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Update: Apr 12 @ 10:31am

Changelog v.2.2.1

^ more detailed integration of ACRE2 features
^ closed cargo doors on BO 105P

Update: Mar 29 @ 6:49pm

Changelog v.2.2 Hotfix

# wrong textures

Update: Mar 29 @ 6:49pm

Changelog v.2.2 Hotfix

# wrong textures

Update: Mar 29 @ 7:15am

Changelog v.2.2

^ Fenneks new camo [Thx to TobiB] (KGB-Textures removed)
^ Trucks new camo [Thx to TobiB] (Bundeswehr ReTex Pack-Textures removed)
+ More Bundeswehr gear (backpacks, helmets, suits, etc.) [Thx to TobiB and ZeWa]
+ Frigate F222 Badenwürttemberg [Thx to TobiB]
+ Faction: Bundeswehr (Marine) [Thx to TobiB]
+ Faction: Bundeswehr (Rettungsdienst) [Thx to TobiB]
+ Feldjäger [Thx to TobiB]
+ MEADS (Medium Extended Air Defense System) [Thx to TobiB]
+ Camouflage nets [Thx to TobiB]
+ TFAR & ACRE2 Radios to vehicles

Update: Feb 5 @ 1:26am

Changelog v.2.1.1

# Hotfix - Fenneks were not Available anymore

Update: Feb 4 @ 12:27am

Changelog v.2.1

^ M92 Helmet (Schneetarn) is now more "Green&White" than "Black&White",
# BW Ghillie suit (Schneetarn) wasn't available in Arsenal.

Update: Jan 24 @ 8:33am

Changelog v.2.0

+ localization for user actions in all h-47,
+ reticle for miniguns,
^ normal, thermal and night vision for flir camera,
# h-47 (ffv) copilot had no info display in flir camera.

Update: Dec 27, 2018 @ 2:50pm

Changelog v.1.9

+ added editor preview for Snow-camo-Sniper (G29)
+ added MG3 snow-camoflage to snowrifles
^ readded snowrifles
# copilot of h-47 (ffv) had no enhenced sensor-access

Update: Oct 6, 2018 @ 8:37am

Changelog v.1.8:

+ added new Groups, similar to the new groups of BWMOD 2.0
+ added Snow-Sniper G29
^ changed resolution of the flag inside H-47
# fixed some classnames have changed in "Motorized Rifle Squad" since BWMod 2.0

Update: Sep 17, 2018 @ 4:09am

Changelog v.1.7:

# fixed typo in english localization
# fixed entering virtual arsenal caused an error massage
- deleted "backpack ammobox" in probs tab
+ added alternative backpacks to "uniform box" in probs tab