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ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark Steampunk Mod
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Update: Oct 24 @ 4:16pm

v1.9a Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Fan now can be crafted int he electric work station
  • Armor invis bug fixed
  • Cryo chamber will appear in the Steam Crafter

Update: Oct 24 @ 12:52pm

v1.9 Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Construction Yard now displays in the description powered by gas and oil
  • Sitting in the Barber chair now unlocks all hairstyles
  • Sitting in the Barber Chair now displays on screen to press "C" to cut hair
  • Fix Steampunk Airship Rehaul new fuel system as well "O" now turns it on and off (No dino loading zone can be toggled on the radial menu)
  • Some Building Lights have been revamp and change to increase FPS issues
  • Some Lights have Low.Med. and high setings
  • All Items coding have been changed to work with Core mods
  • Power Teleporter UI has been Vamped and re-coded to prevent client crashes
  • Snow machine no longer require power and bluff has been fixed
  • Snow Slush buff has been fixed when timer runs out the buff drops
  • Belladonna food buff has been changed
  • Steampunk Armor has be re skin to fit new Ark models better as well as smooth out some of the cloth sections
  • Steam Pot now accept fiber spark power and coal to make dyes
  • Recycler has been fix so it can now grind up any of the steampunk Resources Fixing infinite Resource Exploit
  • Glass Clear Wall has been adjusted to match all other walls
  • Metal blast forge now only displays 1 metal ingot BP u will still get the same metal count pre meal ore and coal
  • Storage Locker now display name on the outside
  • AC now requires power
  • Tesla Coils can be placed on the airship
  • Teleporter can be placed on the airship

  • All Steampunk Armor Can now be Dyed (3 Sections Each)
  • Cyro Chamber - Allow you to recover ur dead body's inventory items
  • Magnetic Dino Power Generator
  • Gear Light
  • New Snow Machine Model
  • Steam Incubator Power by steam
  • New Light Ceiling Fan
  • Add ascend and descend keys to hotair balloon (Accend = C) (Descend = X+Spacebar)

Update: Aug 25 @ 6:33pm

v1.8d Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Steampot Crafting

Update: Aug 25 @ 4:33pm

v1.8c Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Steam pot is crafted in the Steam Workstation
  • Fix the issue with the ariship getting stuck in the terrain
  • add controls to ascend and descend keybinds are displayed on screen
  • Fix Jitter when dinos are on the airship (if a base was built u might need to demo it)
  • Oval table can now be placed
  • Meat spoiler is not invisible anymore in single player mode

Update: Aug 22 @ 12:31am

v1.8b Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Fix Airship Spawn Sound Crash

Update: Aug 21 @ 8:11pm

v1.8a Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Steam Pot Engram now enabled
  • Missing textures on the steampunk smoker Fixed
  • Fixed issue with Airship not being able to move when fueled
  • Fix issue with Airship Spawning in terrain and getting stuck (spawns 20ft up in the air now)
  • Moved Steam Fertilizer. It can now be crafted in the plant station.
  • Put warning on the steampunk airship spawn item to warn users

Update: Aug 20 @ 6:31pm

v1.8 Patch Notes:

NEW items
  • NEW Steampunk airship! (made in the construction yard)
  • New Oil Barrel
  • New Recycler
  • New Fancy Oval Table
  • Two New hanging banners (Pixel Painting)
  • Steam Pot Cooker
  • NEW UniKibble
  • Revamp Smoker
  • Revamp Meat Spoiler
  • Revamp Pipe Light
  • Storage lockers now display name on storage
  • Durability on armor and weapons increased by 10%
  • Weight increased on Airballon weight may vary on server settings
  • New Barber Chair!

Bug Fixes
  • Meat Spoiler fixed
  • Fix the amount of Fern and Wild Flower u get from bushes
  • Fix FPS issue on wall lamps/Lights
  • Fix issue where Rough diamons wouldnt craft all
  • Fix Typo with require fertilizer with rich soil
  • Fix issue where plant station wouldnt use fertilizer when crafting
  • Fixed stove/grill hissing sound heard around the map

Update: Jun 29 @ 5:34pm

v1.7.1 Patch Notes:
Fixed issue server sending out to much info crashing website.

Update: Jun 19 @ 2:07pm

v1.7 Patch Notes:
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Outhouse description
  • Fixed issue with teleporter door not opening on failed teleport
  • Fix Diamonds Craft All not working
  • Fixed Teleporter UI Crash on Client
  • Fix Teleporting going invisable on Single Player after restart
  • Fix Drill going invisible on single player after restart
  • Fixed Hydro Plants mesh not showing on restart/relog
  • Fixed female Steampunk Helmet where hair wouldn't show

NEW items
  • Armor Speed buff Revamp not requires a Power Matrix in ur inventory and press R to Active.
  • Added New Planting Station
  • added 2 new pots and 2 need seeds
  • Add new 2 new plants that give out buffs once fully grown (Health)
  • added new resource in the copper industrial forge called Refine Oil
  • Added New Tech Rhino
  • New Electric Crafting Station Model
  • New Planting Station 3 pots and 2 new seeds that can be harvested in the wild
  • Revamp Speed Boots Speed buff (Now requires a Matrix to be held inside players inventory to active)

Update: May 9 @ 2:36pm

h1]v1.6.0 Patch Notes: [/h1]

    Bug Fixes
  • Hotair Balloon Speed Bug Fixed
  • Copper Door and frame alignment fixed
  • Stove placing on raft losing collision fix
  • Steampunk Drill not working when out of rendering range fixed
  • Steampunk Armor Repair Adjusted
  • Fix Armor Durability
  • Rough diamonds crafting now gives u 15 instead of 7
  • Fix Exploit with Grinding snow balls
  • Fix Floor mesh being invisible under it
  • Fix Icebox Crash

  • Cooked Lamb Chop added to the stove
  • Tannery gears are now animated
  • Steam Pipe Organ
  • Revamped Copper Industrial Forge model
  • Steam Outhouse (poop when u can make fertilizer)
  • Teleporter Finally Fixed - Thanks to Oxxy =)
  • Teleporter UI Reworked
  • New Teleporter model
  • New Teleporter Matrix model and icon
  • New Teleporter model - Can only teleport 1 player at a time for now
  • Steampunk Shield, Sword and Mallet
  • Power Tesla Coil!