Arma 3
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Big Boss Jun 6 @ 12:55pm 
Excellent addon, simple to use for *qualified* ArmA server hosts, and extremely efficient. By comparison, this puts MySQL, SQLite and other read/write (non-realtime) databases to shame. This software is incredibly useful for modders and software developers who want to use realtime data in an extensible manner. In summary, people who haven't made this addon a core part of their dedicated servers for persistant databases are missing out tremendously on both high-speed data read/write and are providing less service to their clients. Use this framework instead, it's perfect!
Sheriff John Johnson Nov 10, 2016 @ 9:33am 
can you make a video how to explain how to do it because i got so confused
Creedcoder  [author] Jul 3, 2016 @ 3:25pm 
I hope you like it XD. Feedback is always welcome.
sorophx Jul 2, 2016 @ 2:05pm 
Ha! Here I was thinking about trying to write a MongoDB service for Arma, and there's one already for Redis. Guess I don't have to do anything anymore. Redis is a very fast database.