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Firewatch real time day/night cycle
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mallnibba Nov 13 @ 5:51am 
Amazing. I like the background choices.
† Daniel †  [author] Nov 7 @ 10:10am 
Hi again pBinarySoul,

Thanks for your response.

I wasn't able to reproduce the bug with your current settings on my system. However, I did make a change to the code that MIGHT fix your problem (although I can't be certain since I couldn't trigger the bug in the first place). Please resubscribe to get the newest version of the wallpaper :-)

I will try and use your settings for a little while just to see if the bug occurs in the future.

Please reply if this issue still happens or has been fixed :-)
pBinarySoul Nov 6 @ 9:32pm 
The settings are here [pastebin.com]
† Daniel †  [author] Nov 6 @ 10:03am 
pBinarySoul: Strange. The bug doesn't trigger on my part.

Could you send me your current settings? They can be found under "Share JSON" on the sidebar to the right. I have linked an image to show where the button is located (marked with green): https://prnt.sc/ptd5nn

Click the button and copy & paste the preset data to me. I'll try and play around with your settings to see if this bug occurs on my end.
pBinarySoul Nov 6 @ 9:36am 
Of course it's unchecked.
† Daniel †  [author] Nov 6 @ 9:14am 
Hello pBinarySoul,

Is the "Enable audio" box checked or unchecked in the settings when this issue occurs?
pBinarySoul Nov 6 @ 6:10am 
Please delete or fix music. Sometimes after I minimize fullscreen app the music starts play and I can't do anything to stop it.
† Daniel †  [author] Oct 20 @ 1:47am 
Hello JD,

Could you possibly link me to a video of this in 4K? I'll need an entire video showing a day/night go by in order to be able to convert it to a wallpaper.
JD Oct 19 @ 6:47pm 
Awesome WP. Would really love a 4K version soon.. There are 4K versions of these stills coming up now.
Erilson Oct 18 @ 10:49am 
† Daniel †  [author] Oct 18 @ 1:18am 
Hello Erilson,

Unfortunately it's not possible as of right now I'm afraid. I'm aware of the issue though and have already looked into it but as of right now, there is no good solution to this. If one day I solve this problem I'll get back to you.
Erilson Oct 17 @ 8:51pm 
Is there a way to make the night images come faster? It's 8:48PM and the background image is the sunset just behind the mountain on the Lake option. Sunset is 6:28PM where I am.
dropside Oct 15 @ 6:41am 
Hey Daniel, I'm the creator of the lakeside wallpaper, hit me up :)
普通人菌 Aug 19 @ 7:55am 
Thank you a lot for this awesome web wallpaper. It works perfectly well, so this comment is to show my appreciation!
† Daniel †  [author] Jul 15 @ 12:16am 
No problem!

I used OBS to record the YouTube video. The fast forward effect is merely a bit of programing that ads 5 minutes to the clock every second - so it looks like an entire day has passed in a matter of a few minutes.
LazyGeniusMan Jul 14 @ 11:17pm 
i forgot to ask this, how you record that fast foward video ?
LazyGeniusMan Jul 14 @ 3:55pm 
Thanks. I use laptop so any decrease usage matter haha
† Daniel †  [author] Jul 14 @ 1:39am 
Hello LazyGeniusMan,

Glad you like the wallpaper!

As for the image you've linked me; the stag shows "partly" because the wallpaper is built with 96 images that is taken from a 1-minute video. I might make an attempt in the future to remove the stag from the images where it is only shown partly. But it all depends on how the end result will look - to be honest, I don't find the problem that annoying but I do see your point :-)

As for the 14th July update: I mostly just refactored some of the code behind the wallpaper and then changed the preview image to something better :-) No new functionality added at this time.

The functionality regarding the particles: I've now added a check mark that toggles the particle effect on/off. When turned off it does seem to decrease the overall CPU usage slightly. To get this update please resubscribe to the wallpaper. There should now be a toggle called "Enable particle effect". Please let me know if there are any issues :-)
LazyGeniusMan Jul 13 @ 8:04pm 
Thanks for this great web wallpaper.

I notice something, is this kind of bug ? https://ibb.co/c6Xqgmg *happen at 9:50-ish

Also there's update on 14th july, what was changed ?

and one more, there are some particles (i dont know what it's called) that moving when i click near it, if that thing is turn off can it decrease usage ?, can you make toggle for it ?
† Daniel †  [author] Jul 4 @ 12:57pm 
Hello Underwater Hell,

Not at the moment :-)
Maybe this feature will be implemented in the future, but I wouldn't consider it a big priority.
Underwater Hell Jul 2 @ 12:45am 
I apologize for this question, but can I somehow leave only 1 time of day? I really liked the night wallpaper
Da_Nu_Guy Jul 1 @ 2:54pm 
Awesome! Thank you so much † Daniel †.:steamhappy:
† Daniel †  [author] Jul 1 @ 12:15pm 

The resolution of the images are 2560 x 1440. While not the best, it's the best I can do until I find images in a better resolution somewhere on the web.
Stahlhelm_TV Jul 1 @ 11:37am 
Idk if its me but the resolution seems a bit low is there any option.
† Daniel †  [author] Jul 1 @ 10:24am 

True, I could. Then it's just a matter of making a moving star effect that doesn't look half-assed, haha!
Stahlhelm_TV Jul 1 @ 9:37am 
Idk but you could make an option to turn it on or not and thanks for the reply
† Daniel †  [author] Jul 1 @ 9:28am 
To Da_Nu_Guy:
Thanks for your response!
I've found the bug - when imperial is chosen it should now stay at Fahrenheit :-) To get this update please resubscribe to the wallpaper. Please let me know if there are any issues :-)

To mallnibba:
After To Da_Nu_Guy's comment I've made some big changes to how the code works - perhaps this fixes the issue you're having. Although I'll still keep an eye out on the bug you've mentioned and test it for myself :-) To get the new update please resubscribe to the wallpaper.

