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Update: Apr 11, 2015 @ 3:08am

- Fixed so Pawn has valid double jump/dodge animations by default to prevent animation warnings spamming on log.
- Changed if player changes to a weapon that uses invalid animations, it will replace them with default animations.
- Added to UI_Replication support for adding textboxes.
- Fixed HUD to draw player portrates that have wrong texture scaling aspect to be downscaled or upscaled properly.
- Fixed main menu to correctly swap "Join"/"Spectate" button text when you click them.
- Improved perk level checking have a faster algorithm.
- Fixed issues with purchasing dual weapons (wrong pricing).
- Changed so if you have perk requirement scaling value 1, it wont multiply it with it to prevent huge stats from getting floating point rounding errors.

- Fixed perks to have correct sell values for their startup equipment.
- Added support for Neon weapons DLC.

- Added webadmin interface to configure trader inventory/perks.
- Added new setting 'bNoPerkChanges' which will make it so players are not allowed to change their perk at all during one match.
- Changed stat saving to also save currently selected player perk index number (this will allow so if you change perk classes on server, players will keep similar perks when they join server later).

Update: Dec 18, 2013 @ 9:32am

- Added server news page on escape menu, you can assign it to load some HTML web page (ServerPerks.ini:
- Updated trader menu to make less refreshes and instantly refresh when weapon/ammo/cash count change.
- Added so you can assign perk index to weapon group, will show up in trader menu with the icon and quick select icons on top (WeaponCategory=<PerkIndex>:<Group name>).
- Remade the escape menu so that menu buttons on the bottom (Spectate/Join/Disconnect/Exit etc) are on the menu frame instead of copy/pasted in every panel, this allows you to easier add new menu buttons or panels with ease. It is also possible to add new menu buttons now with the new SRMenuAddition class without replacing the entire menu.
- Fixed enhanced scoreboard to hide webadmin properly now in objective mode.
- Added "Settings" page to Admin menu (when using "Mutate EditStats") where you can edit general settings in ServerPerksMut.
- Added an alternative stats database protocol, using FTP.
- Fixed how earlier trader version incorrectly hid original weapons when you had golden/camo weapons.

Update: Oct 24, 2013 @ 11:55am

- Fixed a crash with latest KF version.
- Added more menu options for admin menu.
- Added favorites weapon group where users in server can add their weapons to.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Update: Sep 21, 2013 @ 2:44am

- Made Pawn, Controller and HUD extend story mode ones so objective mode can be playable with this mutator.
- Made Scoreboard show title of next objective in objective mode.
- Added perk progress bar for all players on scoreboard.
- Fixed so DLC/archivement locked weapons stay locked for people who don't own the DLC or hasn't the archivement.
- Added possibility to set weapon locked reason for modded perks (through SRVeterancyTypes.DisableTag and DisableDescription, set tag to empty string to hide the weapon from trader menu).
- Fixed so trader shows weapon desciption as you select the buyable weapon.
- Fixed perk bonuses desync with latest KF version.
- Made buying and selling flaregun/dual flaregun work properly now.
- Fixed a bug where dead player would leave a standing body sometimes around.
- Fixed crash caused by death from a damagetype with bSkeletize.
- Added new KF weapons to default buyable list on ServerPerksMut now.
- Implemented Poosh's fix for preloading resources for custom weapons.
- Changed scoreboard to show a shield icon in front of player name entry for admins instead of large ADMIN text over ping.
- Fixed some script warnings caused by KFPawn/KFHumanPawn/KFPlayerController.
- Fixed trader menu to show "No perk" icon for unperked weapons (like ZED gun).
- Made trader menu support extra features of story mode trader volumes.
- Added option for the mutator to fix unlimited grenades glitch.
- Added admin menu to edit player stats with ("Mutate EditStats" console command).
- Made stats get saved even on a mid-game mapswitch.
- Changed so when using remote database, it will delay server mapchange until all stats are uploaded so that no stat changes go missing.
- Added CountryFlagsTex texture file which contains flag textures that will replace country tags in player names.

Update: Dec 6, 2012 @ 1:51am

Update: Sep 23, 2012 @ 2:51am

Update: Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:23am