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Update: Jul 21 @ 8:26pm

Update: Jul 21 @ 8:24pm

Update: Jul 21 @ 8:23pm

Update: Jul 21 @ 8:23pm

Update: Jul 21 @ 8:34am

-Updated all components with the new PnP layout.
-Added snap points to all components that use cubes on the traker sheet and charater boards.
-Added the "Achievements" sheet with snap points to accomidate using the round marbles.
-Cleaned up the table to make things nice and simple with a fast load time.

Update: Jun 30 @ 10:58am

Fixed more broken image links

Update: Jun 23 @ 10:39am

Changed the tablet to be the actual rule book.

Update: Jun 15 @ 9:52pm

Fixed some broken images links

Update: Feb 16 @ 9:00pm

Modified the module to have the blue cubes already setup for the start of the game to help minimize the setup time.

Update: Dec 17, 2017 @ 5:49pm

Added tablet to table that loads the PDF rules for the game.