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ARK: Survival Evolved

The Chasm - Additional Creatures
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gabeluna27 Sep 7 @ 11:42pm 
One question: When you start adding the other aberrant dinos in this mod, will any of them be planned to spawn in Aberration itself?
Teeny2488 Sep 4 @ 9:06pm 
all eggs no matter what the level of the parents hatch at level 1! its BS seriously, Deinonychus or Rock Drake eggs.. -.- waist of time
Mark Sep 3 @ 7:56pm 
We've had this mod on our Valguero server for a while and to this date Aberrant Deino nests are next to impossible to find. We have seen a few here and there but with over 200 Aberrant Deinos up we shouldn't be seeing them every other week.
vanflyhightanzek Sep 3 @ 12:24pm 
i also have a similar question if i add the mod into rag can i just force spawn some in for the players on my server
Father Sep 2 @ 10:02am 
gotten the 3 golem to spawn having issues with the deinonychus
Father Sep 2 @ 9:21am 
quick question forgive me if it's already asked but if i add this mod to any map and add the dino containers they should spawn right? like on rag




Airadel Aug 25 @ 7:03am 
Is there any chance at having the Golems spawn naturally on Valguero too? I absolutely love em! :)
Content_D3leted Aug 23 @ 4:10pm 
hey, i was wondering if you could add abberant dilos? theyre my favorite creature and id love to see that
Trappel22  [author] Aug 19 @ 5:24am 
@Fishkeeper Simply do not downoad the Valguero Extension mod and you will not have any spawns on Valguero. :)
Even if you have it will only spawn the Aberrant Deinonychus there.
Fishkeeper Aug 18 @ 4:22pm 
Is there a way to download this mod, but only spawn dinos in The Chasm and not in Valguero?
XoHydroX Aug 15 @ 9:31am 
so im using this mod with the other mod on Valguero. ik it dont add spawns i tried to spawn them in by the codes u gave and nothing happens
VIOLETDEADPOOL Aug 10 @ 2:33am 
You can make aberacinnon terezinosaurs, gigantosaurs, rex
Soppo is Toppo Aug 6 @ 8:51am 
what are the color regions for the deino?
Micon Aug 6 @ 6:05am 
Love the critters, love the mod! I was thinking of trying to tame the new golems as I believe I read somewhere you can, but that it might be 'different'. Am I losing it, or is that possible? If they are the same tame style as a regular golem that I know (hate, but know!). Any info out there about taming the new guys??
Dr. Blatnoyd Jul 27 @ 7:08am 
When Ragnarok added SE dinos they also made it possible to learn SE recipes. Why is it not the case with Valguero is beyond me. All these owls are semiuseless now, if you have extinction on a cluster you can tame them there, if you dont, you cant craft saddles. -
Trappel22  [author] Jul 25 @ 11:06am 
@Hel This mod here doesn't add any spawners. What you probably see is Snow Owls, Velos, etc. on Ragnarok. That's due to the Valguero Extension. It's only made to properly work on Valguero and thus should not be installed on other maps.
Hel Jul 25 @ 10:01am 
I`m using this mod together with the Valguero map extension. On Valguero it works just great.
But all of the dinos added by this mod now spawn on Ragnarok as well. I don`t want them there.
Can you change this please?
Liny Jul 24 @ 11:28pm 
Are the Aberrant Deinonychus intended to not to be immune to radiation?
Darth_Sylph Jul 24 @ 10:02pm 
i found them, must've gone right by that area so many times
HaZ Jul 24 @ 7:21pm 
Does this mod by chance undo the non buildable areas in ruins and stuff that wildcard patched?
Trappel22  [author] Jul 24 @ 2:01pm 
@Soppo is Toppo Yes, they do have the increased damage and reduced health like any Aberrant creature. :)

@DakoTako Do not have exact coordinates right now but deep down in the actual chasm you will be able to find a greenish area with dark orange glowing rock clusters and lots of lots of Aberrant Deinonychus around. If you are still unable to find it let me know and I will go get some coords for you. :)
Soppo is Toppo Jul 23 @ 6:49pm 
Do Aberrant Deinos have the increased damage and reduced health of vanilla Aberrants?
DakoTako Jul 21 @ 3:08pm 
@Trappel22 in the Chasm
Darth_Sylph Jul 21 @ 2:15pm 
the extended blueprint path spawn codes don't appear to work not sure why
Trappel22  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:44am 
@DakoTako On The Chasm or Valguero?
DakoTako Jul 21 @ 10:41am 
What are the coordinates of the nest?
Trappel22  [author] Jul 19 @ 5:09pm 
Yup, the Aberrant Deinonychus are immune to radiation. :)
Mintzy Jul 19 @ 5:04pm 
oh ok thanks darth!
Darth_Sylph Jul 19 @ 4:52pm 
@mintzy, just like with Aberration,the Blue zone is the Bioluminescent area, sandwiched between the Fertile zone and the Irradiated Elemental area
Darth_Sylph Jul 19 @ 4:51pm 
ohhhhhhhkay, so the Deino's spawn in the irradiated areas,

