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Temple of Donger (Halloween)
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Update: Oct 10, 2018 @ 10:19pm

Uploaded v70_h to the workshop

- Detail -

• Water changed to the new water texture used in normal v70

- Functionality -

• Bathhouse middle bridge has been moved down further, has a new look and has a new overhead area

• Bathhouse central hallway widened - better navigation for skeles, better play space for you

• Skeletons now properly navigate better on the edge cliffside of the Bathhouse

• Updated .nav file and a few places have been cleaned up

• Spells have been added in a couple more areas

Update: Sep 15, 2018 @ 5:21pm

Uploaded v69_h to the workshop, v69 coming soon!

v69 includes:

• Skeletons:
- First time making a navigation mesh and adjusting it manually, main area had it's mesh made fine, but I have to optimize all the stairs and a lot of the quarter decorative walls. I took the liberty of making meshes for the other two areas that use skeletons myself (because generating one for a multi layered level just makes in in the center) and it took a long time. This will be used for later versions of the halloween map and I might make more areas for the skeletons to run along at a later time.

• Spells

• 2x bigger and more detailed 3d skybox

- Detail -

• Skybox revamped

• Fog has had it's distance adjusted

- Functionality -

• Removed breakable pillar and wall to the tomb (so that the skeletons don't phase through them, although that would be cool)

• Removed torch in the middle of the prison cells - skeletons were having trouble with that one!

Update: Sep 12, 2018 @ 1:23am

Uploaded v68 and v68_h to the workshop

New halloween variant - will be updated alongside normal map (due to this, map will only be updated for major updates/fixes!)

v68 includes:

- Detail -

• A halloween version

• Unique soundscape and new music has been added

• Disco room has been updated with a couple more tracks

• Updated music credits - includes halloween music used

• Fog has been adjusted

• Skybox has a new small runway added - mainly there to
keep the map feeling super flat by the pyramid

• Skybox now has a shadow for the pyramid

• Reangled lighting

• Not that it matters to you guys, but I can switch between the halloween version and the normal version in only a couple clicks!

• Main area no longer has flickering func_details!

• Attempted to optimize, and in some areas I accidently put
nodraw on a visible face, these are now fixed

- Functionality -

• Fixed red spawn's main door, I moved a trigger by mistake and now it's all better

• Adjusted burn values for the lavaways - much more forgiving

• Explosive pumpkins

- Optimization -

• I did manage to nodraw more areas that I missed before - might not help you but it helps me compile!