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Update: Apr 14 @ 4:08am

Version 1.8.9 (TLC Patch 1):
-Added Direwolf, Direbear, Rex, Procoptodon and Gigantopithicus!
-All have the updated models and abilities and are breedable.
-Direwolf, Direbear and Rex have pack howl/roar
-The Gigantopithicus can craft and equip hats and some tools. The C attack is used to gather fiber, meat, hide and stone.
-Dead pack members get removed from the Pack Manager
-Torpor depletion is now much faster, simular to human players.

Update: Mar 10 @ 1:19pm

Version 1.8.8:
-Added breedable Roll Rat! Press C to bury yourself and pack.
-Made Rock Drake breedable! Press C to cloak yourself and the pack
-Added new Tribe Invite system: when playing as dino go to the Pack Manager (M) and press the Send Tribe Invite button under the pack member list. This will send a tribe invite to nearby players/dinos which they can accept/decline by pressing Y or N.
-New customization feature: choose aberrant colors.
-When playing as baby you won't starve very quick anymore and grow speed is determined by the BabyAgeMultiplier in the INI-settings.

Update: Feb 6 @ 11:46am

Version 1.8.7:
-Added Reaper King and Queen!
-Reaper Queen Impregnating: you can impregnate player and smaller dino's (up to a trike) by pressing C. You will get a notification when succesfully impregnate and the victim will get a pink glow. Protect it from any threats until teh baby reaper is born. Note: you can't damage dino's and players you have impregnated so you won't accedentally kill it while defending it.

-None of the player dino's will take radiation damage
-Saving now works properly on servers
-Nameless won't be attacked by wild ones anymore
-New INI options:
BlockDinos = An array of specific names will block the dinos from selecting
NoCustom = True disables the custom dinos feature
(For more info see Server List and Info)

Update: Jan 23 @ 1:10pm

Version 1.8.6:
-Added the other lightpets: FeatherLight, Glowtail and Shinehorn
-Made Dodo, Jerboa, Pachy, Doedicurus and other some dinos able to gather berries
-Invisible player won't be affected by radiation

Update: Jan 16 @ 9:56am

Version 1.8.5:
-First Aberration creatures: Bulbdog, Nameless, breedable Ravenger and Rock Drake
-Bulbdog can activate his light by pressing C and Nameless can bury itself by pressing Spacebar, when pressing C you will temporary become alpha!
-Allo and Equus are now breedable too
-Babies get colors and level based the parents
-Added nightvision for Carno and Rex
-Updated the Species Selection Menu
-'Add to Tribe' option, knock a player dino unconscious, if you walk to it you can press E to add them to your tribe
-Readded dismount prevention

Update: Dec 19, 2017 @ 1:04pm

Version 1.8.4:
-Added breedable otter!
-Added dino customization menu, change the color of the color regions
-Added a map to the Pack Manager, showing yourself, packmembers and nests
-Temporary removed the feature that prevents dismounting because it caused crashes (will be added when Dev Kit updates)
-Fixed some breeding bugs
-Bugfixes and crash fixes

Update: Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:21pm

Version 1.8.3:
-Player can't get off dino anymore!
-When dino is knocked out, the player will get knocked out too
-Fixed players only spawning as humans when using a controller
-Fixed the super fast egg hatching/baby maturing
-Added INI settings for egg hatching/maturing:
HatchSpeedMultiplier=1.0 - Increasing will make egg hatching/gestation go faster
BabyAgeMultiplier=1.0 - Increasing this will make baby's mature quicker
Note: these settings will only influence Play As Dino eggs/baby's. The vanilla setting won't influence the Play As Dino eggs/baby's
-More small bugfixes

Update: Aug 20, 2017 @ 5:10am

Version 1.8.2:
-Added Hyaenodon, Griffin, Daeodon, Kentrosaurus and Yutyrannus!
-Hyaenodon and Kairuku can mate and form a pack!
-Fix incredible fast hatch and baby grow times. For example hatching for the raptor should take 10 minutes and baby maturing 15 minutes. These should be influenced by the vanilla ARK setting, but please report if you have a different hatch/mature time.
-Added notification when you feed your baby

Update: Jul 26, 2017 @ 7:02am

Version 1.8.1:
-Fixed lag when harvesting, added/removed items are showing properly now
-Fixed spawn menu, it doesn't stays on screen anymore
-Fixed the pause menu
-Fixed floating nests and hives on servers
-Giant Bee Queen can level up now

Update: Jun 29, 2017 @ 9:29am

Version 1.8.0:
-Added Giant Bee Queen. Press C to place hive, the hive will spawn a new drone every 3 minutes with a maximum of five drones. If the hive gets destroyed the drone die.
-Only the 'You died!' message is now showed, the 'Your ... has died!' doesn't.
-Player controlled flyer can level movement speed again
-Fixed HUD for clients
-No fix for lag when harvesting. Still need to wait for the next Dev Kit update.

Big changes to the breeding system:
-Mammal breeding is now possible. Direwolf is currently the only one for testing, but more will follow.
-Breeding with player dino's is possible
-Your 'mate' will join your pack after the mating
-Added first person view to all dino's that can breed
-Nest can't be dropped, egg can't be eaten now
-More minor changes and bugfixes

Edit: The direwolf howling system has changed. Only male direwolfs can make only lower level wolves join your pack.