guess that means the Aberrant Deino's are immune. neat
i know the default ones aren't, tried to take one into Valguero's Rad zone, it started taking Rad damage
Mintzy Jul 19 @ 4:41pm 
what is the blue zone do we need to go through the radiation zone?
Trappel22  [author] Jul 19 @ 3:55pm 
@Darth_Sylph They have their very own nest area deeeeeeep down in the actual chasm. So you will need to go through the blue zone and down into the chasm to find one.
Darth_Sylph Jul 19 @ 3:11pm 
where exactly on the Chasm do the Abberant Deino's spawn? the biolum zone? i've been all over the fertile zone, and have yet to see a single one
Cursed Radiance Jul 19 @ 9:04am 

Thank You :)
Fanible [PW] Jul 18 @ 2:38pm 
When are poison and lightning wyverns being added? It pains me they're not already in at the moment, but will they be added to new trenches in the new caves? Or at all at some point?
Trappel22  [author] Jul 18 @ 2:13pm 
@Cursed Radiance

Cursed Radiance Jul 18 @ 12:03pm 
What is the Mod-Folder Name?
I dont need the ID - i need the Name for an Mod:

Wrong Example:

Right Example:
Seikuri Jul 17 @ 10:25pm 
So turns out these Deinos still have the rubberbanding/porting bug which the vanilla ones had a while Ago. When you play a non dedicated session as the host and try to climb a wall, dismount walk a bit and jump back on the deino you get teleported back to the same wall spot you were before. (also the fun bug as a host of a non dedicated session you cant punce on creature or climb the walls you can only latch to the wall and stay stuck to it forever until you dismount or run out of stamina and on brontos etc the "bite" symbol doesnt show up, its really fun to see friends use the Deinos and pounce and climb while the host stands there like a fool :D )
Chumaro Jul 16 @ 9:15am 
Hey Trappel22

is there a Fertilized egg spawn code ??
Trappel22  [author] Jul 12 @ 9:56am 
@Plunders They will probably be part of this mod as soon as their spawn area on The Chasm is done. Next update will bring the golems as they already spawn on Chasm for example.
Plunders Jul 12 @ 9:39am 
Eta on a abberant thorny dragon and other SE stuff? :)
Trappel22  [author] Jul 12 @ 7:10am 
@Sera They have 2 regions that the normal Deinonychus doesn't use. Region 2 and region 5. Region 2 is for the body limbs and region 5 is for hightlights.
Sera Jul 12 @ 6:04am 
I have a question because I am starting to breed the deinonychus to get many color regions do they have and which are they? Because they have atleast one more than the normal deinonychus.
Lukisfer Jul 11 @ 7:52am 
@Trappel22 thank you for the hasty response! I will try that immediately!!! <3
Trappel22  [author] Jul 10 @ 3:51pm 
@Lukisfer Something wrong with the download of the map extension. Clear the folder of the map extension and redownload it and you should be good.
Lukisfer Jul 10 @ 3:49pm 
The abberant deinos spawn on my map, but the nests only have decayed packages, any idea what could be causing this?
Trappel22  [author] Jul 10 @ 9:40am 
@MilchWasser The other ones are not part of the mod yet. They will also only naturally spawn on The Chasm. You would have to manually add them to spawners of Valguero/Rag/any other map if you'd like to do so. Their spawn codes will also be part of the description once they're part of the mod.
MilchWasser Jul 10 @ 8:30am 
I have now installed The Chasm - Additional Creatures mod and the Valguero Dino and Map Extension mod on my server, but only Aberrant Deinonychus spawns, what can I do to make all other aberrant dinosaurs spawn?
MrDennisNL93 Jul 8 @ 2:43pm 
@D3LTA pictures of what? of the other creatures that ARENT IN THE MOD yet?
123 Jul 7 @ 9:07am 
nice mod:steamhappy: