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Server Perks
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Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:23am
Apr 11, 2015 @ 3:08am
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Server Perks

Serverside perks tracking system for server hosts.
This mod contains following features:
- Allows you to add new perks, custom perks progression etc.
- Security fixes to prevent people from cheating or even crashing the server.
- Added fixes for HUD to prevent script warnings in several occasions (like when driving vehicles).
- Added option for black and white ZED time.
- Made GUI menus show perks in colors as-well, not just HUD icons.
- Added a fixed scoreboard which does not break when more than 10 players.
- Added emoticons for HUD.
- Added weapon categories and support for adding custom weapons to it.
- Added support for making custom dual weld weapons (so not only limited official TWI ones).
- You can level up perks beyond level 6 if server host desires that.
- Added support for adding custom player characters.
- Added so that country tags in player names get replaced with flag textures (if they are in format: [COUNTRY] PlayerName).
- Includes unlimited grenades glitch fix.
- Has news page that you can redirect to a HTML site to show on escape menu.

You can read more information from here:

Rename ServerPerksDefault.ini to ServerPerks.ini to edit the settings.

Mod files:
(needed for dedicated server: Textures/2K4Menus.utx found from client KF)
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P-Jay Jun 12 @ 1:32pm 
What do you mean? This Mod fully disables the default Perks and uses it own Versions, that is the meaning of this Mod
Drifter Jun 12 @ 12:06pm 
Does this mod stop Perk gain?
MasterSZwabster Apr 12 @ 6:07pm 
bad russian mod setup thing
solarums Apr 1 @ 11:32am 
yo lo reinstale varias veces y no funciona
solarums Apr 1 @ 11:31am 
necesito ayuda para reparar el server perks no funciona como deberia me pueden ayudar
Lifelover Feb 19 @ 6:33am 
When I turn on the mutator I don't have any classes or products in the store
I reinstalled the game and the mod
nothing helped
Waphtawia Oct 7, 2019 @ 9:29am 
i cant find mutator. i downloaded this from gamebanana rather than subscribing.
M45T354c3 Sep 22, 2019 @ 10:47am 
doesnt work for me cant find any of files in game
Vinklee Jul 29, 2019 @ 1:41am 
You need to decompile the weapon that you added and put it in the kf root directory, then go to the ServerPerks' open source packages to set the class bonus and then compile it@danny_kun777
P-Jay Jul 10, 2019 @ 1:38am 
Can someone Help me? I want to have 2 Mods with different Server Perks on my Server. For that the ServerPerk Files need to be renamed and the Mutator needs to be renamed (instead of "server veterancy handler V7" maybe "server veterany handler V7.2") without overwriting the "server veterancy handler V7" so that i have 2 serverperks.ini to edit seperate and that i have both mutators inside killing floor ("server veterancy handler v7" and "server veterancy handler v7.2")
Please, i really want and need this, because i am running scrn balance on my server and i really want to add another mod with the standard perks to lvl up. Thanks for all answers ;)