAce Feb 9 @ 6:43am 
Can anyone say over population?? HOLY SHIT! A total wild population of 200k animals!

And 8100 Coel!

Merlin0504 Jan 30 @ 1:48pm 
Yes, it looks like the patch is not coming anymore. Because on the part of the developer, one has heard nothing more, whether the patch in January is still coming. A pity about the map, because it is actually very nice. But without a performance patch unfortunately not playable in the long run, because the RAM on the server increases and rises without the one end is foreseeable. It has already been written that the map needs 40 GB and more on the server. Just a no go to permanently play the map. One can only hope if you hear something from developers of the map or not. Find it only shameful that does not even react because of the amounts of the developers.
Beggar Jan 30 @ 1:09pm 
So you're gonna drop this map? no performance patch or anything? i cant even get 30fps on anything higher than medium with 11gb vram 1080ti 16gb RAM and new processor.
Merlin0504 Jan 27 @ 12:43pm 
HI @ Sarenity If you mean Skies of Nazca, I would wait a little while for you, with the other mod-map you can try to play more mods. You have to try, but more mods more RAM. Also goes in the single player
Sarenity Jan 27 @ 12:34pm 
Hi @Merlin0504 and thank you for replying. So this map either has to be used without mods or it cannot be used? =( I can load this map with tons of mods on my single player. =/
Merlin0504 Jan 27 @ 11:47am 
Hi @Sarenity if you are looking for a new map I can recommend this to you, I have with me on the server. From the RAM consumption this is including mods (12 mods) between 5 and 6 GB. Is also from the same modder here the link to it. Would you like to have a look? Here is the link:
Merlin0504 Jan 27 @ 8:52am 
Hello @Sarenity yes that is unfortunately so, that separates the connection from screenshot 16. I also had on my server. You will not be able to change that. For another, it is not on the server but on the mod-map. According to my knowledge, even this month will come an update where the bugs are fixed. Maybe then this problem is resolved. I also had this map on our server because it is a very nice map, but now we have taken it back from the server. Since this has a very high RAM consumption this was with us after a few days already at 30GB and rising, so it was not worth it to continue to operate this map
Sarenity Jan 27 @ 6:16am 
Hello all! I have spent over 12hrs trying to get this map to work on our server. Can someone please help me? It will run if I take *all* the mods off but the moment it has one mod(ANY mod, I tried several) then it times out/loses connection at screenshot_16. I have searched everywhere for a possible answer, even contacted the servers customer service, and I still haven't found a solution. Can someone please help? Would someone please post the custom launch line that you are using to see if maybe I am doing something wrong? Thank you!!
Dragon RedDawn Jan 24 @ 5:56pm 
I was excited about adding this map to our cluster, but I'm unable to get even 30 fps on EPIC settings with my 1080ti before even starting a base. Normally I get about 120+. Please let us know when the optimizations are complete. This map is awesome otherwise.
PuffyDragonair Jan 22 @ 10:06am 
Is there an arena in this map? Are all the bosses able to be faught as well including Manticore?
ridderman1234 Jan 21 @ 5:50am 
i love it. and i didn't even play on it
Beasty Jan 21 @ 5:00am 
i love this map already... and i havent even played on it yet XD
VengefulWrath Jan 19 @ 9:14pm 
I have tried every map for ark that i can find and this is the most visually stunning map ive seen.
Xolotl Jan 18 @ 12:43pm 
i can't find the beavers, is there any on this map?

I love you Jan 16 @ 2:15pm 
I can't find a rare flower to save my hide.
n0s Jan 13 @ 7:37am 
I've now spent 5 hours trying to get this to load on ASM and will not work..Tried everything and every forum, comment, etc.. Used to work fine a while ago and wanted to revisit my server pack but now all my work is gone.
CreativeName Jan 12 @ 8:47pm 
Im wondering if the earth dragon will be added to this map. it would be very interesting.
Merlin0504 Jan 9 @ 1:05am 
I have a question, as I read it is planned that in January, the mod-map Bugfrei. Since I run an Ark server on Linux with this map, the Ram consumption is quite high and currently stands at 20.5 GB which continues to increase. Now to my question, in terms of the high Ram consumption is still something done that the map does not take so much Ram in the future.
I would be very happy about an answer.
Fruit_Em_Up Jan 8 @ 1:24am 
How do I get on this map after downloading it? Ghost server is down?
BlackMageBlogger14 Jan 7 @ 12:03pm 
are they adding aberation bioms and creatures to this map?
Siamera.Ghost Jan 2 @ 7:05am 
Hallo gamer & Gamerinnen

"Ghost" sucht nette aufgeschlossene Leute im Alter von mind. 18 Jahren.

"GHOST" ist eine lustige Gemeinde, die aus allen Lebenslagen und
Berufsgruppen besteht. Unser Alter reicht von 18 bis 60+ Jahre. Der
Durchschnitt liegt bei ca 25-35 Jahre.

Unser TS3 Server

Server 1
50 Slots
MAP: Skiesofnazca

Server 2
50 Slots
MAP: TheIsland

Server 3
50 Slots
MAP: Aberration
Siamera.Ghost Jan 2 @ 2:17am 
no animals in coordinates LAT 50 LON 85 ??????

please more Animals in this island spawn thanks
diabloes25 Dec 20, 2017 @ 12:17pm 
Just curious but says mod cannot be found when trying to download it to my server
Beetho Dec 20, 2017 @ 6:19am 
@TheAlchemist Best of wishes, i will be waiting for your game :)
squidworm Dec 17, 2017 @ 6:30am 
@TheAlchemist Thanks for publishing the maps. They were fun and amazing and ahead of the game. Best of luck with your next venture xx
Chaosblade89 Dec 16, 2017 @ 7:56pm 
I've been wondering just a general question about custom maps and seeing as this looks like one of the best there is here goes. How does spawning of other mod creatures work on custom maps? Do custom maps use similar coded biomes thus modded creatures will still spawn or no?
TheAlchemist  [author] Dec 16, 2017 @ 12:28pm 
THE FINAL UPDATE TO SKIES WILL HAPPEN IN JAN. It was to happen in Dec but the flu knocked me out for a week. Can't do both.

There will be no more updates to any of my ARK maps. I'm movin on to make my own game.

thank you for all you support and help..even the haters man...thank you too...there is something to learn from everyones feedback.
CBebop 4Ever Dec 13, 2017 @ 10:02pm 
I seriously love this map. I just have two problems with it. First, the spawn locations for one spawning area are strangely spread out over a vastly large region as if they are bugged. Second, there are terrain features found under water that are normally only found on dry land as if the water was just thrown there lazily on a whim. I've also noticed trees growing out of what looks like stone ground.
Fritcher | Dec 8, 2017 @ 3:15am 
Is it ok that everything is very blue on the map?
MISFITSWITCH Dec 7, 2017 @ 12:00pm 
Why is this server taking 38gb of ram to run? My other 5 servers only take about 6-8b of ram!
michaeldragonpoop Dec 5, 2017 @ 5:20pm 
the first vidio wass:steamhappy:
Wolfride Dec 2, 2017 @ 12:38am 
Amazing work, thanks for sharing with us all. : ) As someone looking for maps, my first questions are always: Is all of the content included? (Caves/At least a complete map, access to bosses, all dinos including my favorite spawns like wyverns?) And THEN a consideration to beauty, wonder, and art. So many map makers don't address the first thing people look for (is the things I require to play on this map?) in their descriptions.
AlienXtream Dec 1, 2017 @ 10:15am 
dear god the FPS on this map for me is horrible XD. i've been toying with the idea of Dynamic level streaming within an ark map and how it could work and my god this map could use it if its at all possible XD
tadavispmd040507 Nov 28, 2017 @ 7:13am 
just curious because i was in the discussion there seeds and all artifacts on this map??
Great White Snark Nov 27, 2017 @ 11:56pm 
You should make a Map where every Biome is on a separate level with mountain ranges rising up to meet the world border wall. In the center would be a world tree/connecting dungeon that would lead up or down to each biome. There would also be cloud textures below each biome. You could call it Yggdrasil.