To Stahlhelm_TV:
Interesting idea, although I'll have to find something that isn't too distracting to look at. I don't want the background to be flooded with all kinds of special effects. This may/may not be implemented depending on what kind of moving star effect I can find for this purpose.
mallnibba Jul 1 @ 8:12am 
Hi there, I would like to mention a bug I've been having - the weather sometimes shows N/A at startup, but turning it on and off in settings always fixes it. I was wondering if I could get some help for this. I am using GPS coordinates.
Da_Nu_Guy Jun 30 @ 11:18pm 
Thanks for taking your time to reply back to me † Daniel †,

It seems to happen to me randomly after a few hours or so. I'll try resetting it like you suggest. Here are my settings:
Stahlhelm_TV Jun 30 @ 1:45pm 
I like your work but is there a way you could add moving stars
† Daniel †  [author] Jun 30 @ 10:11am 
Hello Da_Nu_Guy,

Hmm, I can't seem to trigger the bug myself. I'll try to set mine to Fahrenheit and let it run for a few days and see what happens. Does the temperature just change to celsius automatically (out of a sudden) or only when you fiddle with the settings in the wallpaper?

Also, you could try to press the reset button and reconfigure your settings to see if it solves the issue: https://prnt.sc/o8o8nj
Finally, could you please share your settings with me so that I can debug this issue. If you look at the screen dump above, there should also be a "Share JSON" button. Please copy and paste the content either in the comment section here or message me personally.
Da_Nu_Guy Jun 30 @ 8:26am 
For some reason, the weather keeps changing to celsius when I have it set at fahrenheit. Is there anyway to fix this?
† Daniel †  [author] Jun 26 @ 1:55pm 
Hello RedFox99,

Thanks for your comment.

The weather function is not in real time - only the time/clock/background image aspect of the wallpaper is.
This is due to build in limits of the weather API which requests the temperature in the background.
Currently the weather updates every third hour.

Would you care to elaborate on what you mean by it freezes until you turn it off and on? Please feel free to add me on Steam in case you need more in depth help.
Retro Fox ❤ Jun 25 @ 3:20am 
Great work!
ĐΔshΔ٩^-^۶ Jun 17 @ 8:51pm 
elkleber Jun 9 @ 11:23pm 
Hey † Daniel †
Thanks for the update! awesome implementation, you're awesome! o/
† Daniel †  [author] Jun 9 @ 4:23pm 
To elkleber (and everyone else for that matter!),

I've now added a couple of new features :-)
It's now possible to choose between 3 different "types" of locations when enabling the weather option:
1. The city name (as usual, enter the city name + country code). This is also the default option.
2. Enter coordinates (latitude & longitude) to specify an exact location.
3. Enter the city ID which is found via https://openweathermap.org/city .

If the new options don't appear automatically, please try to resubscribe.

I hope this satisfies your needs :-) Please let me hear from you if you have any issues.
ninja Jun 9 @ 2:54pm 
gaming moment thanks for fast reply
Bledoslav Jun 8 @ 8:24am 
† Daniel †  [author] Jun 6 @ 12:32pm 
Hello elkleber,

Thanks for your suggestion! :-) Good point.

I'll begin the implementation of this features this weekend :-)
elkleber Jun 5 @ 6:35pm 
Thanks for the awesome work you've done
I have a suggestion for the wallpaper options, specially in the weather section
I'd be cool if you also add the option to find your city the by "city code" or using latitude or longitude, since (in my case) my city's name is repeated around the country and even the world.

ex, if you look for "cartagena, co" in the page it'll pick 1 of the results 5 results listed in the page openweathermap.org , but if you look using the city code ".../city/3687238" (wich is not even listed) you'll get the exact location

--- replace the ****** with your API code


† Daniel †  [author] Jun 5 @ 10:08am 

Thanks for notifying me about this bug.

Apparently there was a minor graphical glitch in that specific background image. I have now saved a new image where the sun looks right this time. In order to get this update, try to resubscribe to this wallpaper.

Please feel free to contact me again if you run into any issues :-)
ninja Jun 4 @ 3:22pm 
the sun looks weird for me. https://i.imgur.com/UGfPYgd.png
† Daniel †  [author] Jun 1 @ 10:31am 
Thanks for the feedback :)

Seems to me the country code for Spain is ES - as long as you're using ISO 3166 country codes you'll be fine. So you would write something like "Madrid, ES".

However, you can also write "Madrid, Spain" - it works the same! The service that delivers the weather data just prefers country codes over country names :)
Sourenics Jun 1 @ 8:10am 
The wallpaper is amazing. But I have a question. The code for Spain is ESP or SPA?
† Daniel †  [author] May 31 @ 6:42am 
Thanks Acul!

I appreciate the feedback :-)
Acul May 31 @ 6:21am 
Really like it!
† Daniel †  [author] May 31 @ 1:36am 
Glad you like it :)
†►PЯÎИŒ™◄† May 30 @ 2:55pm 
Thank you! It looks amazing now :steamhappy:
† Daniel †  [author] May 30 @ 6:06am 

I've now added som preset positions for you to choose from :-) They are available under properties.

If you can't see them, try to resubscribe to the wallpaper and that option should now appear.