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Pimp My Dino
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Vattende Nov 18 @ 4:38am 
can only agree with Glaeton !
This mod is awesome, the armor-saddles are very well done and nice looking, Love them realy !
But the big problem is the spawn-problem with the Dodu.
Tried this mod now on the island and Ragnarok. On Ragnarok, the Viking-Bay is mostly deserted by usual dinos, only dodus over and over. Mostly the cluttered together, at least 2 together. And believe me, there are everywhere and a lot !

I mean, i love dodos in the game, and the dodus are just famous, the armor looking perfect to me. But i'm sad, because i will have to uninstall this mod if i want my map working correctly and other dinos spawning in like they should.

Hope realy that it will be an update soon because this mod deserve it well !
Glaeton Nov 17 @ 8:33pm 
@soepie7 Well then i guess the fact that it messes up Dino spawns and hasn't had any updates in over a year then means nothing? I hope he picks this back up and adds more content but mostly i just wish the bug with the Dodu's not letting things spawn in properly would at least get fixed.
jdinan203 Nov 12 @ 5:37pm 
Draykoss Nov 12 @ 3:42pm 
the armor signs dont seem to work either
Draykoss Nov 12 @ 3:35pm 
wayyyy too expensive for the metal saddles.. and in the end you even see more wood than metal
soepie7 Nov 10 @ 2:25pm 
@Glaeton a mod only dies when it does not fit the new standards/game anymore. As long as the mod works fine, it is alive.
Glaeton Nov 7 @ 2:47pm 
this mod died people time to bury it
stormtrooper 648 Nov 6 @ 11:10pm 
direbear armor plz!
Them Bones Nov 5 @ 4:09am 
more armors plz! amazing mod sir THX, i loved saddles desing
☣ Radiriz ☣ Nov 1 @ 10:35pm 
admincheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Pimp_My_Dino/Pimp_My_Material/Carbon_Fiber/PrimalItemResource_Carbon.PrimalItemResource_Carbon'" 1 1 false @unreal_riley
Unreal_riley Nov 1 @ 4:33pm 
is there an id for the carbon
[Wolf] Oct 30 @ 10:30pm 
the armors works in the dinos of eternal ark?
Them Bones Oct 26 @ 9:12pm 
More armors plzzzz i love this mod
soepie7 Oct 26 @ 5:34pm 
Blueprints? Don't you mean Engrams? They should just appear after you learned them.
BigBangoBananaBob Oct 26 @ 7:56am 
i cant see the blueprints in the pimped smithy. i have to find the blueprints in loot crates???
soepie7 Oct 24 @ 7:50am 
@Papukaijah iirc last time I asked about an update, you said your pc wasn't strong enough to run the dev kit, has that changed? Are you already working on amazing saddles?
Jax Oct 24 @ 7:22am 
LMFAO THE DODO ARMOR GOT ME GOOD! Just for that, it's subscribed! LOL
Orselias Oct 22 @ 9:28pm 
@Fox7713 They're used for the Argent and Scorpion respectively.
Mad Zheka Oct 21 @ 2:08am 
Please Update mod! It's Some Amaizing!
Olly williams Oct 20 @ 4:52pm 
Azatec Art Oct 20 @ 1:12pm 
F0X7713 Oct 19 @ 1:02am 
Hi, I really like the mod, but I couldn't figure out what Carbon and Crystal Liquide is used for.
Papukaijah  [author] Oct 15 @ 3:24am 
yeh the problem is that i can do annimation, sculpting, texturing, importation and BP's but the skin things (the problem of all the bug you notice) is realy, REALY my wikness, if someone is interest of helping me on that... ^^
Azrael Ravenwing Oct 14 @ 11:43pm 
im noticing small graphical errors on the rexsaddles, floating rivits and unrendered leather, and tips of horns on the chitin armor distorted and stretched. but all in all it dont seen to bad
flyinggoatman Oct 13 @ 9:28am 
Amazing mod, sad to see it's not going to be updated. I can't wait to see what you have in store for future projects.
BlueFlameWolf Oct 6 @ 4:31pm 
downloaded it today, absolutely love the mod! Please don't let haters get you down. I would absolutely love to see this mod going. My fav are the argie, raptor an saber saddle! Very nice looking, an the raptor one reminds me a bit of WoW XD!

(I would love to see a wolf saddle in the future ;D)
Pla Oct 6 @ 6:17am 
I think the most people don't hate. They just do not know how it goes on because there is no input, thats all. And when the author dont respond in multiple month, then its usually a sign that the auther haven't any interest in working on the mod anymore.

Its the same propblem the updates of ARK had. Just a bit more communication to the community and the community MAYBE would have been not that much disappointed about the pushed updates (sometimes pushed serveral days without any information).

I think everything would be better when you just write some update comments. And maybe add a pic of the actual state if possible.
Orselias Oct 4 @ 5:03pm 
@ Papukaijah This mod is by far my favorite out there for Ark. I've followed since the last update and still use it on my server to this day. I've checked this page weekly for any updates and would be devastated to see it deleted. I understand you're busy, most of us are. That's why I've waited patiently and kept my faith in your ability. I've consistently told people that this mod isn't dead on this comment thread. Please, do not delete the mod and please keep up the beautiful work.
✪ ♫Henn1♪ Oct 4 @ 12:35pm 
Will you add some armor peaces for the new abberation creatures? Seriously im so hyped for your stuff as soon as i saw your artworks. Any eta?
✪ ♫Henn1♪ Oct 4 @ 12:26pm 
There will be new awesome content so calm your tittys and stop the fucking hate holy crap.
evilbeanz13 Oct 2 @ 3:53am 
im a big fan of this mod. was wanting to know if you could add a theri armor in the future
grimwold Oct 1 @ 2:57am 
great mod
YamaKami Sep 30 @ 6:32am 
@ Papukaijah, Your mod looks pretty cool.

Honestly though if it was the best mod for any game in the history of mods.... Some people would still hate on it. Take it in stride, what's more important is how many people are subbed to it. If that number is small then you can honesty say it is not popular, or perhaps worth your time continuing with it. However if not, it's likely a vocal minority is trolling you rather than actual haters. Don't feed the trolls and have some thicker skin, or online is not the place to put your self out there. Seems to me as many if not more are enjoying it and thankful. Don't dwell on the negatives, you can't ever please everyone all of the time. So just aim to please some, some of the time.
HellfireMyhtos Sep 29 @ 12:51pm 
It would be SO AWESOME if you could make some armor for the carno and pls lower the prices ;D
uomovero Sep 29 @ 10:01am 
omg sorry if i sounded like hater i realy love the mod and woud like to see new stuff and hoped (if the mod will be deleted becouse of any reason) that someone can contiue the master piece
James the cynical neko Sep 28 @ 6:59am 
im not hating this mod, this mod is good but it needs to get updated, and me saying the game is dead well...thats kinda true for me, but, you keep moding for those who pay this game still
Papukaijah  [author] Sep 28 @ 3:41am 
I'm realy thinking of simply delet it to just not see you haters comment
Papukaijah  [author] Sep 28 @ 3:40am 
and to be clear again, 3d work IS MY FUCKING JOB GUYS if you can't understand that i have to eat and have a roof ...
Papukaijah  [author] Sep 28 @ 3:36am 
hahaha, to be clear, this is a 2 years of work, for free, only for you survivor and you piss on us? good you are so better than us thx, i'm alone on the mod, work alone to fix it and add the new content, a work of like 5 or 6 people and i read that? GFYS
uomovero Sep 28 @ 2:43am 
you think there is a modder that coud be able to TRY recreate the mod add his own stuf and etc ?
uomovero Sep 28 @ 2:42am 
deep and true
ahti Sep 28 @ 12:00am 
this mod is vary much dead a true ark tragic story it was such an awsome add to the game but the author only made it to try to win one of arks mod contest sadly he did not win and threw a childs fit ignoring the fact that half the player base praised him for this mod he then vowed to never mod for ark again and rage quit harder then a 12 year old russian boy on call of duty rest in peace dino pimpige
James the cynical neko Sep 24 @ 12:59pm 
this mod is dead. this game is also dead.
Azazel [Logi] Sep 24 @ 8:49am 
It's dead jim
TillaSiren Sep 15 @ 2:12pm 
Is there any chance this mod would be updated to fix possible issues with spawning for newer creatures? I noticed some people mentioned the dodus conflict with things
Hunt Sep 14 @ 8:45am 
This mod is a work of art by the way.
TraiLErParK#2000 Sep 10 @ 4:52am 
nice one
Nipume Sep 8 @ 11:54pm 
oh yes, please make more! i love this mod! Thanks so much for your Work!!!
Smaug Fr Sep 4 @ 4:13pm 
hello is it planned to add armor for other creature? wyvernes or the EQUUS?
MercerLord913 Sep 4 @ 1:29pm 
The mod isn't dead, they will come back to it eventually